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VH1 Storytellers - Various Artists

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VH1 Storytellers (2000) - Various Artists

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Bee Gees, David Bowie (Jones), David Bryson, Martin Chambers, Elvis Costello (Declan MacManus), Counting Crows, Sheryl Crow, Adam Duritz, Eurythmics, Maurice Gibb, Robin (Hugh) Gibb, Barry (Alan Crompton) Gibb, Charlie/Charles Gillingham, Andy Hobson, Chrissie Hynde, Jewel (Kilcher), Annie Lennox, Lisa Loeb, Matt Malley, Dave (David John) Matthews, John (Cougar) Mellencamp, Natalie Merchant, Ben Mize, Stevie Nicks, John Popper, Adam Seymour, Dave/David A(llan) Stewart, James Taylor, The Pretenders, Dan Vickrey

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China Girl
  Date Performance: 1999, Running Time: 4:41
  Comments: by David Bowie (appears courtesy of Virgin Records America, Inc.) (P) & (C) 1999 Viacom International Inc. David Bowie: "Iggy Pop and I were a couple of very naughty boys who went to Berlin. I remember one morning after a particularly mischievous night out, we both met up at a coffee bar that we used to frequent to discuss the doings of the night before. Iggy retold the most extraordinary event. He said that he'd been to a punk club. It was the anniversary of the building of The Wall. The Punk club was holding an anniversary party, and the club built an entire replica of the Berlin Wall complete with sugar gun turrets of marzipan and sponge. It enriched the entire room. At the stroke of midnight, 50 savage, demented punks leapt on this wall and tore it to pieces with their mouths and teeth and fists. Iggy said it was the aftermath that was the most affecting, because after they demolished The Wall, there were small groups of them standing in the corners pitifully crying, tears streaming down their faces. I thought that was an incredibly moving thing and a real memory of Berlin, the Berlin that I knew at the time anyway. This a song I wrote with Iggy at around that time, and I guess, this one is also sort of about invasion and exploitation."
Edge Of SeventeenLyrics availableFan interpretation available Tabs available Midi available
  Date Performance: 1998, Running Time: 6:53
  Comments: by Stevie Nicks (appears courtesy of Warner Brothers Records) (P) & (C) 1998 Viacom International Inc. Stevie Nicks: "I can't talk about this song on a real tour, because the audience would be so depressed by the time the show was over, they would just go straight to rehab or something. What happened with "Edge Of Seventeen" was, I was in Australia playing and John Lennon died. So I was, of course, upset by this, and I was very far away, it was really strange not to be in the United States when he died. I went home to Phoenix - I had this idea about writing a song about him, about the white-wing dove, which comes from Arizona and nests in the Saguaro cactus which I didn't know until I got to Phoenix and started writing this song. And then, to make a bad situation worse my uncle, who was my Dad's older brother was very sick. I went to visit him one day and my cousin John and I were the only ones there with him and my uncle died. We were just there by ourselves with him, and didn't know what to do. It was like, I can't believe this is happening. So when it says 'and I went running down the hall searching for somebody, and up the stairs and down the hall. I did not hear an answer, but I did hear the call of the nightbird,' that's what that was about. So that is what 'Edge Of Seventeen' is about."
Back On The Chain Gang
  Date Performance: 1999, Running Time: 4:05
  Comments: by The Pretenders (appear courtesy of Warner Music UK, Ltd.) (P) & (C) 1999 Viacom International Inc. Chrissie Hynde: "I was writing 'Back On The Chain Gang' when Jimmy and Pete were still alive and in the band, and we were trying to work the song out at our sound checks. Jimmy was real excited about it. He died before I finished the song. I think I kind of dedicated it to him when I finished it. I was trying to work out who I could get to play on that song, so I pulled in Jimmy Scott's favorite guitar player, Billy Bremner, who had played in a band called Rock Pile. Billy came up with that awesome riff in the beginning."
Rain King
  Date Performance: 1997, Running Time: 5:53
