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Live (1982) - Jimmy Rogers And Left Hand Frank

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Left Hand Frank (Craig), Jimmy Rogers (James A. Lane)

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Side One:
Sloppy Drunk
  Date Performance: 1979-09-00, Running Time: 3:42
Can't Keep From Worrying
  Date Performance: 1979-09-00, Running Time: 4:01
  Comments: Billed as "I Can't Keep From Worrying".
Walking By Myself
  Date Performance: 1979-09-00, Running Time: 2:41
Frank's Blues
  Date Performance: 1979-09-00, Running Time: 8:20
Side Two:
Linda Lu
  Date Performance: 1979-09-00, Running Time: 3:57
Blues For Freddy
  Date Performance: 1979-09-00, Running Time: 3:14
That's All Right
  Date Performance: 1979-09-00, Running Time: 4:37
  Comments: Billed as "That's Allright".
Brown Skin Woman
  Date Performance: 1979-09-00, Running Time: 4:19
  Date Performance: 1979-09-00, Running Time: 3:28
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Bob Brunning, Ray West(on)

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Import Vinyl/CD Album

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Lucille Bogan (Anderson) (Bessie Jackson) (Songwriter), Left Hand Frank (Craig) (Songwriter), Left Hand Frank (Craig) (Songwriter), Robert (Junior) Lockwood, Jr. (Songwriter), Willie Love (Songwriter), Jimmy Rogers (James A. Lane) (Songwriter), Jimmy Rogers (James A. Lane) (Songwriter), Ray Sharpe (Songwriter), Sunnyland Slim (Al Luandrew) (Songwriter), Shanny Stedman (Sleeve Design), John Stedman (Produced By), Dave Peabody (Photos By)

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JSP Records

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JSP 1043

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Recorded at 100 Club, London

(C) (P) 1982 JSP Records
112 Sunny Gardens Road
Tel: (01) 203 1324

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33 1/3

All rights of the producer and of the owner of the recorded work reserved. Unauthorised public performance, broadcasting, copying and hiring of this record prohibited. Manufactured in the UK

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Not as vital but more adventurous than the others
Review written by John Fitzgerald, February 27th, 2005

It could just be that if this was the first JR&LHF album that I was to find then this may be the one out of the three to be closest to me but as it was the last, it doesn't seem as vital to me as the other ones do but it must be said this one has the most adventurous moments though I hope a CD reissue of all of this material someday can remedy these comparing compulsions I have regarding these JR&LHF recordings. The main centerpiece here being "Frank's blues" which at over eight minutes in length is an instrumental built on a slow
blues foundation and there's some nicely pure guitar there that doesn't make it seem as long as all of that and the journey in to the previously untraveled of Rogers & Frank territory doesn't end there actually as not long later you get another instrumental, this time mid tempo, in "Blues for Freddy". As there are no writing credits listed on the packaging/label of this album, I don't know if this was meant as a paean to Freddy King or if it is in fact a King cover but it's good nonetheless. Admittedly there may be too many slow burners here as you get the soulful "I can't keep from worrying", "That's allright" (which is the best of the vocal featured ones), the quieter "Brown skin woman" and the closing "Ludella" (which is the fastest of the slow tunes enclosed) but the rest of the treats make up for this, there's the opening swinging foot tapper "Sloppy drunk", the rapid chugger "Linda Lu" and the classic shuffle that never disappoints in "Walking by myself". This is the only JR&LHF album not to say which songs Brunning is playing on but I presume he's on all of those here as it is a concert document and it is the most unique one, recordings wise, out of the bunch.

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