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King Brilliant (1975) - Howard Werth & The Moonbeams

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Freddy Gandy, Mike Moran, Roger Pope, Howard (Alexander) Werth, Bob Weston

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Regular Album Tracklisting:
Cocktail ShakeLyrics available
  Running Time: 2:58
Got To UnwindLyrics available
  Running Time: 4:50
The EmbezzlerLyrics available
  Running Time: 4:26
A Human NoteLyrics available
  Running Time: 2:46
Ugly WaterLyrics available
  Running Time: 6:02
Midnight FlyerLyrics available
  Running Time: 4:11
Fading StarLyrics available
  Running Time: 3:03
Dear JoanLyrics available
  Running Time: 3:12
RouletteLyrics available
  Running Time: 3:27
The AlephLyrics available
  Running Time: 5:47
CD Reissue Bonus Tracks:
LucindaLyrics available
  Running Time: 3:06
  Comments: Included on all CD reissue editions
Mechanical Dream
  Running Time: 4:23
  Comments: Included on the '99 Luminous & '02 Disconforme SL CD reissue of the album
    Guest Appearances »

Steve Bingham, Vicki/Vicky Brown, Gus Dudgeon, Franky/Frankie Fish, Kay Garner, John Gustafson, Dave Hentschel, Davey Johnston(e), Tony O'Malley, Al(l)an Skidmore, Terry Stannard, Larry Steel(e), Lisa/Liza Strike/Streic, Trevor Williams

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Domestic Vinyl/CD Album

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Phil Dunne (Engineer), Howard (Alexander) Werth (Songwriter), Howard (Alexander) Werth (Songwriter), Richard Evans (Lettering), Gus Dudgeon (Produced By), Richard Hewson (Strings Arranged By), Al(l)an Skidmore (Brass Arrangement), Richard Hewson (Strings Conducted By), Hipgnosis (Original Album Design), Howard (Alexander) Werth (Original Album Design), Howard (Alexander) Werth (Original Album Design), Phil Dunne (Tape Ops), Richard Evans (Colouring), Richard Hewson (Brass Arranged By), Al(l)an Skidmore (Brass Arranged By), Richard Hewson (Brass Conducted By), Richard Hewson (Flutes Arranged By), Richard Hewson (Flutes Conducted By), Richard Hewson (Cymbalom Arranged By), Richard Hewson (Cymbalom Conducted By), Richard Hewson (Soprano Saxes Arranged By), Richard Hewson (Soprano Saxes Conducted By), Laurent Bompard (Booklet Redesign For (2002) CD Release), Jordi Soley (Produced For CD Release (2002) By), Pere Soley (Supervision By), Simon Robinson (CD (1999) Design), Tim Turan (CD (1999) Remastered By)

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Rocket/Charisma/Virgin/Luminous/Disconforme SL

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2180 (Rocket LP) 11004 (Charisma Cassette) 001 (Luminous '99 CD) DISC 1942 CD (Disconforme SL '02 CD Reissue)

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Recorded at the Marquee Studios, London

Tape Ops also by Bunny & Steve

1999 CD Reissue Notes:

Remastered at Turan Audio, Oxford.

CD design at Darker Than Blue.

This compilation (P) and (C) 1999 Luminous Records.

2002 CD Reissue Liner Notes:

Former AUDIENCE mainman Howard Werth's first solo LP is reissued here along with a bonus track from the 1975 album sessions. A renowned songwriter and musician, with his trademark electro nylon strung guitar, Howard is also a well respected vocalist - he was asked to work with The Doors, and still records with Ray Manzarek.

King Brilliant remains a fine achievement, and is accompanied by notes on Howard's career and original photographs

Howard Werth kick-started his music career with The Lloyd Alexander Blues Band in the sixties (and he doesn't remember it because he was there!), playing a range of music covering the r'n'b/soul/Motown/psychedelia spectrum, and gigging round the circuit at that time, which included such West End all-night haunts as The Flamingo and the Whiskey A Go-Go (later the become The Wag Club), as well as thriving suburban venues such as the Blue Opera Clubs. These places all attracted the Motown mods, the art school blues and psychedelic crowds that dominated what was the burgeoning underground scene of that time. The Lloyd Alexander Blues Band supported U.S. blues legends such as Jimmy Reed, and were the house band at the Uppercut Club in East London at a time when artists such as Otis Redding and Jimi Hendrix played there (Hendrix wrote Purple Haze in the dressing Room).

