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The Son Of Rock And Roll - Rocky Burnette

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The Son Of Rock And Roll (1980) - Rocky Burnette

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Rocky Burnette

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Side One:
Tired Of Toein' The Line
  Running Time: 3:40
Angel In Chambray
  Running Time: 3:16
Baby TonightLyrics available
  Running Time: 3:08
Fallin' In Love (Bein' Friends)
  Running Time: 3:55
Anywhere Your Body Goes
  Running Time: 2:42

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Side Two:
The Boogie Man
  Running Time: 3:36
You're So Easy To Love
  Running Time: 2:20
Clowns From Outer Space
  Running Time: 3:39
A Woman In Love
  Running Time: 2:46
Roll Like A Wheel
  Running Time: 4:05
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Stanley P. (The Baron) Behrens, Burt Berman, Chris Brosius/Broccios/Brocius, Billy Burnette, Willie Mae (Mammaw) Burnette, Ron(ald Donavon) Coleman, Mel Collins, Rick Croy, Biff Daw(e)s, Steve Deutsch, Dennis Dreith, Bill(y) C. Graham, John Hobbs, Bill House, John Hunt, Donna Meade, Mike Porter, Paul Ramsay, Joe Romano, Jim/James (Duke) Seiter, Randy Stern, Curtis Stone, Steve Turner, Billy (Joe) Walker(, Jr.), Charles Ward

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Domestic Vinyl/CD Album

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Burt Berman (Songwriter), Rocky Burnette (Songwriter), Jerry Carter (Songwriter), Glen A. Castleberry (Songwriter), Ron(ald Donavon) Coleman (Songwriter), Paul Lew Givertzman (Songwriter), Bill(y) C. Graham (Songwriter), Jim/James (Duke) Seiter (Songwriter), Torbjorn Calvero (Photography), Bill Burks (Art Direction), Taki Ono (Design), Brian Behrns (Additional Engineering), Tchad Blake (Additional Engineering), Les Cooper (Additional Engineering), Bill House (Additional Engineering), Janet Krick (Additional Engineering), Paul Ramsay (Additional Engineering), Jim/James (Duke) Seiter (Additional Engineering), Ted Sharp (Additional Engineering), Bill House (Produced By), Jim/James (Duke) Seiter (Produced By), Biff Daw(e)s (Engineered By), Jim/James (Duke) Seiter (Management), Biff Daw(e)s (Mixed By), Bill House (Mixed By), Bill House (Arranged By), Jim/James (Duke) Seiter (Direction), Taki Ono (Illustration), Ken Perry (Mastering Engineer)

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EMI Records

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Rocky Burnette - Alias "The Rockman" The Son of Rock and Roll

Recorded in U.S.A. & England

Essex Studios, London
Margaritasville, Woodland Hills, CA
Redondo Pacific Studios, Redondo Beach, CA
Rumbo Recorders, Canoga Park, CA
Rockfield Studios, Monmouth, Wales
Wally Heider - Studio 4, Hollywood; RCA "B", Hollywood

Mastering - Capitol, Hollywood, CA

Special Thanks:
Ben Edwards - Ears Ya Need, Ears Ya Got
Rodney Pearson
Charles and Sandra Ward & Sam
Cathrina Masters
Ed Goldberg
Burt Berman - As our main man. He gave us the light, showed us the way and made sure it all materialized. We love you very, very much

Dedication to:
Johnny Burnette (1934-1964) "Who taught me how to sing 'em"
Dorsey Burnette (1932-1979) "Who taught me how to write 'em"
Willie Mae "Mammaw" Burnette (1898-1979) "Who gave me the courage"
Carol Lee Trent (1955-1977) "Who taught me how to love again"

"I love you and miss you very much"

Rockman International Fan Club
Suite 409
16200 Ventura Blvd.
Tarzana, CA 91316

(P) 1979 EMI America Records Limited

(C) 1980 EMI America Records Inc

Mfg. by EMI America Records, Inc., a subsidiary of Capitol Industries-EMI, U.S.A.
6920 Sunset Blvd.
Hollywood, California 90028

Los Angeles, California
Jacksonville, Illinois
Winchester, Virginia

All rights reserved.

Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws.

Printed in U.S.A.

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Rockabilly Classic
Review written by Dr. Donna (, July 23rd, 2011

I was the Research Director at KLOK in San Jose from 1979 to 1981. We had a listener panel that rated new albums and this one blew everyone away. We were one of the first stations to play "Tired of Toein' the Line" and every time we played the song, we were barraged by callers wanting to know what it was.

I just listened to the song tonight, 30 years after first hearing it, and am still blown away by Burnette's great guitar and rockabilly rhythms.

It's one of the few albums I've kept and one I never plan to part with. Maybe I'll have them play it at my funeral!

Typical one hit wonder album
Review written by John Fitzgerald, May 31st, 2005

Although the title of this album and Rocky's upbringing spell promise, "The son of rock and roll" really shines only on the album's opening cut, the sleeper top ten hit of 1980, the chunky shouter "Tired of toein' the line" with it's fuzzy guitars and well handled harmonies on the bridge sections, helped stir some interest in the rockabilly revival going on at the time of it's release but unfortunately, though touches of it show up on other songs here, the magic of it basically ends there as the rest of the album concentrates on more hard rocking modern sounds to back up Burnette here though having heard RB's disappointing 1982 album "Heart stopper" which falls pray to the same elements, it can be safely said that this album is much better than that album fares. Billy is listed in the liner notes as playing "guitars" on the album but it doesn't say which songs he's on. As for the rest, "Angel in chambray" is a fairly dramatic thumper driven by the pouncing rhythm guitars and keys but "Baby tonight" is a more new wave sounding speedy bouncer though it does have a similar vocal style as the hit single listed above and "Fallin' in love (Bein' friends)" is more 50's throwback chirp but the nostalgic touches start to evaporate soon after this mostly as in comes the punchy rocker "Anywhere your body goes" and the peppy hard rock of "The boogie man". Things start to lighten up a bit with the boogie woogie clapper "You're so easy to love" and the lighter (by comparison so far) acoustic strummer "Clowns from outer space" but I should've known by the title of this song that things would start going sour, and sure enough, they do as the noisy bursting chorus parts arrive which severely annoy this track. One of the best musically is the most stripped down song here (after TOTTL) which is the piano & acoustic guitar led ballad "A woman in love" which is a high point as it does work as a strolling melter but it strangely makes you feel like it may have worked better had they done more with it (production wise) along the lines of what was done with "Tired..." and then the album ends with a fair mid tempo tune called "Roll like a wheel". This is definitely the place to go to investigate Rocky but expect the camp to be flooded with modern day (at the time) production which for the most part puts out the fire.

great album
Review written by (, May 31st, 2005

this album has stuck in my mind since it first came out. I would really like to find it on cd, any help?

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