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Blues For Greeny (1995) - (Robert William) Gary Moore

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(Robert William) Gary Moore

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Regular Album Tracklisting:
If You Be My BabyLyrics available
  Running Time: 6:38
Long Grey MareLyrics available
  Running Time: 2:04
Merry Go RoundLyrics available
  Running Time: 4:14
I Loved Another WomanLyrics available
  Running Time: 3:05
Need Your Love So BadLyrics available
  Running Time: 7:54
The Same WayLyrics available
  Running Time: 2:35
The Super-NaturalInstrumental
  Running Time: 3:00
DriftingLyrics available
  Running Time: 8:29
Show-Biz BluesLyrics available
  Running Time: 4:08
Love That BurnsLyrics available
  Running Time: 6:28
Looking For SomebodyLyrics available
  Running Time: 7:12
2003 Remaster Bonus Tracks:
The World Keep On TurningLyrics available
  Running Time: 3:12
  Comments: (Acoustic Version)
The Same WayLyrics available
  Running Time: 2:16
  Comments: (Acoustic Version)
Stop Messin' RoundLyrics available
  Running Time: 3:02
  Comments: (Acoustic Version)
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Tommy Eyre, Nick Payn, Nick Pentelow, Andy Pyle, Graham Walker

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Import Vinyl/CD Album

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Haydn Bendall (Engineer), Ian Taylor (Engineer), (Robert William) Gary Moore (Producer), Ian Taylor (Producer), Clifford (G.) Davis (Adams) (Songwriter), Peter Green (Songwriter), Peter Green (Songwriter), Peter Green (Songwriter), Little Willie (William Edgar) John (Mertis, Jr.) (Songwriter), (Robert William) Gary Moore (Liner Notes), John(ny) Almond (Arranger), Mickey 'Guitar' Baker (Arranger), Steve/Stephen Gregory (Arranger), David/Dave Howard (Arranger), Roland Vaughan (Arranger)

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2784 ('95 Charisma) 40507 (Virgin) 10 ('03 Charisma Remaster)

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One of my 2 favourite discs
Review written by Mr Mongo, January 31st, 2006

Incredible sound,touch and bluesy atmosphere.the best album of gary moore,even none of the songs are of his own.

Amazing music.

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