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A Banquet In Blues (1976) - John Mayall

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John Mayall

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  Date Performance: 1976-05-00, Running Time: 5:31
  Comments: Recorded @ Total Experience Studios, Los Angeles, CA
You Can't Put Me Down
  Date Performance: 1976-05-00, Running Time: 3:24
  Comments: Recorded @ Total Experience Studios, Los Angeles, CA
I Got Somebody
  Date Performance: 1976-05-00, Running Time: 4:02
  Comments: Recorded @ Total Experience Studios, Los Angeles, CA
Turn Me Loose
  Date Performance: 1976-05-00, Running Time: 2:42
  Comments: Recorded @ Total Experience Studios, Los Angeles, CA
Seven Days Too Long
  Date Performance: 1976-05-00, Running Time: 5:16
  Comments: Recorded @ Total Experience Studios, Los Angeles, CA
Table Top Girl
  Date Performance: 1976-05-00, Running Time: 3:57
  Comments: Recorded @ Sea-Saint Recording Studio, New Orleans, LA.
  Date Performance: 1976-05-00, Running Time: 3:38
  Comments: Recorded @ Total Experience Studios, Los Angeles, CA
  Date Performance: 1976-05-00, Running Time: 14:13
  Comments: Recorded @ Total Experience Studios, Los Angeles, CA
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John(ny) Almond, Doug Bare, Ronnie Barron, Buck Clarke, Mike Cooley, Phil Despommier, Alex (Erroneous) Dmochowski, Larry Gales, Don (Sugarcane) Harris, Red Holloway, Jon Mark, Roy McCurdy, Lenny McDaniel, Dee McKinnie, John McVie, Blue Mitchell, Novi Novag, Benny Powell, Soko Richardson, Richard Schnyder, Jay Spell, Larry Taylor, Rick Vito

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Domestic Vinyl/CD Album

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John Mayall (Songwriter), Allen (Tousan) Toussaint (Naomi Neville) (Songwriter), F. Byron Clark (Engineered By), John Mayall (Production), John Mayall (Arrangements By), John Mayall (Album Design By), John Mayall (Album Artwork By), Terrance Bert (Front Cover Photograph By), Yoram Kahana (Back Cover Photography By), Paul Bruno (Equipment Handled By), Paul Bruno (Chicken Handled By), Paul Bruno (Ice Chest Handled By), Cathy Jayne Mickel (Album Inspiration From), The Rainbow Girls (Album Inspiration From), John Gunnell (Artiste Management By)

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ABC/One Way

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ABCL 5187/ABCD 958/MCAD-22075

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Artiste Management By

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Best of Mayall's 70's bunch
Review written by John Fitzgerald, October 3rd, 2004

Though Mayall's 70's material majorly suffers next to his 60's output, "A banquet in blues" is one of his better 70's outings and probably the best from Mayall's Rick Vito days. The brisk opening shouter "Sunshine" features a bright and tasty Blue Mitchell trumpet solo and also has John McVie on bass, effective in the up stairs tumbler sound. Rick here is on vocals (presumably in with the shouting verse sections) and on rhythm guitar (which you can hear thinly in the background of the grumble). In fact, Rick is on every track on the album in one way or another except one, which is the horn & piano led bland mid temp track "Lady" so it's probably just as well he's not on that one. "You can't put me down" is a fast shuffle with a slight disco feel, Rick plays lead guitar and also does (background?) vocals on this one. Rick also lends vocals to the album's best track, the closing "Fantasyland", at 14 minutes, the beginning and end are flute led with more chanting verses (so I'd imagine he's singing in those parts) and then the middle section is suspenseful swirling, fiddle scratching and guitar strumming meanderings which also includes a quiet but effective bass solo by one time Peter Green sidekick Alex Dimochowski. Rick plays rhythm guitar on the dragging skipper "I got somebody" (which mainly features a bass/drums chug) and funk laden track "Turn me loose" (which also has disco possibilities but that side is not as evident on the cupped horn sections which are nicely placed on this one) and Vito also is listed as guitar for the dated sounding but nonetheless enjoyable "Seven days too long" (which is almost pop/rock as the blues hides behind that shield here) and the hard to take serious "Table top girl" (a somewhat pulsing track). It's doubtful anyone would ever recommend you get any 70's Mayall releases before anything else he's done but when the time comes when you do wish to listen to some, this would probably be your best bet from the pack.

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Discography entry submitted by Jeff Kenney.