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Daytrippers: 50 Classic Tracks From The Sixties By Original Artists (1997) - Various Artists

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(Alexis Korners) Blues Inc(orperated), William Albaugh, Alexis Korner & Colin Hodgkinson, Amen Corner, P(at) P. Arnold, William Bartlett, Christopher Joe Beard, Jeff (Geoffrey Arnold) Beck, Jeff (Geoffrey Arnold) Beck, Richard Bell, Steve Boone, Brian (Chuck) Botfield, Geoffrey Bowyer, Ivan Browne, Dennis Bryon, Captain Beefheart (Don Vliet), Captain Beefheart And His Magic Band, John (Nicholas Shakespeare) Carter, Roger Chapman, Chicago, Randy Ciarlante, Eric (Patrick) Clapton, Eric (Patrick) Clapton, Eric (Patrick) Clapton, Eric (Patrick) Clapton, Terry Cox, Dave (David Russell Gordon) Davies, Donovan (Phillip Leitch), Dr John (Malcolm Rebennack Jr), Chris Dreja, Keith Emerson, Andy Fairweather-Low(e), Marianne Faithful, Family, Chris Farlowe (John Henry Deighton), Mick Fleetwood, Fleetwood Mac, Hughie Flint, Peter Green, George Harrison, (Mark) Levon Helm, Jimi Hendrix, Colin Hodgkinson, John Lee Hooker, Garth (Eric) Hudson, Humble Pie, Bert Jansch, John Mayall And The Bluesbreakers, Kenny (Kenneth Thomas) Jones, Allen Jones, Neil Jones, Danny Kirwan, Alexis Korner, Alexis Korner, Denny Laine, Robert (Bobby) Lamm, Ronnie Lane, John (Winston/Ono) Lennon(, MBE), John (Winston/Ono) Lennon(, MBE), Ken Lewis, Steve Marriott, Steve Marriott, John Mayall, Jim McCarty, Ian (Mac) McLagan, John McNally, Jacqui McShee, John McVie, John McVie, Melanie (Safka), R(eg) G. Nave, Nico, Davy O'List, Jimmy (James Patrick) Page, Jimmy (James Patrick) Page, Pentangle, Mike Pinder, Gene Pitney, Quiet Melon, Keith Relf, John Renbourn, Francis (Dominic Michael) Rossi, Paul Samwell-Smith, Carlos (Devadip) Santana, Santana, John Sebastian, Sandie Shaw, Mike Smith, Snagrom, Jeremy Spencer, Status Quo, Rod Stewart, Rod Stewart, Clive Taylor, The Band, The Beatles, The Flower Pot Men, The Lemon Pipers, The Lovin' Spoonful, The Moody Blues, The Nice, The Purple Gang, The Rockin' Berries, The Searchers, The Small Faces, The Yardbirds, Danny (Ray) Thompson, Twinkle (Lynn Annette Ripley), Steve Walmsley, Blue (Derek) Weaver, Jim Weider, John (Charlie) Whitney, Art(hur) Wood, Ron(nie) Wood

