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Steel Cowboys: Bikers' Choice, Vol. 1 (1999) - Various Artists

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Josephine Akvama, Greg(ory Lenoir) Allman, Duane Allman, David Milton Bellamy, Homer Howard Bellamy, Dickey (Forrest Richard) Betts, Terry Bovin, Billy Burnette, Suzanne Carstensen, Fran Christina, Clarence Dobbins, (David) Marc/Mark Dur(h)am, Durham, Keith Ferguson, Jens Hylander, Michael Jeffers, Pelle Jernryd, Jaimoe Jai Johanny Johanson, Danny Johnson, Karl Kanga, Moon Martin, Kevin Martin, Blue Miller, Nathan Spears And The Habañeros, Louise Norby, Hakan Nyberg, (Raymond) Berry Oakley(, III), Jim Piekarski, Sean Poland, Eddy (Edward Garvin) Raven (Futch), Nathan Colan Spears, Lisa Stewart, The Allman Brothers Band, The Bellamy Brothers, The Fabulous Thunderbirds, The Hardliners, Butch (Claude Hudson) Trucks, Jimmie Vaughan, Rick Vito, Kim Wilson

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Rocky Mountain Way
  Date Performance: 1999, Running Time: 4:37
  Comments: by Blue Miller. Recorded at Sound Control.
Rock Me Baby
  Date Performance: 1999, Running Time: 4:27
  Comments: by Clarence Dobbins. Recorded at Sound Control.
One Way Out
  Date Performance: 1971-06-27, Running Time: 4:49
  Comments: by The Allman Brothers Band. Recorded live at the Fillmore East, New York. Under license from Polymedia, Inc.
Copperhead Road
  Date Performance: 1999, Running Time: 4:26
  Comments: by Billy Burnette. Recorded at Sound Control.
I Stand Accused
  Date Performance: 1998, Running Time: 4:39
  Comments: Recorded and mixed at Manzanita Studio, Arrington, TN.
Cell Block 68
  Date Performance: 1999, Running Time: 4:05
  Comments: by Nathan Spears And The Habañeros. Under license from Rockingchair Records
Good Mornin' Policeman
  Date Performance: 1995, Running Time: 4:00
  Comments: by Moon Martin. Under license from Pony Boy Records
  Date Performance: 1999, Running Time: 4:12
  Comments: by Lisa Stewart. Recorded at Sound Control.
Wild Eyed And Crazy
  Date Performance: 1994, Running Time: 3:54
  Comments: by Eddy Raven. Under license from Platinum Entertainment, Inc.
Over The Line
  Date Performance: 1997, Running Time: 3:35
  Comments: by Bellamy Brothers. Under license from Platinum Entertainment, Inc.
Wild Ones
  Date Performance: 1999, Running Time: 4:17
  Comments: by Danny Johnson. Recorded at Sound Control.
Can't Tear It Up Enuff'
  Date Performance: 1982, Running Time: 2:38
  Comments: (Edit) by The Fabulous Thunderbirds (appears courtesy of Country Town Music)
Take Me To The Top
  Date Performance: 1995, Running Time: 3:38
  Comments: (Edit) by The Hardliners (courtesy of Amalthea)
Nothin' Like A Harley
  Date Performance: 1999, Running Time: 3:20
  Comments: by Terry Bovin. Recorded at Sound Control.
LA To Nashville
  Date Performance: 1999, Running Time: 2:46
  Comments: by Durham. Recorded at Sound Control.
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Donnie Apple, Marty Crutchfield, John Gardner, Steve Hardin, Danny Johnson, Joe Khoury, Mark Mosely, Jamie Oldaker, John Regan, Glen(n) (A.) Worf, Reese Wynans

