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Change (1975) - Spanky & Our Gang

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Marc McClure, Spanky (Elaine) McFarlane, Jim Moon, Nigel Pickering, Bill Plummer

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Side One:
I Won't Brand You
  Running Time: 2:29
Standing Room Only
  Running Time: 2:42
When I Wanna
  Running Time: 2:30
Since You've Gone
  Running Time: 2:39
  Comments: Special thanks to Richard Baskin & Bob Altman.
San Diego Serenade
  Running Time: 3:19
Side Two:
L.A. Freeway
  Running Time: 3:21
Space Cowboys Forever
  Running Time: 3:09
National Stardom
  Running Time: 2:53
  Running Time: 3:39
I Wish We'd All Been Ready
  Running Time: 5:05
    Guest Appearances »

Carlos Bernal, Gene Garfin, Gail Laughton, John (Juke) Logan, Ray Neapolitan, Herb Pederson, Richard (John) Thompson, Tower Of Power, Rick Vito, Bergen White, Bobby Wood(s), Jerry Yester

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Domestic Vinyl/CD Album

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David Hurst Batteau (Songwriter), Ronee Blakley (Songwriter), Lynn Blessing (Songwriter), Gary Busey (Songwriter), Gene Clark (Songwriter), N(orman) Arthur Johnson(, Jr.) (Songwriter), Susan Manchester (Songwriter), Larry Norman (Songwriter), Steven Runkle (Songwriter), Charlie Silver (Songwriter), Tom Waits (Songwriter), Jim (Senor) McGuire (Photography), Eddie Wenrick (Executive Producer), Al Warbucks (Manager), Jim Charne (Liner Notes), Paul Grupp (Associate Producer), Chip Young (Produced By), Alex Kazanegras (Mixed By), Richard (John) Thompson (Strings Arranged By), Jerry Yester (Strings Arranged By), Bill Barnes (Album Design), San Francisco Symphony String Ensemble (Strings Arrangement Assisted By), Marc McClure (All Arrangements By), Marc McClure (All Arrangements By), Spanky (Elaine) McFarlane (All Arrangements By), Spanky (Elaine) McFarlane (All Arrangements By), Jim Moon (All Arrangements By), Jim Moon (All Arrangements By), Nigel Pickering (All Arrangements By), Nigel Pickering (All Arrangements By), Bill Plummer (All Arrangements By), Bill Plummer (All Arrangements By), Spanky & Our Gang (All Arrangements By), Marc McClure (Special Vocal Arrangements By), Marc McClure (Special Vocal Arrangements By), Marc McClure (Produced), Marc McClure (Produced), Spanky (Elaine) McFarlane (Produced), Spanky (Elaine) McFarlane (Produced), Jim Moon (Produced), Jim Moon (Produced), Nigel Pickering (Produced), Nigel Pickering (Produced), Bill Plummer (Produced), Bill Plummer (Produced), Spanky & Our Gang (Produced)

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PE 33580

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The changes made are questionable
Review written by John Fitzgerald, December 7th, 2004

Rick Vito plays on one of the album's better tracks, the swaying country-ish waltz of "Dues". It has a good hook and you can hear Rick's steel guitar pieces good. The loudness during the chorus doesn't hurt this track as much as it does many others here though unfortunately. I'm guessing the makers of this album thought that if they over did it with the vocals on the choruses that it would measure up well with what Spanky & Our Gang was akin to in the 60's as a harmony heavy Mamas & The Papas clone but the overall country lean here was a questionable choice for a change. The opening "I won't brand you" is a good song but it's overloud galloping chorus sections may put you off. "Standing room only" is a shouting swayer, "When I wanna" is a fast strumming busy rocker, "Since you've gone" is a harmonica featured dragger with more of that country tinged steel guitar yawning, "San Diego serenade" is a lounge room sax/horns slow ballad that tries to be fiery with it's sax lead bursts but it doesn't work on that score and "L.A. Freeway" is a banjo led speedy rocker. The side to side swayer flavor returns on "Space cowboys forever" which is yet another loud homespun track, "National stardom" is a swelling waltz and the orchestra featured mid tempo song "I wish we'd all been ready" is a good closer as it's one of the better album moments. Aside from those good spots though, this is a sad listen for those wishing Spanky and co. would've brought back the magic they once had but, and although fairly pleasant with more listens, it still shows that "Change" was not a good thing for the band if this platter is anything to go by.

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Discography entry submitted by Jeff Kenney & Marty Adelson.