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Disc One:
When You Walk In The Room
  Date Performance: 1972, Running Time: 2:23
  Comments: by The Searchers
25 Or 6 To 4
  Date Performance: 1970, Running Time: 5:39
  Comments: by Chicago
Lady Madelaine
  Date Performance: 1978, Running Time: 4:22
  Comments: by Marianne Faithful
Natural Born Bugie
  Date Performance: 1969, Running Time: 4:14
  Comments: by Humble Pie
  Date Performance: 1993, Running Time: 3:06
  Comments: by Twinkle
Jersey Thursday
  Date Performance: 1965, Running Time: 2:13
  Comments: by Donovan
I Got My Mojo Working
  Date Performance: 1962, Running Time: 4:11
  Comments: (Live) by Alexis Korner & Colin Hodgkinson
Summer In The CityLyrics available
  Date Performance: 1966, Running Time: 2:39
  Comments: by The Lovin' Spoonful
Shine A Light
  Date Performance: 1993, Running Time: 4:09
  Comments: by The Band
Go Now
  Date Performance: 1965, Running Time: 3:12
  Comments: by The Moody Blues
For Your LoveLyrics available
  Date Performance: 1964-12-00, Running Time: 2:30
  Comments: Recorded at IBC Studios. Released February 1965 as the A-side of THE YARDBIRDS' third single. Licensed from (P) Charly Records International APS, Copenhagen, Denmark.
I'm Glad
  Date Performance: 1967, Running Time: 3:31
  Comments: by Captain Beefheart And His Magic Band
Draggin' My Tail
  Date Performance: 1965, Running Time: 3:12
  Comments: by Eric Clapton & Jimmy Page
Granny Takes A Trip
  Date Performance: 1968, Running Time: 2:44
  Comments: by The Purple Gang
  Date Performance: 1967, Running Time: 6:24
  Comments: by The Nice
In My Own Time
  Date Performance: 1971, Running Time: 3:29
  Comments: by Family
Itchycoo Park
  Date Performance: 1968, Running Time: 2:53
  Comments: by The Small Faces
Disc Two:
Pictures Of Matchstick Men
  Date Performance: 1968, Running Time: 3:12
  Comments: by Status Quo
Twenty-Four Hours From Tulsa
  Date Performance: 1963, Running Time: 2:58
  Comments: by Gene Pitney. Billed as "24 Hours From Tulsa".
Oh Deed I Do
  Date Performance: 1965, Running Time: 2:07
  Comments: by Donovan
Red House
  Date Performance: 1968, Running Time: 8:05
  Comments: by Jimi Hendrix
Cry For A Shadow
  Date Performance: 1964, Running Time: 2:24
  Comments: by The Beatles
I'm Your Witchdoctor
  Date Performance: 1965, Running Time: 2:14
Heart Full Of Soul
  Date Performance: 1965-03-00, Running Time: 2:27
  Comments: (Sitar Version) by The Yardbirds
Mister, You're A Better Man Than I
  Running Time: 3:19
  Comments: by Jeff Beck
  Date Performance: 1974, Running Time: 7:00
  Comments: by Snagrom
She Fooled Me
  Running Time: 2:20
  Comments: by Blues Incorporated
Light Flight
  Date Performance: 1969, Running Time: 3:15
  Comments: by Pentangle
  Date Performance: 1966, Running Time: 2:20
  Comments: by The Lovin' Spoonful
With A Little Help From My Friends
  Running Time: 4:06
  Comments: by Santana
Mr. Tambourine Man
  Date Performance: 1969, Running Time: 4:24
  Comments: by Melanie
Oh WellLyrics available Tabs available Midi available
  Date Performance: 1970-02-00, Running Time: 3:36
  Comments: (P) 1985
(There's) Always Something There To Remind Me
  Running Time: 2:44
  Comments: by Sandie Shaw
Disc Three:
  Date Performance: 1965, Running Time: 2:48
  Comments: by Donovan
Dropout Boogie
  Date Performance: 1967, Running Time: 2:26
  Comments: by Captain Beefheart And His Magic Band
Zu Zu Man
  Running Time: 3:15
  Comments: by Dr. John
He's In Town
  Running Time: 2:31
  Comments: by The Rockin' Berries
Diamond Joe
  Date Performance: 1969, Running Time: 3:46
  Comments: by Quiet Melon
Angel Of The Morning
  Date Performance: 1970, Running Time: 3:13
  Comments: by P.P. Arnold
Little Miss Understood
  Running Time: 3:35
  Comments: by Rod Stewart
I'm Not Sayin'
  Running Time: 2:51
  Comments: by Nico
Somebody's Gonna Get (Their Head Kicked In Tonite)
  Date Performance: 1969, Running Time: 2:40
  Comments: Often billed as being by "Earl Vince & The Valiants" (a Fleetwood Mac pseudonym) & (incorrectly) on compilations as "Someone's Gonna Get Their Head Kicked In Tonight". Recorded in the Summer in London.
Out Of Time
  Date Performance: 1966, Running Time: 3:36
  Comments: by Chris Farlowe
Death Of A Clown
  Running Time: 3:03
  Comments: by Dave Davies
Green Tambourine
  Date Performance: 1967, Running Time: 2:23
  Comments: by The Lemon Pipers
Hello Susie
  Date Performance: 1969, Running Time: 2:37
  Comments: by Amen Corner
Let's Go To San Francisco
  Date Performance: 1967, Running Time: 3:35
  Comments: by The Flower Pot Men
Two In One Goes
  Running Time: 2:14
  Comments: by Jimi Hendrix
Stomp Boogie
  Running Time: 3:08
  Comments: by John Lee Hooker. Recorded in 1935.
An Interview With John Lennon
  Running Time: 13:00
  Comments: by John Lennon
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Brian Auger, Mick Jagger, Denny Piercey, Ian Stewart, Charlie (Charles Robert) Watts, Bill Wyman