  Comments: by Counting Crows (appear courtesy of DGC Music, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.) (P) & (C) 1997 Viacom International Inc. Recording for Effanel Music. Mastered at Gateway Mastering, Portland, Maine. Adam Duritz: "I read this book in college, when I was at Berkeley, called 'Henderson The Rain King' The main character in the book was this big open wound of a person, Eugene Henderson. He bled on everyone around him, for better or for worse, full of joy, full of sorrow. He just made a mess of everything. When I wrote this song years later, it didn't really have anything to do with the book, except the book had kind of become a totem for how I felt about creating and writing. It was just this thing when you take everything from inside you and you spray it all over. Not to worry too much about it, you try and craft it, but don't be self-conscious about it. It's sort of a song about everything that goes into writing. All the feelings, everything that makes you want to write, makes you want to pick up a guitar and do it, and express yourself. It's full of all the doubts and the fears, how I felt about my life at that time, and also the feeling that I really deserved something better than what I accomplished up to that point. I think it is sort of a religious song, about the undefinable thing inside of you, or out there somewhere, that makes you write, that makes me create, that makes you do any kind of art form."
Crash (Into Me)
  Date Performance: 1999, Running Time: 5:04
  Comments: by Dave Matthews (featuring Tim Reynolds) Billed as "Crash". Dave Matthews appears courtesy of the RCA Records label, a unit of BMG Entertainment. (P) & (C) 1999 Viacom International Inc. Dave Matthews: "This song is simply about the worship of women - end of story."
Who Will Save Your Soul
  Date Performance: 1999, Running Time: 7:06
  Comments: by Jewel (appears courtesy of Atlantic Recording Group) (P) & (C) 1999 Viacom International Inc. Jewel: "I went through phases when I first wrote the songs that are in 'Pieces Of You.' I didn't think anybody would hear the songs. So, I didn't think about it. I didn't even think I was really songwriting. And all of a sudden when the whole 'Save Your Soul' started becoming a hit, I got really nervous because I didn't know if I could do it again. I didn't know I wrote a hit. I didn't mean to."
Stay (I Missed You)
  Date Performance: 2000, Running Time: 3:08
  Comments: by Lisa Loeb (appears courtesy of Geffen Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.) Billed as "Stay". (P) & (C) 2000 Viacom International Inc. Lisa Loeb: "I had been making music for a long time. I was going through all of the regular stuff: recording demos with my band, making records and selling them at my shows. I had just done a demo deal with one of the record companies that was interested in my music, when Ethan Hawke, who was in the movie 'Reality Bites,' asked a few of his friends to give him some of the music that they were working on. He specifically asked me for a copy of 'Stay.' He played the music for Ben Stiller, who directed the movie, and Ben decided to put my song in the movie. The cool part about it was that we made the song the way we wanted to. I write it and we recorded it with Juan Patino in his home studio. The way we wanted to do the whole thing was exactly the way it ended up on the record. There were no false manipulations. We were just making a song in the studio."
Regarding Steven
  Date Performance: 2000, Running Time: 5:05
  Comments: by John Popper (appears courtesy of A&M Records, a division of UMG Recordings) (P) & (C) 2000 Viacom International Inc. John Popper: "It's about a friend of mine, Steve, who I knew in the first grade. He had a really bad run of luck when he was a kid. I met him because his sister drowned in the river that we would later come to play in. I asked him, 'What's it like when your sister dies?' We were six and I was really curious about that. As it happened nobody talked about it and it wasn't discussed and it was this thing that kind of loomed and then we became friends. In the second grade his biological father had some problems and kidnapped him and took him across several state lines. Again nobody discussed it, and I was like, 'Wow what's it like to be kidnapped?' It became sort of a bonding thing for us, his tragendy... it was sort of weird. Then in fourth grade another sister died in a car accident. It was the only time he gave her the front seat. So he had all this repressed guilt, and as we got older this really plagued him and I