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Stop Off (1972) - Ashman Reynolds

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Aliki Ashman, Harry Reynolds

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Side One:
Come Right In
  Date Performance: 1971, Running Time: 4:41
Country Man
  Date Performance: 1971, Running Time: 3:08
Long Long Road
  Date Performance: 1971, Running Time: 3:52
They're Only Gonna Take My Life
  Date Performance: 1971, Running Time: 5:09
Hymn For Him
  Date Performance: 1971, Running Time: 6:02
Side Two:
I Wish I Knew
  Date Performance: 1971, Running Time: 5:42
Work Out The Score
  Date Performance: 1971, Running Time: 4:03
Taking Off
  Date Performance: 1971, Running Time: 4:30
My Father's Side
  Date Performance: 1971, Running Time: 3:46
Help Me
  Date Performance: 1971, Running Time: 5:02
    Guest Appearances »

Madel(e)ine Bell, Keith Boyce, Tony Clarke, Rod Edwards, Mick(e)y Keen(e), Mike Rosen, Lisa/Liza Strike/Streic, Bob Weston

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Domestic Vinyl/CD Album

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Bill Price (Engineer), Jon Miller (Producer), Aliki Ashman (Songwriter), Aliki Ashman (Songwriter), Rod Edwards (Songwriter), Roger Hand (Songwriter), Harry Reynolds (Songwriter), Harry Reynolds (Songwriter), Bob Weston (Songwriter), Hamish Grimes (Sleeve Design), Steve Nye (Engineering Assisted By)

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Polydor Incorporated

    Catalogue Number »

PD 5507 (US) 2383-114 (UK)

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Recorded at A.I.R. Studios London in November and December 1971.

A G.M. Production

Diolch yn fawr to Gary Edwards

The band wish to thank Harry Nilsson for keeping them happy

(P) 1972 Manufactured by Polydor Incorporated
1700 Broadway
New York, N.Y. 10019


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Surprisingly likable duo
Review written by John Fitzgerald, June 1st, 2005

Ashman Reynolds are a likable Delaney & Bonnie style duo but a little more pop orientated. Bob Weston is listed as "1st lead and slide guitars" on the album and although it doesn't state on which songs, the real plus is that you can easily make him out on here. His co-written "Taking off" is one of the more up numbers which features some good Weston slide at the end and the closing rocker "Help me" includes Bob's biggest solo on the album at the end. "Long long road" is an equally effective rocker but my favorite is the side two opener "I wish I knew". Moving guitar flourishes from Weston top off an
emotionally heartfelt uplifting tune. I'm going to recommend it because I enjoyed it alot
more than I thought I would and I'm sure you will too.

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Discography entry submitted by Steve Fairhead, Fin Costello, Jeff Kenney & Marty Adelson.