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Chicago Blues (1979) - Jimmy Rogers And Left Hand Frank

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Left Hand Frank (Craig), Jimmy Rogers (James A. Lane)

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Side One:
Take A Walk (With Me)
  Running Time: 4:31
Rock This House
  Running Time: 4:13
Dirty Dozens
  Running Time: 5:08
  Comments: Trad. Arr. Craig
You're Sweet
  Running Time: 4:46
Fishing In My Pond
  Running Time: 3:10
Baby Please
  Running Time: 2:10
Side Two:
Crazy Woman Blues
  Running Time: 2:33
Information Please
  Running Time: 2:41
Mean Red Spider
  Running Time: 4:33
  Comments: Trad. Arr. Lane
You Don't Have To Go
  Running Time: 3:15
Chicago Bound
  Running Time: 4:24
Oh Baby
  Running Time: 2:55
  Comments: Trad. Arr. Craig
Blue And Lonesome
  Running Time: 3:45
  Comments: Trad. Arr. Lane
    Guest Appearances »

Bob Brunning, Ray West(on)

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Import Vinyl/CD Album

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Charles Brown (Songwriter), Little Walter (Walter Jacobs) (Songwriter), (Mathis) Jimmy (James) Reed (Songwriter), Jimmy Rogers (James A. Lane) (Songwriter), Jimmy Rogers (James A. Lane) (Songwriter), Speckled Red (Rufus G. Perryman) (Songwriter), Muddy Waters (McKinley Morganfield) (Songwriter), Shanny Stedman (Sleeve Design), John Stedman (Produced By)

    Record Label »
JSP Records

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JSP 1008

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Panerai Luminor Base Replica
Rolex DateJust II Replica
Rolex Turn-O-Graph Replica

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An apt title describes it better than I
Review written by John Fitzgerald, December 8th, 2004

Although this album overlaps a lot with "The dirty dozens" release, "Chicago blues" strikes me as the main release as you get the longest samples of the master tapes here. For instance, on the song titled "The dirty dozens" you get a small spoken introduction (in title only) to the song which you don't get when listening to this track on "The dirty dozens" and you are warned in the liner notes here about the lyrical content of this track via the "not suitable for airplay" disclaimer (which you are not on the other release). You will need both records for your collection though as there are tracks on both releases that aren't available elsewhere. The ones from this album are the strutting boogie of "Rock this house", the swinging "Chicago bound", the sensitive slow burner "Blue and lonesome" and the mostly instrumental (save for some "Yeah!" type hollers) shuffle of "You don't have to go" though do be cautioned about a sudden rise in the volume in this track on the vinyl (as this was the case with the JSP vinyl this was pressed on, not just my copy, hopefully this can be corrected with a CD reissue of the master tapes), this burst occurs about 15 seconds in to the song for roughly about 5 seconds. All of these above mentioned tracks have Brunning on bass and are as enjoyable as the rest which I had probably made mention of in my review here for "The dirty dozens" so I won't repeat that here. In any event though, this is the blueprint album to build off of when delving in to the Jimmy Rogers and Left Hand Frank catalog that includes Brunning's bass lines. Pure raw
electric Chicago blues at it's most honest.

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Discography entry submitted by Jeff Kenney & Marty Adelson.