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Blue Delicacies (1979) - Ronnie Barron

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Ronnie Barron

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Trick Bag
  Running Time: 4:45
Worried Life Blues
  Running Time: 4:13
Big Chief
  Running Time: 2:41
Singing In My Soul
  Running Time: 3:11
Doing Something Wrong
  Running Time: 3:03
Lights Out
  Running Time: 1:52
Hey Now Baby
  Running Time: 3:46
Happy Tears
  Running Time: 4:21
Pink Champagne
  Running Time: 4:07
River's Invitation
  Running Time: 8:02
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Kim J. Barron, Rebecca Burnes, Joe/Joseph Chambers, Lester Chambers, Willie Chambers, George Chambers, Jim/James Gordon, Jerry (Jerome) Jumanville/Jumonville, Brian Keenan, Clifford Solomon, The Chambers Brothers, Big John Thomassi, Jim Thomson, Lee Thornburg/Thornberg/Thomberg, Collin Tilton, Rick Vito, Skip Weisser

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Domestic Vinyl/CD Album

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Ronnie Barron (Songwriter), Eddie/Edwin J. Bo(cage) (Songwriter), Rev. Thomas A. Dorsey (Georgia Tom) (Songwriter), Dr John (Malcolm Rebennack Jr) (Songwriter), Earl King (Johnson) (Songwriter), Joe (Joseph C.) Liggins (Songwriter), Professor (Henry Roeland/Roy) Longhair (Fess) (Bald Head) (Songwriter), Percy Mayfield (Songwriter), Big Maceo (Major) Merriweather (Songwriter), Wardell (Joseph) Quezergue (Songwriter), Huey (Piano) Smith (Songwriter), Rock Resources Ltd. (Executive Producer), Fito De La Parra (Produced By), Larry Taylor (Produced By), Fito De La Parra (Engineered By), Larry Taylor (Engineered By), Ronnie Barron (Horns Arranged By), Jerry (Jerome) Jumanville/Jumonville (Horns Arranged By), Joel Sacks (Horns Arranged By)

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Recorded at Premier Records.

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Atmosphere is one of few things going for this one
Review written by John Fitzgerald, November 11th, 2004

This album generally has a jazzy, stand up bass feel to it which does distinguish it a bit but aside from that, there's not much to speak of here. Rick Vito is listed as joining in on background vocals on the opening piano chunking bounce of "Trick bag" but I wouldn't say he stands out much if at all. "Worried life blues" is a piano pounding track with much horn puffing going on and it does have good swing but it's weak hook is not a standout. "Big chief" is a horn featured bossa nova with strong piano too (again). "Singing in my soul" is a dragging stroll with gospel type howling vocals, "Doing something wrong" is a piano led boogie woogie, "Lights out" is a fast piano plinking pulser, "Hey now baby" is a funk-ish horn puffing piano roller, "Happy tears" is a yowling stroll with the by now over familiar piano/horns arrangements. "Pink champagne" is a light shuffle and "River's invitation" has a slight bossa nova feel though this time with more horns. As said though, aside from sounding of yesterday in a novelty sense, it's doubtful you'll enjoy much here to make it memorable in any real sense.

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Discography entry submitted by Jeff Kenney & Marty Adelson.