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Never Enough (1982) - Teresa (R.) Straley

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Teresa (R.) Straley

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Side One:
RadioActive Love
  Running Time: 3:18
  Comments: Recorded at Sunset Sound
Love's A Compromise
  Running Time: 3:15
  Comments: Recorded at Sunset Sound
Dreams On The Line
  Running Time: 3:34
  Comments: Recorded at Sunset Sound
Never Enough
  Running Time: 3:26
  Comments: Recorded at Sunset Sound
Love By Numbers
  Running Time: 2:25
  Comments: Recorded at Sunset Sound
Side Two:
Ladies Like To Rock 'N Roll Too
  Running Time: 2:54
  Comments: Recorded at Sunset Sound
  Running Time: 3:14
  Comments: Recorded at Sunset Sound
Roving Eyes
  Running Time: 3:35
  Comments: Recorded at Sunset Sound
Over The Edge
  Running Time: 3:26
  Comments: Recorded at Sunset Sound
Give In To Your Heart
  Running Time: 4:26
  Comments: Recorded at Davlen Sound Studio
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Stanley P. (The Baron) Behrens, (Edward) Gabriel Black (Robles, III), Sally Blackburn, Tony Braunagel, Michael Bruman, Michael Cavanaugh, Tina Halverson, Donna Hardt, Lance Ong, Joel Peskin/Pesken, Cal Tempo, Rick Vito, David/Dave White

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Domestic Vinyl/CD Album

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(Edward) Gabriel Black (Robles, III) (Songwriter), Timothy D. Martin (Songwriter), Teresa (R.) Straley (Songwriter), Dave/David DeVore/De Vore (Produced By), Jim Ed Norman (Produced By), Joe Chic(c)arelli (Recorded By), Jim Hill (Recorded By), Warren Dew(e)y (Additional Recording By), Jim Hill (Additional Recording By), Lance Ong (Additional Recording By), Warren Dew(e)y (Mixed By), Ken Perry (Mastered By), Jim Ed Norman (Strings Arranged By), Richard McKernan (Recording Assisted By), Ernie Sheesly (Recording Assisted By), Sandra Wilson (Recording Assisted By), Robert R. (Zyg) Winard (Mixing Assisted By), Norman Seeff (Photography By), Jim Ed Norman (Strings Conducted By), Richard McKernan (Sunset Sound Additional Recording Astd), Matthew Spindel (Preferred Sound Additional Recording Ast), Glenn Grab (Strings Contracted By), Roland Young (Designed By)

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Alfa Records Inc.

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Additional recording at Sunset Sound and Preferred Sound

Mixed at Kendun Studio D

Mastered at Capitol Records

Special Thanks: Lorne Saifer, Cindy Guagenti and everyone at Alfa, Emily Shenkin, Stephanie Solish, Ellen Ross, Donna Hardt, Rick Riccobono, Linda Gavin, Michael Siteman, John Ciambotti, Kathryn Morris, David Thompson, Bob Destocki, Nick Ben-Meir, Sarah McMullen, Chuck Churella, Than Silverlight, Julie Gondek, Ira Segal, John Chambers, Robby Adcock, Norman's Rare Guitars and a very special thanks to Undaunted Productions

Tony Braunagel uses Remo Heads exclusively

Joel Peskin appears courtesy of Destiny Records
Lance Ong appears courtesy of Dynasty Records

(C) (P) 1982 Alfa Records, Inc.
P.O. Box 46635
Los Angeles, California 90046-0635

All rights reserved. Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws.

Printed in U.S.A.

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There are 4 visitor reviews for Never Enough. See them all here.

good stuff
Review written by Anonymous, April 11th, 2013

I love the track "Roving Eyes." Good harmonies throughout the album.

Teresa is one of a kind
Review written by Bill C., February 28th, 2008

I first heard Teresa when she was 16. I've never heard anyone with such a beautiful voice. She is also a beautiful person and I miss her dearly. I hope I see her again.

great record if you like teres straley
Review written by (enemy5000@hotmail.com), April 18th, 2005

I refound my Harlow CD and decided to track down more stuff from Teresa Straley. This record is apparently it.

Heart is about the closest thing I can compare this to. Powerful singing and generic music is actually OK sometimes. Over The Edge is catchy, Radioactive Love is hillarious because of the lyrics. Love By Numbers is even more retarded and makes everybody I play it for crack up.

This is a fun record to have.

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Rick is listed as lead guitarist on the album; he recalls playing on the whole album.

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Discography entry submitted by Marty Adelson. Rick's contribution information provided by Rick Vito.