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The Best Rock Ballads In The World ... Ever! II (1997) - Various Artists

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Steven Adler, Paul Arthurs, Tony Banks, Nuno Bettencourt, Jet Black (Brian Duffy), David Bowie (Jones), Meredith Brooks, Lindsey Buckingham, J(ean) J(acques) Burnel, Gary Cherone, Eric (Patrick) Clapton, Phil(ip) (David Charles) Collins, Phil(ip) (David Charles) Collins, Hugh Cornwell, Steve Cradock, Sheryl Crow, Crowded House, Justin Currie, John Deacon, Carol Decker, Deep Blue Something, Del Amitri, Dire Straits, Tom Dumont, Extreme, Bryan Ferry, Neil Finn, Tim Finn, Mick Fleetwood, Fleetwood Mac, Foreigner, Simon Fowler, Gilbert Gabriel, Liam Gallagher, Noel Gallagher, Genesis, Per Gessle, Lou Gramm, Dave Greenfield, Colin Greenwood, Jonny Greenwood, Guns N' Roses, Oscar Harrison, (David) Justin Hayward, Heart, Mick (Michael Leslie) Jones, Tony Kanal, Jim Kerr, Mark Knopfler, Nick Laird-Clowes, Ronnie Lane, Andy (Andrew) Mackay, Phil(ip) (Geoffrey) Manzanera (Targett-Adams), Steve Marriott, Richard Marx, Brian May, Tony McCarroll, Paul McGuigan, Duff (Michael Andrew) McKagan, Christine McVie, John McVie, Meat Loaf (Marvin Lee Aday), Freddie Mercury (Farrokh Bulsara), Mike & The Mechanics, Damon Minchella, Van (George Ivan) Morrison, Stevie Nicks, No Doubt, Ed O'Brien, Oasis, Ocean Colour Scene, Roy Orbison, David/Dave (Baby) Paich, Todd Pipes, Jeff(rey) Porcaro, Queen, Radiohead, Ronnie Rogers, Axl (William Bruce) Rose, Roxette, Roxy Music, Mike Rutherford, Mike Rutherford, Mike Scott, Phil Selway, Simple Minds, Slash (Saul Hudson), Eric Stefani, Gwen Stefani, Izzy Stradlin, T'Pau, Roger (Meddows) Taylor, The Dream Academy, The Small Faces, The Stranglers, The Style Council, The Waterboys, Toto, Tina Turner (Anna Mae Bullock), Paul Weller, Alan White (Whitey), Ann Wilson, Steve Winwood, Thom Yorke, Adrian Young

