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Blown Away (1994) - Various Artists

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Emil Adler, Marina Belica, Big Head Todd And The Monsters, Bono (Paul Hewson), Paul Brindley, Adam Clayton, Joe Cocker, Mary Fahl, Aretha Franklin, David Gavurin, Patrick Hannan, Gary Louris, Shane MacGowan, Todd Park Mohr, Larry Mullen, Jr., Brian Nevin, October Project, Mark Olson, David Sabatino, Alan Silvestri, Rob Squires, Spider Stacy, The Edge (David Howell Evans), The Jayhawks, The Pogues, The Sundays, U2, Harriet Wheeler

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In The Morning
  Date Performance: 1994, Running Time: 3:54
  Comments: by Big Head Todd And The Monsters
Return To Me
  Date Performance: 1993, Running Time: 4:16
  Comments: by October Project
With Or Without You
  Date Performance: 1987, Running Time: 4:55
  Comments: by U2
All Night Long
  Date Performance: 1970, Running Time: 3:04
  Comments: by Aretha Franklin
Tuesday Morning
  Date Performance: 1993, Running Time: 3:29
  Comments: by The Pogues
Here's Where The Story Ends
  Date Performance: 1990, Running Time: 3:51
  Comments: by The Sundays
Darling Today
  Date Performance: 1994, Running Time: 2:58
  Comments: by The Jayhawks
You'll Lose A Good Thing
  Date Performance: 1992, Running Time: 2:37
  Comments: by Aretha Franklin
Take Me HomeLyrics available
  Date Performance: 1994, Running Time: 4:21
Prince's Day (Main Title)Lyrics available
  Date Performance: 1994, Running Time: 2:26
  Comments: by Alan Silvestri
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Bekka Bramlett, Jack Bruno, Joey Diggs, Bob Feit, Steve Kipner, Michael (Hart) Thompson, Lamont Van Hook/VanHook, C. J(effrey) Vanston, Ernie Watts, Fred White

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Domestic Vinyl/CD Album

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Big Head Todd And The Monsters (Producer), Paul Brindley (Producer), Paul Brindley (Producer), Michael Brook (Producer), Roger Davies (Producer), George Drakoulias (Producer), Brian Eno (Producer), David Gavurin (Producer), David Gavurin (Producer), John (Paul) Hammond(, Jr.) (Producer), Patrick Hannan (Producer), Patrick Hannan (Producer), Daniel Lanois (Producer), Chris Lord-Alge (Producer), Todd Park Mohr (Producer), Todd Park Mohr (Producer), Brian Nevin (Producer), Brian Nevin (Producer), Clyde Otis (Producer), Glenn Rosenstein (Producer), Ray Schulman (Producer), Alan Silvestri (Producer), Rob Squires (Producer), Rob Squires (Producer), The Sundays (Producer), Harriet Wheeler (Producer), Harriet Wheeler (Producer), Emil Adler (Songwriter), Emil Adler (Songwriter), Bono (Paul Hewson) (Songwriter), Bono (Paul Hewson) (Songwriter), John Capek (Songwriter), Adam Clayton (Songwriter), Adam Clayton (Songwriter), Julie Flanders (Songwriter), David Gavurin (Songwriter), David Gavurin (Songwriter), Marc Jordan (Songwriter), Steve Kipner (Songwriter), Curtis Lewis (Songwriter), Gary Louris (Songwriter), Gary Louris (Songwriter), Barabra Lynn (Ozen) (Songwriter), Huey P. Meaux (Songwriter), Todd Park Mohr (Songwriter), Todd Park Mohr (Songwriter), Larry Mullen, Jr. (Songwriter), Larry Mullen, Jr. (Songwriter), Mark Olson (Songwriter), Mark Olson (Songwriter), Alan Silvestri (Songwriter), Spider Stacy (Songwriter), Spider Stacy (Songwriter), The Edge (David Howell Evans) (Songwriter), The Edge (David Howell Evans) (Songwriter), U2 (Songwriter), Harriet Wheeler (Songwriter), Harriet Wheeler (Songwriter)

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BK 66145

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"Take Me Home" is by Joe Cocker (with guest: Bekka Bramlett)

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Discography entry submitted by Jeff Kenney.