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Robin Zander (1993) - Robin Zander

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Robin Zander

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Regular Album Tracklisting:
Reactionary GirlLyrics available
  Date Performance: 1993, Running Time: 3:18
I've Always Got YouLyrics available
  Date Performance: 1993, Running Time: 3:40
Show Me HeavenLyrics available
  Date Performance: 1993, Running Time: 4:05
Jump Into The FireLyrics available
  Date Performance: 1993, Running Time: 3:13
  Comments: Contains samples from "Alright Now" as recorded by Free, "Public Image Limited" as recorded by Public Image Limited, "Something's Gone Wrong Again" as recorded by The Buzzcocks, "Hush" as recorded by Deep Purple & "Owner Of A Lonely Heart" as recorded by Yes
Time Will Let You KnowLyrics available
  Date Performance: 1993, Running Time: 5:36
Boy (I'm So In Love With You)Lyrics available
  Date Performance: 1993, Running Time: 4:54
Tell It To The WorldLyrics available
  Date Performance: 1993, Running Time: 3:27
EmilyLyrics available
  Date Performance: 1993, Running Time: 6:06
I Believe In YouLyrics available
  Date Performance: 1993, Running Time: 4:00
SecretLyrics available
  Date Performance: 1993, Running Time: 4:25
Everlasting LoveLyrics available
  Date Performance: 1993, Running Time: 4:34
Walkin' ShoesLyrics available
  Date Performance: 1993, Running Time: 3:55
Japanese Import Bonus Track:
Stone Cold Rhythm Shake
  Date Performance: 1993, Running Time: 4:50
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Christina Amphlett, Greg(g) Bissonett(e), Robbie Buchanan, Kim Bullard, Mike/Michael Campbell, Dr John (Malcolm Rebennack Jr), James (Jae-E) Earl(e)y, Don Felder, Steve Ferris, Michael/Mike Fisher, Mick Fleetwood, Derek/Derrick Forbes, (Ms.) Bobbye Hall, Bonnie Hayes, Scott Humphrey, Rob Laufer, Pat(rick) Leonard, Mick MacNeil, Alfred McCrary, Linda (Mae) McCrary/McCrary-Campbell, Brian McG(h)ee, Maria (Louisa) McKee, Stevie Nicks, Tom Petersson, Nathaniel/Nate Phillips, Tim Pierce, Richard Ruce, Alfie Silas, J(ohn) D(avid) Souther, Dave/David A(llan) Stewart, Gary Taylor/Taylar, Ben(mont) (M.) Tench(, III), Carlos Vega, Edna Wright/Wright Perry

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Domestic Vinyl/CD Album

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Mike/Michael Campbell (Songwriter), Tom/Thomas F. Kelly (Songwriter), Rob Laufer (Songwriter), Mick MacNeil (Songwriter), Maria (Louisa) McKee (Songwriter), Rick Nielsen (Songwriter), Harry Nilsson (Songwriter), Brian Patrick O'Doherty (Who) (Songwriter), Alan Eric (Ricky) Rackin (Songwriter), Fred Reynolds (Songwriter), Jay Rifkin (Songwriter), J(ohn) D(avid) Souther (Songwriter), Mark Spiro (Songwriter), Billy/William E Steinberg (Songwriter), Dave/David A(llan) Stewart (Songwriter), Robert Arthur Vaughn (Songwriter), Neil (Percival) Young (Joe Yankee) (Songwriter), Robin Zander (Songwriter), Mark Seliger (Photography), Gabrielle Raumberger (Art Direction), Mick MacNeil (Programming), Martin Brumbach (Assistant Engineer), Rob Hart (Assistant Engineer), Rob Jacobs (Additional Engineering), Susie Tallman (Production Coordinator), Mike/Michael Campbell (Produced By), Matt Dyke (Produced By), James (Jae-E) Earl(e)y (Produced By), Jimmy Iovine (Produced By), Robin Zander (Produced By), Matt Dyke (Engineered By), James (Jae-E) Earl(e)y (Engineered By), Phil Kaffel (Engineered By), Brian S(c)heuble (Engineered By), Ken Adamany (Management), Mick MacNeil (Co-Produced By), David Bianco (Mixed By), Bob Clearmountain (Mixed By), Rob Jacobs (Mixed By), Phil Kaffel (Mixed By), Paul Buckmaster (Strings Arranged By), Robin Zander (Strings Arranged By), Peter Asher (Drum Programming), James (Jae-E) Earl(e)y (Drum Programming), Maria (Louisa) McKee (Drum Programming), Carlos Vega (Drum Programming), Leslie Gerard-Smith (Project Coordinator), Tom Whalley (A&R Direction), Paul Buckmaster (Strings Conducted By), Dylan Tran (Typography), James (Jae-E) Earl(e)y (Drum Programming By), Phil Kaffel (Associate Produced By), Brian Patrick O'Doherty (Who) (Piano Arranged By), Brian Patrick O'Doherty (Who) (Keyboards Arranged By)

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Interscope Records

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92204-2 (US CD) MVCP-19 (Japan CD) 92204-4 (US Cassette)

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Recorded at The Village. A&M Studios, Brooklyn Recording Studio and One On One

Maria McKee appears courtesy of Geffen Records
Tom Petersson appears courtesy of Warner Bros. Records Inc.
Christina Amphlett appears courtesy of Virgin Records
Dr. John appears courtesy of Warner Bros. Records Inc.
Dave Stewart appears courtesy of Arista Records
Stevie Nicks appears courtesy of Modern/Atlantic Records
Mick Fletwood appears courtesy of Warner Bros. Records Inc.

(C) & (P) 1993 Interscope Records

Japan CD Issue Notes:

Manufatcured and distributed by MCA Victor, Inc. Japan



Compact Disc Digital Audio

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A few very good tracks but that's it
Review written by John Fitzgerald, May 13th, 2005

The Cheap Trick man has come up with a couple impressive tracks here but nothing else to speak of really. "Secret" has Mick on drums (fairly straight ahead on the rhythms but I don't think I could honestly say I would've know it was him unless I was told) and you can hear Stevie good in the right channel in the back up vocals on this mellowish breathy track. "Reactionary girl" is the album's most rocking track with a slight Rolling Stones feel and pretty much what I had expected of Zander here. His cover of "Show me heaven" I find admittedly impressive, I guess it helps having Maria McKee on backing vocals but it has some good and needed guitar phrasings that McKee's original could've used. Her version is probably still better but this one is close behind. Now. the rest of the record I'm not overly crazy about. "I've always got you" is a Tom Petty style jangler, "Jump into the fire" is a ridiculous cover of the Harry Nilsson rocker sampling Free's "All right now" (Paul Kossoff's famous guitar riff) as it's base. "Time will let you know" is a piano, strings & acoustic guitar ballad with an ELO/Jeff Lynne feel, "Boy (I'm so in love with you)" is typical modern day talk/sing dance beat blandness, "Tell it to the world" is an up-ish track which specifically sounds to me this time like Petty's era when he had Jeff Lynne producing him. The throbbing bass helps along another up-ish track, "Emily" but it has a weak hook. "I believe in you" is a slow dragging George Harrison tinged ballad, "Everlasting love" is an insignificant bombastic shouter though "Walkin' shoes" is a pleasant mid tempo closer. Maybe the other mid paced tracks here should've used this more original production style rather than tearing a page from the Lynne/Petty files? In the end, there's a few sparks (as mentioned early in this review) but beyond that, it's cricket city.

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Discography entry submitted by Allen Chapman & Jeff Kenney.