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Disc One:
We Are The Champions
  Date Performance: 1977, Running Time: 3:00
  Comments: by Queen (P) 1977 Raincloud Productions Ltd. under exclusive license to Hollywood Records
I Want To Know What Love Is
  Date Performance: 1984, Running Time: 5:04
  Comments: by Foreigner
Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now)
  Date Performance: 1984, Running Time: 3:26
  Comments: (P) 1984 Virgin Records Ltd
The Living Years
  Date Performance: 1988, Running Time: 4:28
  Comments: (Edit) by Mike & The Mechanics
Bad Love
  Date Performance: 1989, Running Time: 5:08
  Comments: by Eric Clapton
The Whole Of The Moon
  Date Performance: 1985, Running Time: 3:21
  Comments: (Edit) by The Waterboys
Brown Eyed Girl
  Date Performance: 1967, Running Time: 3:07
  Comments: by Van Morrison
I Drove All Night
  Date Performance: 1988, Running Time: 3:47
  Comments: by Roy Orbison
Sweet Child O'Mine
  Date Performance: 1987, Running Time: 5:56
  Comments: by Guns 'N' Roses
The Best
  Date Performance: 1989, Running Time: 5:28
  Comments: by Tina Turner (P) 1989 Capitol Records, Inc.
All I Wanna Do Is Make Love To You
  Date Performance: 1990, Running Time: 5:05
  Comments: by Heart
Breakfast At Tiffany's
  Date Performance: 1993, Running Time: 4:12
  Comments: (Edit) by Deep Blue Something
The Day We Caught The Train
  Date Performance: 1996, Running Time: 3:06
  Comments: by Ocean Colour Scene
Don't You (Forget About Me)
  Date Performance: 1985, Running Time: 4:23
  Comments: by Simple Minds
Let's Dance
  Date Performance: 1983, Running Time: 3:38
  Comments: (Edit) by David Bowie. Recorded in New York.
Roll With It
  Date Performance: 1988, Running Time: 5:20
  Comments: by Steve Winwood
Roll To Me
  Date Performance: 1995, Running Time: 2:14
  Comments: by Del Amitri
Itchycoo Park
  Date Performance: 1968, Running Time: 2:53
  Comments: by The Small Faces
  Date Performance: 1991, Running Time: 5:18
  Comments: by Richard Marx
Disc Two:
  Running Time: 3:44
  Comments: by Meredith Brooks
All I Wanna Do
  Date Performance: 1993, Running Time: 4:07
  Comments: by Sheryl Crow
Don't Speak
  Date Performance: 1995, Running Time: 4:24
  Comments: by No Doubt
High & Dry
  Date Performance: 1995, Running Time: 4:15
  Comments: by Radiohead
  Date Performance: 1995, Running Time: 4:20
  Comments: by Oasis
Golden Brown
  Date Performance: 1981, Running Time: 3:08
  Comments: by The Stranglers. Chart: Billboard UK Top 50/40 Singles Peak Position: 2
You're The Best Thing
  Date Performance: 1984, Running Time: 3:50
  Comments: (Edit) by The Style Council
Weather With You
  Date Performance: 1991, Running Time: 3:45
  Comments: by Crowded House
  Date Performance: 1982, Running Time: 4:21
  Comments: by Toto
In Too Deep
  Date Performance: 1986, Running Time: 4:56
  Comments: by Genesis
More Than Words
  Date Performance: 1990, Running Time: 4:11
  Comments: by Extreme
  Date Performance: 1982, Running Time: 4:12
  Comments: by Roxy Music. Chart: Billboard UK Top 50/40 Singles Peak Position: 13
It Must Have Been Love
  Date Performance: 1986, Running Time: 4:04
  Comments: by Roxette
Life In A Northern Town
  Date Performance: 1985, Running Time: 4:19
  Comments: by The Dream Academy
Forever Autumn
  Date Performance: 1978, Running Time: 4:15
  Comments: by Justin Hayward
Little Lies Listen.Lyrics availableFan interpretation available Midi available
  Date Performance: 1987, Running Time: 3:38
  Comments: Chart: Billboard US Hot 100 Singles Peak Position: 4 Peak Dates: Nov 7, 1987 & Nov 14, 1987 Weeks On Charts: 20 Chart: Billboard UK Top 50/40 Singles Peak Position: 5 Peak Dates: Nov 7, 1987 Weeks On Charts: 9
China In Your Hand
  Date Performance: 1987, Running Time: 3:00
  Comments: (Edit) by T'Pau. Chart: Billboard UK Top 50/40 Singles Peak Position: 1
I'd Lie For You (And That's The Truth)
  Date Performance: 1995, Running Time: 4:28
  Comments: (Edit) by Meat Loaf
Brothers In Arms
  Date Performance: 1985, Running Time: 4:49
  Comments: (Edit) by Dire Straits
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Yanick Etienne, Rob Mounsey, Patti Russo, Stevie Ray Vaughan

