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Hi Fi (1979) - Walter Egan

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Walter Egan

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I Can't Wait
  Running Time: 3:15
That's That
  Running Time: 2:42
Little Miss, It's You
  Running Time: 2:42
Man B. Goode
  Running Time: 3:30
I Do
  Running Time: 2:25
Hi Fi Love
  Running Time: 3:41
Hurt Again
  Running Time: 3:10
Drive Away
  Running Time: 1:57
Love At Last
  Running Time: 3:53
Like You Do
  Running Time: 2:35
You're The One
  Running Time: 3:13
Bad News T.F.
  Running Time: 3:35
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Lindsey Buckingham, Skip (Hair Ball) Edwards, Mike/Michael Huey, Annie McLoone, Tom (Monte X/Zuma) Moncrieff (Rude), Ross Norton, John Selk, Earl Shackelford (Alex Wilde), Matthew J. Sheppard, John (F.) (Johnny Z.) Zambetti(, M.D.)

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Domestic Vinyl/CD Album

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Matthew J. Sheppard (Tour Manager), Walter Egan (Songwriter), Greg Lewerke (Directed By), Walter Egan (Produced By), Walter Egan (Produced By), Tom (Monte X/Zuma) Moncrieff (Rude) (Engineered By), Tom (Monte X/Zuma) Moncrieff (Rude) (Co-Produced By), Bernie Grundman(n) (Mastered By), Walter Egan (Arrangements By), Ross Norton (Crew Member), Rick Hart (Producer's Workshop 2nd Engineer), Ed(ward) Schaff (Producer's Workshop 2nd Engineer), Rick Hart (Producer's Workshop Best Boy), Ed(ward) Schaff (Producer's Workshop Best Boy), Matthew J. Sheppard (El Contento 2nd Engineer), Matthew J. Sheppard (El Contento Best Boy)

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HIFI, rock'n'roll faithfully from El Contento; a house into which came a 16 track Steven's recorder, the Professional Band and me; with these new tunes and the combined efforts and enthusiasm of all concerned this is the waxed fruit of our homegrown efforts.

Recorded November 15, 1978 to March 31, 1979 at 2282 El Contento Drive, Hollywood, U.S.A.

Mixed at Producer's Workshop April 1979.

Mastered at A & M.

Arrangements by Walter Egan and the Professional Band.

THE PROFESSIONAL BAND is: Annie McLoone, John Selk, Monte X Moncrieff, Mike Huey & Skip Edwards.

Lindsey Buckingham courtesy Warner Bros. Records, Penguin Promotions & Seedy Managernent.
Earl "Alex Wilde" Shackelford courtesy of Swell Sounds, Inc.

Doctor John Zambetti, M.D. and his house party including: my buddy Ross, Mr. Matt, Monte X, Sneener, Wally Y.

Thanks to: Stan Lewerke, Lani Fisher, Steve D., Bobby T., Ross N., Chris S., Nick Ben-M., Noel L., Image M & M and "Bernie Bernie" F.

This record is for Linda now and always.

Dedicated to Brian Wilson.

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Passionate, young at heart
Review written by (ld1766@aol.com), August 21st, 2004

I think LOVE AT LAST was one of the most beautiful songs ever written....

Hi fi means High volume to Walter
Review written by John Fitzgerald, August 21st, 2004

Although Lindsey still appears on backing vocals on one song on this record (the smooth, catchy "Like you do") it appears as though Walter wanted to more or less go it alone here which makes for a much more rocking album, maybe his most rocking album to date but it's certainly more rocking than "Not shy" & "Fundamental roll". It reminds me a lot of the Malibooz album at it's wildest. Those of us who like Egan's mellower recordings may find this rather disappointing but for what they are, the rest of the songs have stronger hooks than you'd expect though probably weaker than his first two solo outings. The packaging helps give the album a charming nostalgic feel to the proceedings and even if it's far from perfect, there's enough positivity here for recommendation.

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Discography entry submitted by Steve Denison, Walter Egan & Miss Vicky.