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In London - B(lues) B(oy) (Riley) King

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In London (1971) - B(lues) B(oy) (Riley) King

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B(lues) B(oy) (Riley) King

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Regular Album Tracklisting:
  Date Performance: 1971-06-00, Running Time: 3:58
Blue Shadows
  Date Performance: 1971-06-00, Running Time: 5:09
  Comments: Steve Winwood is credited as "The Mystery Shadow".
Alexis' Boogie
  Date Performance: 1971-06-00, Running Time: 3:29
We Can't Agree
  Date Performance: 1971-06-00, Running Time: 4:45
  Comments: Steve Winwood is credited as "The Mystery Shadow".
Ghetto Woman
  Date Performance: 1971-06-00, Running Time: 5:12
Wet Hayshark
  Date Performance: 1971-06-00, Running Time: 2:28
Part-Time Love
  Date Performance: 1971-06-00, Running Time: 3:15
Power Of The Blues
  Date Performance: 1971-06-00, Running Time: 2:19
Ain't Nobody Home
  Date Performance: 1971-06-00, Running Time: 3:14

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CD Bonus Track:
May I Have A Talk With You
  Date Performance: 1971-06-00, Running Time: 3:50
  Comments: Recorded during London sessions, but precise personnel is unknown. Mixed from original multi-tracks at Penguin Studios, Eagle Rock, CA.
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Joshie Armstead, Duster (Tony/Anthony) Bennett, John Best, Paul Butler, Dr John (Malcolm Rebennack Jr), Chuck Findley, Barry Ford, Jim Gordon, Peter Green, Carl Hall, Jim Keltner, Bobby Keys, Alexis Korner, Steve Marriott, Ollie Mitchell, Bill Perkins, Jim Price, (Jordan) Jerry Ragovoy (Norman Meade), Greg Ridley, Jerry Shirley, David Spinozza, Ringo Starr (Richard Starkey), Tasha Thomas, John Uribe, Klaus Voorman(n), Pete Wingfield, Steve Winwood, Gary Wright, Richard (Rick) Wright

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Domestic Vinyl/CD Album

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Dave Clark (Songwriter), Lloyd C. Glenn (Songwriter), Wardell Gray (Songwriter), Clay Hammond (Songwriter), Howlin' Wolf (Chester Burnett) (Songwriter), Louis Jordan (Songwriter), B(lues) B(oy) (Riley) King (Songwriter), Alexis Korner (Songwriter), Fleecie Moore (Songwriter), (Jordan) Jerry Ragovoy (Norman Meade) (Songwriter), Pete Wingfield (Songwriter), Gary Wright (Songwriter), Ed Michel (Produced By), Joe Zagarino (Produced By), Jimmy/Jimmie (The Great) Haskell (Strings Arranged By), Keith Morris (Photography By), George S. Whiteman (Design By), Jimmy/Jimmie (The Great) Haskell (Strings Conducted By), Baker Bigsby (Engineering Assistance), Pete Booth (Engineering Assistance), Tom Brown (Engineering Assistance), Rufus Cartwright (Engineering Assistance), Andy/Andrew Hendri(c)kson (Engineering Assistance), Phillip Holland (Engineering Assistance), Eddie James (Engineering Assistance), Lee Kiefer (Engineering Assistance), Chris Kimsey (Engineering Assistance), John Stronach (Engineering Assistance), Joe Veneri (Engineering Assistance), Jim Price (Horn Arrangement By), Andy McKaie (Mixed From Original Multi-Tracks By), John Strother (Mixed From Original Multi-Tracks By)

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ABC/MCA/Beat Goes On

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ABC 730/3226/MCAD-10843/42

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Recorded at Olympic and Command Studios in London, June 9-16, 1971, and modified at The Village Recorder and The Record Plant in Los Angeles and The Hit Factory in New York.

