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Two Hearts (1987) - Dave Mason

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Dave Mason

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Two Hearts
  Running Time: 4:42
Just A Little Lovin'
  Running Time: 4:26
  Running Time: 4:29
Dreams I Dream
  Running Time: 4:22
  Comments: (Duet Vocal Performance by Phoebe Snow)
Something In The Heart
  Running Time: 3:24
  Running Time: 4:19
Fighting For Love
  Running Time: 4:16
Replace The Face
  Running Time: 4:22
    Guest Appearances »

Larry Coh(e)n, Mike Finnigan, (Ms.) Bobbye Hall, Michael/Mike Lawler, Kenny (Lee) Lewis, Steve Neives, Peter Seibert, Phoebe Snow, Steve Winwood

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Domestic Vinyl/CD Album

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Dan Haggerty (Songwriter), Dave Mason (Songwriter), Alan O'Day (Songwriter), Pam(ela) (P.) Reswick (Songwriter), Stephen/Steve Werfel/Werful (Songwriter), Dennis Keeley (Photography), Dave Mason (Art Direction), Michael Diehl (Design), James W. Haughey (Liner Notes), Jack Kellman (Management By), Jimmy (James Christian) Hotz (Produced By), Dave Mason (Produced By), Jimmy (James Christian) Hotz (Engineered By), Steve/Stephen Hall (Mastered By), Don Evans (Assistant Engineer At Granny's House), Bjorn Thorsrud (Assistant Engineer At Granny's House), Tim Farmer (Assistant Engineer At Woodland Sound), Jimmy (James Christian) Hotz (Drums Programmed By), Dave Mason (Drums Programmed By)

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MCA Records

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MCAD-42086 (CD) MCA-42086 (LP) MCAC-42086 (Cassette)

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Recorded at West Oaks Records, Westlake Village. CA

Mixed at Granny's House, Reno, NV

Additional Recording with Steve Winwood at Woodland Sound, Nashville, TN

Mastered at Future Disc Systems, Los Angeles, CA

Special Thanks To Pamela Mason, Ed Silvers, Larry Mazer, Lee Abrams, Denny Somach, Paul Shaker, Henry Root, Guido Smith, Bill Cobb at West Oaks, Steve Salyer at Sequential Circuits, Bob King at Coast Wholesale, Nancy Kewin at Roland, Bob Webb at Moonbeam Productions, Camille at Publison, J.L. Cooper, Michael at Star Sound, John at Instrumental Music, Brian Lynch, Guitar Center, Michelle Ward, Robert Forman and Bob Engel.

Steve Winwood Appears Courtesy of Virgin Records Ltd.

Art Direction: Dave Mason/JA

To grow restless against your surroundings is depression, to reach out for love when you see none is hope, to realize life will outlive you is conquest, when mind and reaction all become one is belief, and belief against your depression will give you hope for conquest to your surroundings.

-James W. Haughey

(C) 1970 James W. Haughey.
All rights reserved. Used by permission.


(C) (P) 1987 Manufactured for MCA Records, Inc.
70 Universal City Plaza
Universal City, California

Made in U.S.A.

Warning: All rights reserved. Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws.

Compact Disc Digital Audio


0 767-2-2 2

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Dave treads techno? Not exactly.
Review written by John Fitzgerald (), August 1st, 2004

Dave enters the synth pop production world with this release which is ultimately it's downfall. Although it features mostly Mason penned originals, it includes a very dated 80's sound which works against the tunes. The single "Dreams I dream" (duet with Phoebe Snow) is the best moment where the sound does work well with the song but for the most part an unadventurous platter. One does get the feeling with this disc that the label executives were pulling the strings here which included the on record only reuniting with Steve Winwood which probably contributes to the uninspired performances contained. Arguably one of Dave's worst solo releases to date and it should most definitely not be heard by die hard fans until the bitter end.

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Discography entry submitted by John Fitzgerald & Steve MacDougall.