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Heart Stopper (1982) - Rocky Burnette

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Rocky Burnette

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Side A:
  Running Time: 3:14
  Running Time: 3:12
Makin Love
  Running Time: 3:14
  Running Time: 4:48
Blue Haven Cafe
  Running Time: 2:39
Side B:
  Running Time: 2:34
Let Me Know
  Running Time: 3:48
When You Were Mine
  Running Time: 2:55
In The Middle Of The Night
  Running Time: 2:31
Hey Little One
  Running Time: 2:55
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Chris Brosius/Broccios/Brocius, Billy Burnette, Randy Burnette, Joe Chemay, Dennis Dreith, Darlene Groncki, Grant Gullickson, Lance Gullickson, John Hobbs, Bill House, John Hunt, Paul Leim/Lime, J(ay) D(ee) Maness, Chris Neilsen, Mike Porter, Joe Romano, Curtis Stone, Pamela Tompkins, Steve Turner, John Van Tongeren, Billy (Joe) Walker(, Jr.)

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Domestic Vinyl/CD Album

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Rocky Burnette (Songwriter), Dorsey Burnette (Songwriter), Ron(ald Donavon) Coleman (Songwriter), Barry DeVorzon (Songwriter), Moon Martin (Songwriter), Pat Robinson (Songwriter), Ken Nahoum (Photography), Paul Gross (Art Direction), Bill House (Produced By), Jim/James (Duke) Seiter (Produced By), Dave DeMore (Second Engineer), Doug Field (Second Engineer), Jim Simon (Second Engineer), Biff Daw(e)s (Recorded By), Stephen/Steve Marcussen (Mastered By), Bill House (Arranged By), Dennis May(e)(s) (Recording Assistant)

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The Goods Records

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RECORDED AT: Wally Heiders

MASTERED AT: Precision Lacquer

DEDICATED TO: Thurley Ruth Burnette

Howie Richmond David Platz Jon Scott Dennis Toni Burt Berman Diane Draper

(P) (C) 1982 The Goods Records
16311 Ventura Blvd., Suite 1280
Encino, CA 91436

Manufactured and Distributed by MCA Distribution Corp.
70 Universal Plaza
Universal City, CA 91608



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The beat stops here
Review written by John Fitzgerald, February 21st, 2005

This to me seems like a classic case of modern (of the day) instrumentation not suiting the "old time rock and roll" writing attempts. I do give "the Rock man" some credit here though as he's co written just about every song here except, strangely, a cover of his uncle Dorsey's "Hey little one" (an OK strolling closer but the "trying for camp" touches come through, and they shouldn't if done well), you'd think he'd prefer to cover his father Johnny's more rocking material as he obviously took more after him while Billy was the more Dorsey influenced middle of the road one. Speaking of Billy, he is listed as playing guitars and background vocals on this album but it doesn't say which song(s) he's on and it really is too hard to tell by listening and "guessing" as the "modern instrumentation" that I speak of is too loud with too much going on and one instrument seemingly trying to out do the others and not being allowed to by their own aggressiveness. There are some better than average moments here like the Buddy Holly "Peggy Sue" gallop of "Let me know" and some songs sound more stripped down like the acoustic sounding rocker "Blue heaven cafe" & "In the middle of the night" but neither of these are stripped down enough to really bring it through to the other side. There's a moving ballad called "Crosswinds" but it's unsettling as it makes one feel more depressed because you're constantly trying to take it seriously amongst the rest of the "old time rock and roll" goofiness that the rest of this album encloses which is tough going like the opening title track which is the second most obvious war of instruments here, check out "Tennessee" (the biggest war here) to see what I mean without a doubt. "Fingerprints" tries for that melting ballad of old and may have worked under more straightforward backing but not here. "Makin' love" however, has a sunny Walter Egan flavor but Rocky's hiccup filled vocal style gets in the way and "When you were mine" is a bland "Tired of toein' the line" retread. This may very well be considered a good representation of a rocker's works whose time has passed him by but I think his most popular album, "The son of rock and roll" shows that more clearly on the whole.

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Discography entry submitted by Jeff Kenney & Marty Adelson.