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Domestic Vinyl/CD Album

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Terry Bovin (Songwriter), (David) Marc/Mark Dur(h)am (Songwriter), (David) Marc/Mark Dur(h)am (Songwriter), Steve Earle (Songwriter), Danny Flowers (Songwriter), Rocke/Roche Steven Grace (Songwriter), Jo(h)n Her(r)on (Songwriter), Elmore James (Songwriter), Will A. Jennings (Songwriter), Danny Johnson (Songwriter), Joe (Joseph) Josea (Bihari) (Songwriter), Karl Kanga (Songwriter), Karl Kanga (Songwriter), B(lues) B(oy) (Riley) King (Songwriter), Moon Martin (Songwriter), Frank(ie) (Francis John) Miller (Songwriter), Frank Joseph Myers (Songwriter), Kenny Passarelli (Songwriter), Eddy (Edward Garvin) Raven (Futch) (Songwriter), David Santo (Songwriter), Marshall E. Sehorn (Songwriter), Gordon Larry Shaw (Songwriter), Nathan Colan Spears (Songwriter), Nathan Colan Spears (Songwriter), Lisa Stewart (Songwriter), Joe(y) Vitale (Songwriter), Rick Vito (Songwriter), Joe Walsh (Songwriter), Sonny Boy (Aleck Ford Rice) Williamson (Willie) (Miller) (Songwriter), Kim Wilson (Songwriter), Kim Wilson (Songwriter), Keith Dressel (Produced By), Jamie Oldaker (Produced By), David Santo (Produced By), (Cherokee) Dave Tiller (Produced By), Bill (Willum) Cuomo (Recorded By), Mark Mosely (Recorded By), Bill (Willum) Cuomo (Mixed By), Randy King (Mastered By), Jill Riley (Digital Editing By), Kendra Lee (Graphic Design), Keith Dressel (Album Created By), Keith Dressel (Album Compiled By)

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Adventure Mediaworks

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Steel Cowboys Volume 1 is the first in a series of ten albums geared towards the bike and motorsports enthusiast. In preparation of this series, hundreds of bikers and hardcore racing fans shared with us their favorite party songs. With this information, we have compiled the first release of our ten-part series.

Steel Cowboys - Please visit our website at www.steelcowboys.com

Special thanks go to Jamie Oldaker, Norman Gillis, Darian and Elisabeth Andersen, Dave and Shelia Tiller, Larry Wilcox, Lisa Stewart, Blue Miller, Billy Burnette, Clarence Dobbins, Danny Johnson, Moon Martin, George Collier, Juan Contreras, Kim Reinbold, Marc Durham and David Friedman.

"I Stand Accused" under license from Streamliner Records

Mastered at Disc Mastering

All Motorcycle Photos provided by Titan Motorcycle Co. of America - Thanks to Mark Green

(P) & (C) 1999 Adventure Mediaworks Inc.
Please visit our website at www.platinumcd.com

Distributed by Platinum Distribution
P.O. Box 1724
Roswell, GA 30077

Distributed in Canada by Platinum Distribution
One Select Ave.
Unit 10
M1V 5J3

Warning: All Rights Reserved. Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws.

Printed in the U.S.A.

Compact Disc Digital Audio

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Some, bikers would choose, others are tin gunslingers
Review written by John Fitzgerald, May 31st, 2005

As Rick's "I stand accused" is from "Pink and black", the main point of interest for us here is Billy's impressive version of Steve Earle's "Copperhead road". It has a slight Celtic feel to the arrangement which gives way to a more rocking sound than one rarely hears from Billy in that it's less rockabilly styled which makes for pleasing unpredictability. Regarding the rest, the disc kicks off with a rousing cover of Joe Walsh's "Rocky mountain way" by Blue Miller and "One way out" by The Allman Brothers Band is a definite bikers classic but this probably would have worked better with more classic recording from the 70's of this nature (Atlanta Rhythm Section, 38 Special, Molly Hatchet, etc.) but I'm not complaining because if that had happened, we wouldn't have Billy's recording. So, it's OK.

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"I Stand Accused" is by Rick Vito

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Discography entry submitted by Marty Adelson.