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Import Vinyl/CD Album

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Bert Berns/Burns (Russell) (Producer), John Deacon (Producer), John Deacon (Producer), Noel Gallagher (Producer), Noel Gallagher (Producer), Dan Hartman (Producer), Mick (Michael Leslie) Jones (Producer), Mick (Michael Leslie) Jones (Producer), Brian May (Producer), Brian May (Producer), Freddie Mercury (Farrokh Bulsara) (Producer), Freddie Mercury (Farrokh Bulsara) (Producer), Queen (Producer), Nile Rodgers (Producer), Roger (Meddows) Taylor (Producer), Roger (Meddows) Taylor (Producer), Tina Turner (Anna Mae Bullock) (Producer), Steven Adler (Songwriter), Steven Adler (Songwriter), David Francis Baerwald (Songwriter), Tony Banks (Songwriter), Tony Banks (Songwriter), Nuno Bettencourt (Songwriter), Nuno Bettencourt (Songwriter), Jet Black (Brian Duffy) (Songwriter), Jet Black (Brian Duffy) (Songwriter), Bill/William Bot(t)rell (Songwriter), David Bowie (Jones) (Songwriter), Meredith Brooks (Songwriter), J(ean) J(acques) Burnel (Songwriter), J(ean) J(acques) Burnel (Songwriter), Mike (Michael Donald) Chapman (Songwriter), Gary Cherone (Songwriter), Gary Cherone (Songwriter), Eric (Patrick) Clapton (Songwriter), Phil(ip) (David Charles) Collins (Songwriter), Phil(ip) (David Charles) Collins (Songwriter), Wyn Cooper (Songwriter), Hugh Cornwell (Songwriter), Hugh Cornwell (Songwriter), Steve Cradock (Songwriter), Steve Cradock (Songwriter), Sheryl Crow (Songwriter), Justin Currie (Songwriter), Justin Currie (Songwriter), Carol Decker (Songwriter), Carol Decker (Songwriter), Bryan Ferry (Songwriter), Bryan Ferry (Songwriter), Neil Finn (Songwriter), Neil Finn (Songwriter), Tim Finn (Songwriter), Tim Finn (Songwriter), Keith Forsey (Songwriter), Simon Fowler (Songwriter), Gilbert Gabriel (Songwriter), Gilbert Gabriel (Songwriter), Noel Gallagher (Songwriter), Noel Gallagher (Songwriter), Per Gessle (Songwriter), Per Gessle (Songwriter), Kevin M. Gilbert (Songwriter), Dave Greenfield (Songwriter), Dave Greenfield (Songwriter), Jonny Greenwood (Songwriter), Jonny Greenwood (Songwriter), Colin Greenwood (Songwriter), Colin Greenwood (Songwriter), Oscar Harrison (Songwriter), Oscar Harrison (Songwriter), Will A. Jennings (Songwriter), Mick (Michael Leslie) Jones (Songwriter), Mick (Michael Leslie) Jones (Songwriter), Tom/Thomas F. Kelly (Songwriter), Holly Knight (Songwriter), Mark Knopfler (Songwriter), Mark Knopfler (Songwriter), Nick Laird-Clowes (Songwriter), Nick Laird-Clowes (Songwriter), Ronnie Lane (Songwriter), Ronnie Lane (Songwriter), Robert John (Mutt) Lange (Songwriter), Steve Marriott (Songwriter), Steve Marriott (Songwriter), Richard Marx (Songwriter), Duff (Michael Andrew) McKagan (Songwriter), Duff (Michael Andrew) McKagan (Songwriter), Christine McVie (Songwriter), Christine McVie (Songwriter), Freddie Mercury (Farrokh Bulsara) (Songwriter), Freddie Mercury (Farrokh Bulsara) (Songwriter), Damon Minchella (Songwriter), Damon Minchella (Songwriter), Van (George Ivan) Morrison (Songwriter), Ed O'Brien (Songwriter), Ed O'Brien (Songwriter), Gary (Anthony) Osborne (Songwriter), David/Dave (Baby) Paich (Songwriter), David/Dave (Baby) Paich (Songwriter), Shelly Peiken (Songwriter), Todd Pipes (Songwriter), Todd Pipes (Songwriter), Jeff(rey) Porcaro (Songwriter), Jeff(rey) Porcaro (Songwriter), Eddy Quintela (Songwriter), Barney Alastair Robertson (Songwriter), Ronnie Rogers (Songwriter), Ronnie Rogers (Songwriter), Axl (William Bruce) Rose (Songwriter), Axl (William Bruce) Rose (Songwriter), Mike Rutherford (Songwriter), Mike Rutherford (Songwriter), Mike Rutherford (Songwriter), Steve Schiff (Songwriter), Mike Scott (Songwriter), Mike Scott (Songwriter), Phil Selway (Songwriter), Phil Selway (Songwriter), Slash (Saul Hudson) (Songwriter), Slash (Saul Hudson) (Songwriter), Gwen Stefani (Songwriter), Gwen Stefani (Songwriter), Eric Stefani (Songwriter), Eric Stefani (Songwriter), Billy/William E Steinberg (Songwriter), Izzy Stradlin (Songwriter), Izzy Stradlin (Songwriter), Paul Anthony Vigrass (Songwriter), Diane (Eve) Warren (Songwriter), Jeff Wayne (Songwriter), Paul Weller (Songwriter), Paul Weller (Songwriter), Steve Winwood (Songwriter), Thom Yorke (Songwriter), Thom Yorke (Songwriter), Lindsey Buckingham (Produced By), Lindsey Buckingham (Produced By), Richard Dashut (Produced By), Arif Mardin (Produced By), Mike Stone (Engineered By), Arif Mardin (Orchestra Conducted By), Simon Fowler (Solo Guitar), Bob Clearmountain (Mix)

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"Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now)" is by Phil Collins
"Little Lies" is by Fleetwood Mac

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