B.B. King with:
Ringo Starr (by kind permission of EMI Records U.K.)
Peter Green
Alexis Korner
Jim Price (appears through the courtesy of A&M Records)
Bobby Keys (appears through the courtesy of Warner Bros. Records)
Gary Wright (appears through the courtesy of A&M Records)
Klaus Voorman
Duster Bennett (appears through the courtesy of Blue Horizon Records)
Steve Marriott
Greg Ridley
Jerry Shirley
Pete Wingfield (appears through the courtesy of Blue Horizon Records)
Paul Butler (appears through the courtesy of Blue Horizon Records)
John Best (appears through the courtesy of Blue Horizon Records)
Jim Gordon
Bill Perkins
Ollie Mitchell
Chuck Findley
Jim Keltner
Mac Rebennack
John Uribe (appears through the courtesy of A&M Records)
Barry Ford
Rick Wright
David Spinozza
Dr. Ragovoy
Joshie Armstead
Tasha Thomas
Carl Hall

Abbey Road NW8 City Of Westminster

The producers would like to thank everyone involved in this most complex project-without unprecedented quantities of help, patience, and care of the entire mob, nothing could have been accomplished. Special appreciation for notable help to Dave and Sue Chapman and the staff of the ABC London office, whipped into shape by the lovely Denise (with The Leaky Umbrella Medallion Award to Ernie-may the London sun always beam in June); to Mike Vernon and all the Blue Horizon People; to Philip Roberge and his organization, and the entire Korner family; to Sue, David, and the Command staff; to Anna, Lynn, and the Olympic gang; to Les Perrin, Jim Grey, and the crew; to Danny Halperin and the Graphreaks bunch for putting themselves out in such special ways in our behalf; to Matthew, who earns the full share of EMI bonus points; to the Michael Zagor and Evan Medow families for kindly making available acoustic instruments; and finally to the administrators of the American Federation of Musicians, through whose kind offices the entire international project was able to be achieved.

1993 CD Reissue Notes:

(P) 1993 (C) 1971 MCA Records, Inc.
Universal City, California 91608

Distributed by Uni Distribution Corp.

Warning: All rights reserved. Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws.

This compact disc contains program transferred from analog tape and therefore may contain some tape hiss and other anomalies that exist with analog recordings.


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Stripped down well but less style & dated "show biz"
Review written by John Fitzgerald, March 14th, 2005

After recently reviewing King's "King of the blues 1989" this album does seem much more stripped down than that album in comparison and though consisting of dated "show biz (as Peter Green referred to it) blues music", this is another borderline call which I'll give three stars to here as I feel the "King of the blues 1989" set generally has the edge as I tend to play that one more often than this one though of course it is debatable as to which is the "better album" and undoubtedly both albums are NOT the place to go if you are just wishing to investigate King's best works as neither of these albums are that by a long shot. Oddly, the CD edition of this album does not list Green at all though the vinyl editions did list him as playing guitar on the swinging opening highlight "Caldonia". It sounds to me like Peter may be playing the second guitar solo in, though that is just my guess after all. "Blue shadows" has a light funk feel with good leads and howling vocals. "Alexis' boogie" is an acoustic tinkling instrumental featuring harmonica. "We can't agree" returns us to the slight funk though this one sounds more dated. "Ghetto woman" is a "The thrill is gone" type soul destroyer though this track is not nearly as effective as "Thrill..." was/is. The string bursts on this one hurt as well. "Wet hayshark" is a short instrumental which does have some great B.B. guitar lines but unfortunately they are drowned by the piano chunks and horn toots. "Part time love" has good swing but the horns are intrusive to King's strong lead fills here. "Power of the blues" is an ineffective short, fast piano led chunker and "Ain't nobody home" sounds tinny overall but generally if you've heard the version of this song done by Bonnie Raitt (released a few short years after this one was) then you can say that you've basically heard this version for the most part as well. This album does have more good guitar stuff on it than I remembered it to but even then, there could've been so much more and therefore made this a better album altogether.

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Discography entry submitted by Anders Linnartsson & Jeff Kenney.