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Back To The Bars (1978) - Todd Rundgren

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Roger Powell, Todd Rundgren, Todd Rundgren, Kasim Sulton, Utopia, John/Jon (Jamin' Willie) Wilcox

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Disc One:
Real Man
  Date Performance: 1978, Running Time: 4:34
  Comments: (With Utopia)
Love Of The Common Man
  Date Performance: 1978, Running Time: 3:33
  Comments: (With Utopia)
The Verb "To Love"
  Date Performance: 1978, Running Time: 7:42
  Comments: (With Utopia)
Love In Action
  Date Performance: 1978, Running Time: 3:31
  Comments: (With Utopia)
A Dream Goes On Forever
  Date Performance: 1978, Running Time: 2:22
  Comments: (With Utopia)
Sometimes I Don't Know What To Feel
  Date Performance: 1978, Running Time: 4:13
The Range War
  Date Performance: 1978, Running Time: 2:39
Black And White
  Date Performance: 1978, Running Time: 4:41
The Last Ride
  Date Performance: 1978, Running Time: 4:50
  Date Performance: 1978, Running Time: 3:48
Don't You Ever Learn?
  Date Performance: 1978, Running Time: 5:45
Disc Two:
Never Never Land
  Date Performance: 1978, Running Time: 2:42
Black MariaLyrics available
  Date Performance: 1978, Running Time: 5:31
Zen Archer
  Date Performance: 1978, Running Time: 5:16
I'm So Proud
  Date Performance: 1978
  Comments: Part 1 of the "Medley". Total running time of track is 11:09
Ooh Baby Baby
  Date Performance: 1978
  Comments: Part 2 of the "Medley". Total running time of track is 11:09
La La Means I Love You
  Date Performance: 1978
  Comments: Part 3 of the "Medley". Total running time of track is 11:09
I Saw The LightLyrics available
  Date Performance: 1978
  Comments: Part 4 of the "Medley". Total running time of track is 11:09
It Wouldn't Have Made Any DifferenceLyrics available
  Date Performance: 1978, Running Time: 4:42
  Comments: (With Utopia)
Eastern Intrigue
  Date Performance: 1978, Running Time: 5:28
  Comments: (With Utopia)
  Date Performance: 1978, Running Time: 7:05
  Comments: (With Utopia)
Couldn't I Just Tell YouLyrics available
  Date Performance: 1978, Running Time: 4:05
  Comments: (With Utopia)
Hello It's MeLyrics available
  Date Performance: 1978, Running Time: 4:26
    Guest Appearances »

Daryl Hall & John Oates, Spencer Davis (David Nelson Davies), Rick Derringer, Greg Geddes, Daryl Hall, Daryl Hall, Mark (Moogy) Klingman, Stevie Nicks, John Oates, John Oates, Bobby Sedita, Ralph Shuckett, John Siegler, Norman D. Smart, Kasim Sulton, Larry Tasse, John/Jon (Jamin' Willie) Wilcox

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Domestic Vinyl/CD Album

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Thom(as) (Randolph) Bell (Songwriter), Betty Comden (Songwriter), Adolph Green (Songwriter), Billy/William Hart (Songwriter), Curtis Mayfield (Songwriter), Warren (Pete) Moore (Songwriter), Smokey (William) Robinson (Songwriter), Todd Rundgren (Songwriter), Todd Rundgren (Songwriter), Jule Styne (Julius Kerwin Stein) (Songwriter), Tom Edmonds (Assistant Engineer), James Choppy (Drum Technician), Rob Davis (Guitar Technician), Todd Rundgren (Produced By), Todd Rundgren (Produced By), Todd Rundgren (Mixed By), Todd Rundgren (Mixed By), Hipgnosis (Sleeve Design By), Hipgnosis (Photos By), Rhino Records Inc. (Manufactured By), Rhino Records Inc. (Marketed By), Bill Inglot (Digital Remastering By), Ken Perry (Digital Remastering By), Maria Berry (CD Repackaging By), Don Brown (CD Repackaging By), Richard Creamer (Live Photos By), Chuck Pulin (Live Photos By), Kevin Ricker (Live Photos By), Michael Ricker (Live Photos By), Karen Darvin (Utopian Ballet Company (Crew)), Eric Gardner (Director Of Operations), David W. Robb (Production Manager), Barry Cohen (Lighting Designer), Chris Anderson (House Sound)

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(P) (C) 1978 Bearsville Records, Inc. Issued under license from Bearsville Records, Inc. P.O. Box 135, Bearsville, NY 12409.

Manufactured & Marketed by Rhino Records, Inc. 1201 Olympic Boulevard, Santa Monica, California 90404.

Printed in Canada.

For fan club information, write: The Nexus, P.O. Box 867, Canton, CT 06019

Recorded live at the Bottom Line in New York, the Roxy in Los Angeles and the Agora in Cleveland.

Remote Recording: The Bottom Line - Fedco, The Roxy - Haji, The Agora - Agency

Mixed at Bearsville Studios.

Digital Remastering at K-Disc.

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The Best Live Album Ever
Review written by Tony Cecena, March 13th, 2005

It IS a LIVE album...the studio performances are brought to life with a great deal of gusto...some of which are quite a bit better than the studio versions..like "Love In Action" and "Don't You Ever Learn". Those that do not appear to be merely take another life of their own and the lp never dulls down and rocks throughout...remember...it IS LIVE and it IS GREAT.

For Todd fans mainly
Review written by John Fitzgerald, September 26th, 2004

As Todd is known best for his studio wizardry, it's hard to put this live set in perspective. We'll start though with the closer "Hello it's me" which Stevie is on, although she doesn't really stand out here and the studio version is better. The tunes that probably work best here are the most stripped down numbers like the rockers such as Utopia's "Love in action", "Black Maria" from "Something/anything" and the popular "Couldn't I just tell you". There's a medley of soul numbers like "Ooh baby baby" & Todd's hit single "I saw the light" (once again, from "Something/anything") and amusing banter from the rowdy bar crowds but unless you're a Rundgren aficionado, it rates as a pretty standard live album with not much improvement made to the original recordings if any.

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Discography entry submitted by Jeff Kenney, John Fitzgerald, & Marty Adelson.