became the only one he really talked about it with. So, as you do with friends you lose touch. He moved to New York, and I bumped into him while I was going to school there. We hit it off and we became friends again. We were experimenting with pot in his room and we would get really stoned. He actually turned me onto Jimi Hendrix. It got to the point where my band, Blues Traveler, was starting to take off and I was starting to get a little more positive and the anti-social aspect started to lift, because I had music and he didn't. There was a real sense of, 'I had to go sit with him in his room and feel miserable,' which is what he was going through at the time. And there was a point where I just had to leave and I didn't see him for years and years. I sort of wrote this song as a way to communicate to him. He actually read the song, like I thought he would, 'cause I figured he would be buying my records. He actually sent me a note, and we hooked back up recently and it's nice to have him back in my life. So this song is sort of a letter about him. It's sort of an open letter to Satan, actually. In the Rolling Stones song, 'Sympathy For The Devil', Satan constantly says 'Hope you guess my name'. So that's the reference in the beginning of this song, 'well I guessed your name.'"
  Date Performance: 1997, Running Time: 3:04
  Comments: by James Taylor (appears courtesy of Columbia Records) (P) & (C) 1997 Viacom International Inc. James Taylor: "We were recording 'Gorilla' and I went down to Mexico for a little break. I've only been to Mexico once, and I spent the entire time indoors, sick. This song was waiting for me down there."
Strong Enough
  Date Performance: 1998, Running Time: 3:21
  Comments: by Sheryl Crow (featuring Stevie Nicks) Sheryl Crow appears courtesy of A&M Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc. (P) & (C) 1998 Viacom International Inc. Sheryl Crow: "When I was a kid there wasn't any VH1 or MTV. I'm sure a lot of you probably remember those days before videos and before all the entertainment magazines and celebrity vehicles. Every couple of weeks on a Friday, every kid in town would be down at Blakemore Drug with their head in a Rolling Stone Magazine or in Cream Magazine, and that was my perception of rock and roll, that's what I wanted to be. I wanted to be the person in the black and white picture. I've been really lucky in my career, in my reasonably short career, to get to play with a lot of the people that were in those magazines. I'm getting the most unbelievable opportunity tonight because I get to sing with Stevie Nicks. We'll just say a little bit about this song. Stevie and I were talking about this song the other night." Stevie Nicks: "When I first heard this song, 'Are You Strong Enough To Be My Man,' I didn't hear it on the radio. I saw it in a video, on MTV or VH1. I meant to say I saw it on VH1. It was the middle of the night and I was sitting there by myself. I will never forget this. Sheryl came on and she sings this song, and I thought, 'For women like Sheryl and I who have this extreme kind of career, every time we meet a nice, new man, it crosses our mind: 'Are you strong enough to possibly deal with our incredibly odd life?' So, from that moment onward I thought, 'This is a great song for any women that have extreme careers.'"
Here Comes The Rain Again
  Date Performance: 1999, Running Time: 3:54
  Comments: by Eurythmics (appear courtesy of RCA/BMG Ariola Muenchen GmbH Records) (P) & (C) 1999 Viacom International Inc. Dave Stewart: "This song was written in New York at the Mayflower Hotel, on the corner of Central Park and Columbus. I remember I had just bought a tiny little keyboard and I was playing it and Annie started to fight with me, as we often do that kind of thing. I was playing that little riff and Annie did her usual thing and went to the window and started looking out and singing, 'Here Comes the Rain'."
  Date Performance: 1998, Running Time: 5:30
  Comments: by Natalie Merchant (appears courtesy of Elektra Records) (P) & (C) 1998 Viacom International Inc. Natalie Merchant: "Carnival is my New York song, which evokes for me what it feels like to walk down any avenue in the city. I grew up in the country. The nearest thing that I'd ever expirienced to walking down the streets in New York, before I was 16, was a carnival. It was Stockton Gala Days, actually. I'd never seen people walking down the street eating before. That was a bizarre experience."
