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Billy Burnette (1979) - Billy Burnette

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Billy Burnette

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Side 1:
  Date Performance: 1979, Running Time: 2:33
You Brought Me Back
  Date Performance: 1979, Running Time: 3:37
Niki Hoeky
  Date Performance: 1979, Running Time: 3:30
Living Out Our Fantasies
  Date Performance: 1979, Running Time: 2:50
Walkin' Marsha Home
  Date Performance: 1979, Running Time: 3:05
Side 2:
Believe What You SayLyrics available
  Date Performance: 1979, Running Time: 2:39
I Ain't No Spaceman
  Date Performance: 1979, Running Time: 3:00
Take A Listen-Listen To Your Heart
  Date Performance: 1979, Running Time: 2:33
Dreamin' My Way Back To You
  Date Performance: 1979, Running Time: 3:05
Mississippi Line
  Date Performance: 1979, Running Time: 3:52
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Eddy/Eddie Anderson, Hayward Bishop, Tommy Cogbill, Paul Davis, Phil(l)ip Donnelly, Bobby Emmons, Chris Ethridge, Shane Keister/Kiester, Ed Kollis, Mike Leech, Richard Mainegra, Jody Maphis, Billy Earl McClelland, Chips Moman, Spooner Oldham, Dan Penn, Randy Scruggs, Toni Wine, Reggie Young

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Domestic Vinyl/CD Album

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John(ny) Burnette (Songwriter), Billy Burnette (Songwriter), Dorsey Burnette (Songwriter), Paul Davis (Songwriter), (David) Marc/Mark Dur(h)am (Songwriter), Jim/James Henry Ford (Songwriter), Michael Smotherman (Songwriter), Lolly Vegas (Songwriter), Pat Vegas (Songwriter), Bob Heimall (Photography), Bob Heimall (Design), Chips Moman (Produced By), The Buie-Geller Organization (Personal Management), Buddy Buie (Career Direction), Gloria Buie (Career Direction), Arnie Geller (Career Direction)

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PD-1-6187 (LP) 8T-1-6187 (8-Track) CT-1-6187 (Cassette)

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I want to say a very special thank you to Chips and Toni for everything - B.B.

Paul Davis appears through the courtesy of Bang Records.
Randy Scruggs appears through the courtesy of Columbia Records.

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Manufactured and Marketed by Polydor Incorporated
810 Seventh Ave.
New York, NY 10019

Distributed by Polygram Distribution, Inc.
Printed in U.S.A.

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The New King of Rock a Billy!
Review written by (darla_123_bb@yahoo.com), September 18th, 2004

This is another masterpiece by Billy as with his other records and cd's. No one could take the place of Elvis in my heart but Billy. I was a fan of the King, who is gone but not forgotten. Billy is a great replacement. Others might try but none can come close.. I love this album! I love them all! It is so Hard to pick favorite songs I love them all. Don't say No is great, One NightIs as good as Elvis.I hope he has more music to come as I'm sure he will never stop. He is my number one! thank you Billy!

After a 7-year hiatus, Billy's back with a vengeance!
Review written by Michele Mategrano, September 18th, 2004

After a 7-year hiatus, this self-titled album is the first of two albums Billy released in the year 1979. This album is a great combination of song types from Rock n'Roll ("Shoo-Be-Doo", "Believe What You Say") to Easy Listening ("You Brought Me Back", "Living Out Our Fantasies", "Dreamin' My Way Back To You") to Country/Sing-a-Long ("Take A Listen-Listen To Your Heart", "Mississippi Line")! To put it short, Billy lets us know that he's back in town - to STAY! You can hear the strength in his voice. Couple that with the matured lyrics of a seasoned songwriter, and you've got a great album!

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