Howard was searching for a new set of cultural references and musical triggers to draw from, which culminated in him forming Audience in 1969. After a debut album for Polydor, Audience recorded three more great albums for Charisma (now available through Virgin, along with a compilation). At the end of a very productive and hard working four years - which saw Audience play extensively around Britain, Europe and America (supporting Rod Stewart and The Faces in 1971) - the band were exhausted and in need of new impetus, and split up.

It was at this point that Howard began to work on his first solo album "King Brilliant". Gus Dudgeon produced and the core of the Elton John band provided the backing, with the help of Bob Weston, fresh from his time with Fleetwood Mac. The first two tracks to be laid down were "Lucinda", a single that received a lot of airplay, and "Fading Star", which were recorded with members of Kokomo plus Davey Johnstone from Elton's band. Because of the limitations of vinyl, the track "Mechanical Dream", recorded during the sessions, had to be left off - and this hidden gem (which had never even been mixed) appears here for the very first time. A haunting, atmospheric piece, it fits perfectly with the rest of the material.

It was during the making of this album that Howard was approached by The Doors and asked to fill the space left by Jim Morrison. The Doors flew to England, and Howard spent some time rehearsing with them, but after some agonising and deliberation, Ray Manzarek decided against The Doors reforming and the project floundered.

However Howard was later to reunite with Ray in Hollywood, where they worked together extensively on Howard's songs, some of which would later be re-worked to form the basis of the album "Six Of One", which was originally released on Howard's own METABop! label. It is now reissued on Luminous.

Howard has stayed involved with music and following the reissue of these two classic solo albums, will be issuing a brand new recording on Luminous shortly. He is also planning to go back on the road playing selected gigs. He will also be contributing to an upcoming Doors tribute album at the request of Ray Manzarek

Other albums featuring Howard Werth currently available on CD:

Audience - Audience (DISC 1941 CD)
Howard Werth - 6ix Of 1ne... And 1/2 A Dozen Of The Other (DISC 1943 CD)

This compilation (C) & (P) 2002 by Disconforme, S.L., under license from Howard Werth. All right reserved.
P.O. Box BP144 - Andorra
Visit us at: www.disconforme.ad

Unauthorzed copying, reproduction, hiring, lending, public performance and broadcasting prohibited.

D.L. and 454/2001.

Made in Spain

File under: Pop rock

8 436006 49 5

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Interesting oddity, but not that interesting
Review written by John Fitzgerald, March 4th, 2005

I'd like to know how this band measures up against Werth's previous band Audience as they apparently had a small but faithful cult following. This album on it's own was originally released (in the US) on Elton John's Rocket records label and the influence shows right away with the opening rocker "Cocktail shake" although fairly grabbing and one of the highlights, it can't distance itself from numbers like "Crocodile rock". This is followed by my favorite "Got to unwind". Although it has some intrusive horns, it has a nice instrumental beginning and middle section with some lilting leads from Bob Weston. This theme is continued on the album closer "The aleph" but just when the ending builds before Bob can return with the six string, it comes to it's dramatic end so you hear Weston more at the beginning of the song than the end which makes it a bit anti climactic but still, another highlight as it brings in some more much needed serious notions after some bouncy rock sweetness like "Dear Joan" & "Roulette". "Lucinda" is a CD only bonus
track which oddly enough, is more catchy as a tune than many on the actual album but as the CD reissue is rather poor, it doesn't state if Bob Weston is on this song or not although I would assume so as it has some light electric guitar and thankfully, the lyric sheet that comes with the vinyl edition has musician credits for each song and notes that Bob plays electric guitar on every song except "Fading star" which he is not on at all as there is only Elton's then axeman Davey Johnstone's acoustic guitar on that one so it would stand to reason that Weston is present on that tune. This album tries to have a concept feel similar to say, Heart's "Dreamboat Annie" which of course, is far superior, and while it succeeds in some areas, it doesn't in others.

the best album ever recorded
Review written by (mr88man@yahoo.com), March 4th, 2005

I cant believe howard did not move forward wiyh a relese after this fine piece of work.I still listen to this album in 2003!

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It appears as though the liner notes in the '02 Disconforme CD reissue (unknown/unlisted author) used the same liner notes as the '99 Luminous CD reissue, without changing the wording, thus the wordings referring to "this" edition are actually referring to the '99 issue even though the above listed is taken from the '02 edition.

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