Jack & Diane
  Date Performance: 1998, Running Time: 5:56
  Comments: by John Mellencamp (appears courtesy of Columbia Records) (P) & (C) 1998 Viacom International Inc. John Mellencamp: "It always surprised me how people responded to this song, because quite frankly, when I wrote this song I didn't like it. I didn't like the arrangement. Every time we'd put it on the tape machine, I'd look at the guys and I'd say, 'Let's take that God damned thing off! It's terrible! Right? So in my brain I thought 'This song is never gonna work.' The only thing about 'Jack and Diane' that I thought was interesting, looking back on it, are those handclaps that are on the record. We only put those handclaps on that record to keep time because there's no drum going through there. So finally, after being convinced that we should leave the song on the records, it was... maybe my only number one record. And then the most peculiar thing started happening; the fans started loving this song. We'd be playing in public and playing it in shows and people would just go nuts over the song. I would think, 'Man, I don't know what the hell's going on in the music business, because I don't like this song.' But you all liked it so much that eventually I started liking it. Because it made my job so easy to go out on stage and do this song because I didn't have to do anything."
Just A Memory
  Date Performance: 1996, Running Time: 3:57
  Comments: by Elvis Costello (appears courtesy of Warner Brothers Records) (P) & (C) 1996 Viacom International Inc. Elvis Costello: "When I started out to write this song called 'Just A Memory,' in 1978, I had Dusty Springfield's voice in my head. Given my recent adventures, it is curious to recall that I thought I had actually written a song in the style of Burt Bacharach. I was always a curious child. My version was hidden away on an E.P. that quickly slipped from the catalogue. So, it was pretty surprising to hear that the song had found its way to Dusty almost four years later. It would be great to say '...and it went on to be one of her great hit records' but she was poorly served by the kind of production that everyone seemed to fall for in the 80s. Still, I have the pleasure of her vocal entrance and graceful progress through that sonic minefield. I also have to thank her for requesting the additional verse that I wrote for her recording. My original version ran to an epic 1min 58secs or thereabouts. So, with a deadline looming, I had to 'sing' the new verse to Dusty down a transatlantic telephone line, despite an almost total lack of voice due to excessive shouting and screaming during the recording of a song called 'Man out of Time'. 'Man out of Voice' might have been closer. At least Dusty was laughing."
How Deep Is Your Love
  Date Performance: 1996, Running Time: 2:25
  Comments: by Bee Gees (though biiled as "The Bee Gees") (appear courtesy of Polydor Records, a division UMG Recordings) Dedicated to David Trew. (P) & (C) 1996 Viacom International Inc. Bee Gees: "We were in France staying and recording at the Chateau d'Herouville just outside Paris, where Elton John recorded 'Honky Chateau.' It was constantly raining so we had very little else to do except write songs. During that time we wrote: 'Stayin' Alive,' 'Night Fever,' 'If I Can't Have You,' and 'More Than A Woman.' In fact, all the 'Fever' songs were done in a two week period. We have always felt that this particular ballad, 'How Deep Is Your Love' was one of the best pieces of work we've ever done."
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Brady Blade(, Jr.), Jim Bogios, Bruce Bouton, Don Boyette, Joel Campbell, Sterling Campbell, Clifford Carter, Lenny Castro, Sharon Celani, Dane Clark, Crugie (Hussein Riccio), Erik Della Penna/DellaPenna, Gail Ann Dorsey, Sam Flynn, Claudia Fontaine, Emily Frankfurt, Reeves Gabrels, Mike Garson, Steve George, Gabriel Gordon, Tony (Anthony) Hall, Zeben Jameson, Jimmy (Ray) Johnson, Steve Lewinson, Pete(r) Lewinson, Graham Maby, Jerry Marotta, Toby Meyers, Stevie Nicks, Steve Nieve, Holly Palmer, Pat Peterson, Doug Pettibone, Mark Plati, Steve Poltz, Tim Reynolds, Land Richards, Carlos Rios, Gina Schock, Frank Simes, Faye Simpson, Beverley Skeete, Tim Smith, Elizabeth Steen, Mindy Stein, Loren (Moe-Z.M.D.) Stewart, Ben Stivers, Miriam Sturm, Ben(mont) (M.) Tench(, III), Scott Troy Thurston, Jeff Trott, Brett Tuggle, Carlos Vega, Mike/Michael Wanchic(k), Peter Yanowitz, Andy York

