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Street Corner Talking (1971) - Savoy Brown

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Dave Bidwell, Paul Raymond, Kim Simmonds, Andy Sylvester/Silvester, Dave Walker

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Regular Album Tracklisting:
Tell Mama
  Running Time: 5:15
Let It Rock (Rock And Roll On The Radio)
  Running Time: 3:07
I Can't Get Next To You
  Running Time: 6:35
Time Does Tell
  Running Time: 5:35
Street Corner Talking
  Running Time: 4:00
All I Can Do
  Running Time: 10:54
Wang Dang Doodle
  Running Time: 7:15
CD Reissue Bonus Track:
Tell Mama
  Running Time: 3:03
  Comments: (Single Version) Chart: Billboard US Hot 100 Singles Peak Position: 83 Peak Dates: Dec 11, 1971 Weeks On Charts: 7
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Domestic Vinyl/CD Album

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George Ch(k)iantz (Engineer), Willie Dixon (Songwriter), Paul Raymond (Songwriter), Paul Raymond (Songwriter), Kim Simmonds (Songwriter), Kim Simmonds (Songwriter), Barrett Strong (Songwriter), Norman Whitfield (Songwriter), Neil (The Curmudgeon) Slaven (Produced By), Harry Simmonds (Management), David Anstey (Cover Illustration)

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771047 (US Parrot LP) TXS 104 (Decca UK LP) 844018-2 (Deram CD Reissue)

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Recorded at Olympic Sound Studios

What else can we say to Brains, Joff and Bubs.

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One of their more adventurous platters
Review written by John Fitzgerald, June 1st, 2005

This album comes across to me as one of the more adventurous Savoy Brown albums on the whole with lengthy tracks like "All I can do" (which is a balladish mid tempo tune that has some electric piano solo tinkling which then leads in to a five minute mostly quiet but nice Kim Simmonds guitar solo), a cover of the Temptations hit "I can't get next to you" (here, done in stroll mode with well handled electric piano & guitar parts) and the stomping tumbler "Wang dang doodle" (which I personally find a little overrated as I feel it doesn't really go anywhere but maybe that's it's intent?) though the shorter tracks are also strong like the pounding piano boogie of "Let it rock (Rock and roll on the radio)" (here sung by Savoy's keyboardist Paul Raymond though Dave Walker does join in on backing vocals), the different punchy mid tempo rocking title track (which has an effective minor key scary riff which keeps it interesting) the bright up beat start of the popular "Tell mama" (with it's great hook and screaming slides) and "Time does tell" (which is an electric piano & guitar led grumbling shuffler) though perhaps these last two mentioned are not really short (at 5 minutes each). The end result is that this album along with the longer tracks from this album's follow up platter "Hellbound train" are essential Savoy Brown listening though Dave's vocals back then do sound less full then they have in later years. Nevertheless, these recordings show that there's more adventure in the Dave Walker discography then one might be led to think.

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Vinyl copies of this album have "I Can't Get Next To You" as track 2 & "Let It Rock" as track 3 (on side one).

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Discography entry submitted by Jeff Kenney.