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Meet Me At Midnite - Maria Muldaur

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Meet Me At Midnite (1994) - Maria Muldaur

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Maria Muldaur

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Trouble With My Love
  Date Performance: 1994, Running Time: 3:28
Meet Me At MidniteLyrics available
  Date Performance: 1994, Running Time: 4:02
  Comments: Billed as "Meet Me At Midnight" (even though the album is titled "Meet Me At Midnite").
Send The Man Back Home
  Date Performance: 1994, Running Time: 5:09
Sweet Simple Love
  Date Performance: 1994, Running Time: 3:29
Power In Music
  Date Performance: 1994, Running Time: 4:24
Ease The Pain
  Date Performance: 1994, Running Time: 4:46
Trouble With Love
  Date Performance: 1994, Running Time: 4:37
Recovered Soul
  Date Performance: 1994, Running Time: 4:05
Down So Low
  Date Performance: 1994, Running Time: 4:24
Serve Somebody
  Date Performance: 1994, Running Time: 2:43
Woman's Lament
  Date Performance: 1994, Running Time: 3:24
Mississippi Muddy Water
  Date Performance: 1994, Running Time: 5:51
    Guest Appearances »

Tony Braunagel, Don Bryant, Dianne Woods Carter, Dexter Dickerson/Dickinson, Tommy Eyre, Mike Finnigan, Larry Fulcher, Donny/Donnie Gerrard/Garrard, Marty Grebb, James (Hutch) Hutchinson, Darrel(l) Leonard, Charlie/Charles Lovett, Shaun Murphy, Tracy Nelson, Bill(y)/William Payne, Ann Peebles, John Porter, Becky Russell, Johnny Lee Schell, Joe Sublett, Rugenia Faith Taylor, Vaneta Thompson, Rick Vito, Jo(h)n Woodhead

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Domestic Vinyl/CD Album

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Joe McGrath (Engineer), Rory (Aurora) Block (Songwriter), Ernie Cate (Songwriter), Earl Cate (Songwriter), Jon Cleary (Songwriter), Marty Grebb (Songwriter), Norman Harris (Songwriter), Jo(h)n Her(r)on (Songwriter), Teresa James (Songwriter), Bucky Lindsey (Songwriter), Steve Moos (Songwriter), Tracy Nelson (Songwriter), Dan Pennington (Songwriter), LeRoy Preston (Songwriter), Allen (Tousan) Toussaint (Naomi Neville) (Songwriter), Rick Vito (Songwriter), Terry Wilson (Songwriter), Scott Key (Photography), Matthew Spisak (Design), Nauman S. Scott (Executive Producer), Hammond Scott (Executive Producer), Maria Muldaur (Liner Notes), John Porter (Produced By), Madhouse Mastering (Remastering), Derek Dressler (Reissue Project Assistance), Ted Myers (Reissue Project Assistance), Jerry Finn (2nd Engineer), Matt Pakucko (2nd Engineer), Rich Veltrop/Vettrop (2nd Engineer), Andy/Andrew Warwick (2nd Engineer), Shawn Amos (Reissue Supervision), Shane/Sean Mooney (Reissue Editorial Supervision), Jeff Palo (Reissue Production), John Roberts (Reissue Artwork), John Roberts (Reissue Package Supervision), Steve Winn (Typography), (Reissue Package Design)

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Black Top/Shout Factory

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BT-1107/DK 34344

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Recorded at Red Zone Studios, Burbank, CA

Additional Recording: Chapel Studios, Encino, CA and Kiva Studios, Memphis, TN

Mixed at Master Control Studios, Burbank, CA

Additional Mixing: Devonshire Studios, North Hollywood, CA and Ultrasonic Studios, New Orleans, LA

John Porter wishes to thank Jack Kontney (Shure Mics), Roger Giffen, Candace Korn, Phil Gregory, Diane Medak, Hammond Scott, Nauman Scott and the musicians!

Maria Muldaur wishes to thank Vicki Heiner, Bob Heyman, Carol Butler, Joe Mulherin, Susannah Mills, Tracy Nelson, Ann Peebles, Don Bryant, Becky Russell, Lucy Burnett, Tommy Eyre, Virginia Armstrong and all the musicians and singers for their soulful spirit and performances. Special thanks to Marty Grebb for the faith, support and encouragement that made all this possible.