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Import Vinyl/CD Album

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John (Nicholas Shakespeare) Carter (Producer), John (Nicholas Shakespeare) Carter (Producer), Ken Lewis (Producer), Ken Lewis (Producer), Billy Boy Arnold (Songwriter), Burt (Freeman) Bacharach (Songwriter), Larry Banks (Songwriter), Christopher Joe Beard (Songwriter), Christopher Joe Beard (Songwriter), Milton Bennett (Songwriter), Leonard Bernstein (Songwriter), Steve Boone (Songwriter), Steve Boone (Songwriter), Geoffrey Bowyer (Songwriter), Geoffrey Bowyer (Songwriter), Captain Beefheart (Don Vliet) (Songwriter), Captain Beefheart (Don Vliet) (Songwriter), John (Nicholas Shakespeare) Carter (Songwriter), John (Nicholas Shakespeare) Carter (Songwriter), Roger Chapman (Songwriter), Roger Chapman (Songwriter), Eric (Patrick) Clapton (Songwriter), Eric (Patrick) Clapton (Songwriter), Terry Cox (Songwriter), Terry Cox (Songwriter), Michael D'Abo (Songwriter), Hal (Harold Lane) David (Songwriter), Dave (David Russell Gordon) Davies (Songwriter), Ray(mond) (Douglas) Davies (Songwriter), Jackie DeShannon (Songwriter), Donovan (Phillip Leitch) (Songwriter), Dr John (Malcolm Rebennack Jr) (Songwriter), Bob Dylan (Robert Allen Zimmerman) (Songwriter), Marianne Faithful (Songwriter), Preston Foster (Songwriter), Gerry/Gerald Goffin (Songwriter), Graham (Keith) Gouldman (Songwriter), Marty Grebb (Songwriter), Peter Green (Songwriter), Peter Green (Songwriter), George Harrison (Songwriter), George Harrison (Songwriter), Jimi Hendrix (Songwriter), Jimi Hendrix (Songwriter), John Lee Hooker (Songwriter), Mike Hugg (Songwriter), Brian Hugg (Songwriter), Mick Jagger (Songwriter), Mick Jagger (Songwriter), Bert Jansch (Songwriter), Bert Jansch (Songwriter), Carole King (Songwriter), Robert (Bobby) Lamm (Songwriter), Robert (Bobby) Lamm (Songwriter), Bob Landis (Songwriter), Ronnie Lane (Songwriter), Ronnie Lane (Songwriter), Pay LeFay (Songwriter), Paul Leka (Songwriter), John (Winston/Ono) Lennon(, MBE) (Songwriter), John (Winston/Ono) Lennon(, MBE) (Songwriter), Ken Lewis (Songwriter), Ken Lewis (Songwriter), Gordon Lightfoot (Songwriter), Steve Marriott (Songwriter), Steve Marriott (Songwriter), Steve Marriott (Songwriter), John Mayall (Songwriter), John Mayall (Songwriter), Paul (James) McCartney (Songwriter), Paul (James) McCartney (Songwriter), Jacqui McShee (Songwriter), Jacqui McShee (Songwriter), Daniel Moore (Songwriter), Jimmy (James Patrick) Page (Songwriter), Jimmy (James Patrick) Page (Songwriter), Shell(e)y Pinz (Songwriter), John Renbourn (Songwriter), John Renbourn (Songwriter), Keith Richard(s) (Songwriter), Keith Richard(s) (Songwriter), Francis (Dominic Michael) Rossi (Songwriter), Francis (Dominic Michael) Rossi (Songwriter), John Sebastian (Songwriter), John Sebastian (Songwriter), Mark Sebastian (Songwriter), B. Shepherd (Songwriter), Stephen Sondheim (Songwriter), Jeremy Spencer (Songwriter), Jeremy Spencer (Songwriter), Chip Taylor (John Wesley Voight) (Songwriter), Danny (Ray) Thompson (Songwriter), Danny (Ray) Thompson (Songwriter), Twinkle (Lynn Annette Ripley) (Songwriter), John (Charlie) Whitney (Songwriter), John (Charlie) Whitney (Songwriter), Roy Wood (Songwriter), Art(hur) Wood (Songwriter), Art(hur) Wood (Songwriter), Lonnie Youngblood (Songwriter), Giorgio Gomelsky (Produced By), Jeff (Geoffrey Arnold) Beck (Arrangement)

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"For Your Love" is by The Yardbirds
"I'm Your Witchdoctor" is by John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers (with John McVie)
"Oh Well" is by Fleetwood Mac
"Somebody's Gonna Get (Their Head Kicked In Tonite)" is by Fleetwood Mac

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