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Domestic Vinyl/CD Album

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David Francis Baerwald (Songwriter), Bill/William Bot(t)rell (Songwriter), David Bowie (Jones) (Songwriter), David Bryson (Songwriter), David Bryson (Songwriter), Elvis Costello (Declan MacManus) (Songwriter), Elvis Costello (Declan MacManus) (Songwriter), Sheryl Crow (Songwriter), Adam Duritz (Songwriter), Adam Duritz (Songwriter), Barry (Alan Crompton) Gibb (Songwriter), Maurice Gibb (Songwriter), Robin (Hugh) Gibb (Songwriter), Barry (Alan Crompton) Gibb (Songwriter), Maurice Gibb (Songwriter), Robin (Hugh) Gibb (Songwriter), Kevin M. Gilbert (Songwriter), Chrissie Hynde (Songwriter), Chrissie Hynde (Songwriter), Jewel (Kilcher) (Songwriter), Annie Lennox (Songwriter), Annie Lennox (Songwriter), Lisa Loeb (Songwriter), Brian S. MacLeod/McCleod (Songwriter), Dave (David John) Matthews (Songwriter), Dave (David John) Matthews (Songwriter), John (Cougar) Mellencamp (Songwriter), Natalie Merchant (Songwriter), Stevie Nicks (Songwriter), Iggy Pop (James Newell Osterberg) (Songwriter), John Popper (Songwriter), John Popper (Songwriter), David Jeffrey Ricketts (Songwriter), Dave/David A(llan) Stewart (Songwriter), Dave/David A(llan) Stewart (Songwriter), James Taylor (Songwriter), Unleashed (Art Direction), Chuck Reed (Executive Producer), Peter Brewis (Guitar Technician), Steve George (Musical Director), Barry (Alan Crompton) Gibb (Produced By), Maurice Gibb (Produced By), Robin (Hugh) Gibb (Produced By), Barry (Alan Crompton) Gibb (Produced By), Maurice Gibb (Produced By), Robin (Hugh) Gibb (Produced By), John Harris (Recorded By), John Merchant (Recorded By), Peter Yianilos (Recorded By), Chuck Reed (Compiled By), Adam Blackburn (Mixed By), Bob Clearmountain (Mixed By), George Cowan (Mixed By), Randy Ezratty/Ezratti (Mixed By), Frank Fil(l)ipetti (Mixed By), Brian Kingman (Mixed By), Chris Lord-Alge (Mixed By), John Merchant (Mixed By), Thom Panunzio (Mixed By), Mark Plati (Mixed By), Elliot Scheiner (Mixed By), David/Dave Thoener (Mixed By), Bob Ludwig (Mastered By), Stephen/Steve Marcussen (Mastered By), Chuck Reed (Digitally Edited By), Kevin Mazur (Back Photo), Bill Flanagan (VH1 Storytellers Executive Producer), Wolf Sound (Live Sound Provided By), Wayne Isaak (VH1 Music Executive), Deborah Davis-Bonk (Marketing Manager), Graham Wood (Photo (Bee Gees)), Larry Busacca (Photo (James Taylor)), Hilary Clarkson (Photo (John Popper)), Frank Micelotta (Photo (Lisa Loeb)), Frank Micelotta (Photo (Elvis Costello)), Marc Bryan Brown (Photo (Counting Crows)), Marc Bryan Brown (Photo (Eurythmics)), Kevin Mazur (Photo (David Bowie)), Kevin Mazur (Photo (Stevie Nicks)), Kevin Mazur (Photo (The Pretenders)), Kevin Mazur (Photo (Sheryl Crow)), Kevin Mazur (Photo (Natalie Merchant)), Kevin Mazur (Photo (John Mellencamp)), Kevin Mazur (Candle Photo)

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Interscope Records

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Word. Story. Song.

Every song has a story.