Ann Peebles and Tracy Nelson appear courtesy of Rounder Records.

Shout! Factory Reissue Notes:

In 1994, when Black Top Records asked me to do a follow-up to Louisiana Love Call (an album that celebrated my longtime love affair with the music of New Orleans), I decided to take a musical and spiritual excursion up the Mississippi to Memphis, another major wellspring of American roots music. Often dubbed the Home of the Blues, Memphis is where the blues plugged in and evolved into what became R&B and then soul music. I've always loved the Memphis sound; its simmering, hypnotic, percolating grooves and funky, down-home, gospel-tinged "testifying" became the inspiration for this album.

The songs I searched for (and found) cover the entire emotional geography of love - from its dry gulches and rocky terrain to its soft, sweet places. Good soul songs tell it like it is, expressing pain and loss, lust and longing, passion and joy - all of it. Rather than a sentimentalized, gooey, whitewashed, wishful-thinking version of love, good soul songs tell the real thing, the whole package, from the ecstasy all the way to the agony. They give practical advice about these matters that one can use in real, nitty-gritty situations. The songs here do that.

In the decade or so since I made this record, I've gone on to make over a dozen more albums, producing most of them myself. As I tend to fall in love with and get totally engrossed in each new project, I don't often go back and listen to my previous work. (Heck, I don't have the time to!) But when Shout! Factory asked if they could reissue Meet Me At Midnite, I gave it a listen (and then another and another) and said to myself, Damn, we made a good record! The band - Tony Braunagel, Larry Fulcher, Johnny Lee Schell, Jon Woodhead, Rick Vito, the Texacali Horn - are just groovin' their asses off; Ann Peebles, Tracy Nelson and all my soul sisters and I are testifyin' and singin' our little hearts out; and the timeless subject matter of the songs continues to be engaging and relevant.

I've given Shout! Factory my blessings to re-release this record and a big shout of gratitude for being one of the few record labels that endeavors to keep good, honest, timeless music on the shelves for us, regardless of whether it happens to be part of the up-to-the-minute pop trends. So here, one more time, is Meet Me At Midnite. Get your groove on!


(P) & (C) 2005 Shout! Factory LLC
2042-A Armacost Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90025

All Rights Reserved./Distributed by Sony BMG Music Entertainment Inc.
550 Madison Avenue
New York, NY 10022-3211

ISBN: 0-7389-3067-9

8 2666 2 2

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I'll be there
Review written by John Fitzgerald, March 21st, 2005

This album is what should be heard to appreciate Muldaur's work. Unlike much of Maria's earlier more popular music, "Meet me at midnite" is more of a funk blues outing that really clicks. Rick plays on three tracks here, the soft breathy stroll of "Ease the pain" (featuring some chirpy RV licks and Muldaur's more Bonnie Raitt styled vocal moments), the shaking Vito co penned title track (which I think is still preferable to Rick's own version of the song and Rick gives us some sensitive slides here) and my favorite track, the up pace yowling rolling rocker "Serve somebody" (including strong lead work by Rick which keeps things tumbling and skipping along). The rest measures up very well. The opening "Trouble with my lover" is a bright "Smokestack lightning" type bouncer (though the horns could've been dumped), "Send the man back home" is a snapping up beat stroll, "Sweet simple love" is a soulful piano chunker that I think Bekka Bramlett would've sounded great on. "Power in music" is a pulsing shuffle that oddly isn't far removed from the sound of the David Letterman theme song. "Trouble with love" is a quick funk skipper, "Recovered soul" is a peppish tumbler, "Down so long" is a slow gospel tinged dragger, "Woman's lament" is a tasty Maria vocal showcase which she's bravely singing on her own, with no musical backing, and it's howling stuff but "Mississippi muddy water" is uplifting though slow gospel with few surprises. All in all though, a great album which I highly recommend.

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Donny/Donnie Gerrard's first name is incorrectly listed as "Danny" in the album notes (and it is the same person that appeared on this album).

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