For VHl Storytellers:
Jessica Farnham, Amy Fazekas, Bruce Gillmer, Wayne Isaak, Terence Lam, Sean Murphy, Michael Simon, David Weier

Special thanks:
Julie Agrati, Susan Bank, Susan Barbieri, Peter Baron, Steve Berman, Tom Bevacqua, Janet Billig, Tony Blanc, Kim Brakeley, Gary Borman, Coran Capshaw, Nedra Carroll, City Of Hope, Ellynne Citron-Greenbaum, Susan Coelho, David Cohen, Gail Colson, Dave Diomedi, Jeff Gaspin, Bruce Gillmer, Jennifer Glass, Scott Goldman, Roger Griesmeyer, O'Neil Edwards, Tom Ennis, Ted Field, Darryl Franklin, Tom Freston, Simon Fuller, Monica Halpert, Rand Hoffman, Zach Horowitz, Camilla Howarth, Shelly Hutchins, Jimmy Iovine, Wayne Isaak, Carolyn Javier, Cambria Jensen, Steven Jensen, Karen Johnston, Robert Katz, Howard Kaufman, Ekaterina Kenney, Martin Kirkup, Sheryl Louis, Dean Lubensky, Dan Mcintosh, Obie Bob Mahoney, Andrew Mains, Joe Mama, Kevin Mangini, Carol McGowan, Jennifer Monsein, Greg Moon, Ann Morrison, Melissa Montuori, Eilynn Palmer, Thom Panunzio, Ed Paparo, Carroll Peters, Hesther Price, Mary Russell, David Saslow, Andy Schuon, Ron Shapiro, Janette Sheridan, Lisa Silfen, Donald Silvey, Gary Smith, Steven, Sean Sullivan, John Sykes, Gill Taylor, The Left Bank Organization, Universal Music Group, Andrew Van Meter, VH1, Scooter Weintraub, Pam Wertheimer, Tom Whalley, Stuart Whitmore, Tony Wigens, Wayne Wilkins, Henry Wrenn-Meleck, Lauren Zalaznick

The city of hope story:

In the early 1900s, an epidemic of tuberculosis was raging in America. Many of those afflicted came to Southern California with the hope that the drier climate would help cure their condition. In 1912, a tailor from St. Louis came to Los Angeles in search of a better life and better health. Unfortunately, his disease was too advanced and, with no facility to turn to, he died. Outraged, members of the community raised funds to create a tuberculosis sanitarium so that other individuals would not suffer the same fate as their friend. In 1913, they purchased 10 acres of land near Los Angeles, erected two tents and hired one nurse to care for the sick. And with that, City of Hope was born.

From this humble beginning has emerged today's City of Hope National Medical Center and Beckman Research Institute, a National Cancer Institute-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center and one of the world's leading research and treatment centers for cancer and other serious diseases including diabetes and HIV/AIDS. Over the years, the initial grassroots volunteer effort on behalf of City of Hope has grown to include tens of thousands of supporters in more than 30 states across America. Because of the philanthropic efforts of these dedicated individuals City of Hope is able to touch the lives of millions by sharing its advancements in innovative treatment and care programs with medical centers worldwide.

A portion of the proceeds of VH1 Storytellers will benefit City of Hope programs in pediatric oncology, breast and prostate cancer, lymphoma, leukemia and other blood disorders. It will also help continue City of Hope's lifesaving Bone Marrow Transplantation program currently being used to treat more than 30 types of cancer. By purchasing this CD, you help City of Hope continue its genetic research to fight these diseases at the core level, as well as its vital treatment and supportive care programs that assist patients and their families with counseling, education and pain management services.

City of Hope-Where the Power of Knowledge Saves Lives™


This compilation (P) (C) 2000 Interscope Records and Viacom International
2220 Colorado Ave.
Santa Monica, CA 90404

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wonderful live performace frrom tv show
Review written by Anonymous, June 1st, 2005

Storytellers is a great cd for all types of music fans. The Cd contains artist such as John Mellencamp, The Pretenders, Jewel, David Bowie, Sheryl Crow And Stevie Nicks dueting and a solo performace of Stevie Nicks as well. Jack and Diane, Strong Enough, Edge Of Seventeen, Back On The Chain Gang, Who Will Save Your Soul and China Girl are just some of the hits you will find on this cd. A must have for any music lover.

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Discography entry submitted by Marty Adelson.