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Greatest Hits (1971) - Fleetwood Mac

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Mick Fleetwood, Peter Green, Danny Kirwan, John McVie, Christine McVie, Jeremy Spencer

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The Green Manalishi (With The Two Pronged Crown) Listen.Lyrics available
  Date Performance: 1970-04-00, Running Time: 4:36
  Comments: Chart: Billboard UK Top 50/40 Singles Peak Position: 10 Peak Dates: Jun 27, 1970 - Jul 4, 1970 - Jul 11, 1970 - Jul 18, 1970 Weeks on Charts: 12
Oh Well Listen.Lyrics available Tabs available Midi available
  Date Performance: 1969, Running Time: 3:29
  Comments: (Part 1) Chart: Billboard US Hot 100 Singles Peak Position: 55 Peak Dates: Mar 7, 1970 & Mar 14, 1970 Weeks on Charts: 14 Chart: Billboard UK Top 50/40 Singles Peak Position: 1 Peak Dates: Nov 8, 1969 Weeks on Charts: 16
Oh WellLyrics available Tabs available Midi available
  Date Performance: 1969, Running Time: 5:39
  Comments: (Part 2)
Shake Your Moneymaker Listen.Lyrics available
  Date Performance: 1967-12-11, Running Time: 2:52
  Comments: Recorded at CBS Studio, New Bond Street, London.
Need Your Love So Bad Listen.Lyrics available
  Date Performance: 1968-04-28, Running Time: 3:53
  Comments: (Edit of version #2, remake) (Take 4) Stereo Version. Recorded at CBS Studio, New Bond Street, London. Original Release: Blue Horizon #57-3139 (A-Side). Source: Original analogue tape. Chart: Billboard UK Top 50/40 Singles Peak Position: 31 Peak Dates: Sep 28, 1968 Weeks on Charts: 22
Rattlesnake Shake Listen.Lyrics available
  Date Performance: 1969-06-00, Running Time: 3:32
DragonflyLyrics available
  Date Performance: 1970, Running Time: 2:46
Black Magic Woman Listen.Lyrics available
  Date Performance: 1968-02-22, Running Time: 2:54
  Comments: Recorded at CBS Studio, New Bond Street, London. Chart: Billboard UK Top 50/40 Singles Peak Position: 37 Peak Dates: May 4, 1968 Weeks on Charts: 7
Albatross Listen.Instrumental Midi available
  Date Performance: 1968-10-06, Running Time: 3:08
  Comments: Stereo Version. Recorded at CBS Studio, New Bond Street, London. Original Release: Blue Horizon #57-3145 (A-Side). Source: Original analogue tape. Chart: Billboard US Hot 100 Singles Peak Position: 104 Peak Dates: Apr 5, 1969 & Apr 12, 1969 Weeks on Charts: 4 Chart: Billboard UK Top 50/40 Singles Peak Position: 1 (2 times) Peak Dates: Feb 8, 1969 & Jun 1973 Weeks on Charts: 35
Man Of The World Listen.Lyrics available Midi available
  Date Performance: 1969, Running Time: 2:51
  Comments: Chart: Billboard UK Top 50/40 Singles Peak Position: 2 Peak Dates: Jun 7, 1969 Weeks on Charts: 14
Stop Messin' Round Listen.Lyrics available
  Date Performance: 1968-04-28, Running Time: 2:19
  Comments: (Take 4) Recorded at CBS Studio, New Bond Steet, London
Love That Burns Listen.Lyrics available
  Date Performance: 1968-04-00, Running Time: 5:02
  Comments: Recorded at CBS Studio, New Bond Street, London
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John(ny) Almond, Sandra Elsdon, Steve/Stephen Gregory, David/Dave Howard, David Katz, Christine McVie, Roland Vaughan

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Import Vinyl/CD Album

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W(illiam) H(enry) Davies (Songwriter), Clifford (G.) Davis (Adams) (Songwriter), Peter Green (Songwriter), Peter Green (Songwriter), Elmore James (Songwriter), Little Willie (William Edgar) John (Mertis, Jr.) (Songwriter), Danny Kirwan (Songwriter), Danny Kirwan (Songwriter), Terry Noonan (Strings Under The Direction Of), Mick Fleetwood (Produced By), Mick Fleetwood (Produced By), Fleetwood Mac (Produced By), Peter Green (Produced By), Peter Green (Produced By), Danny Kirwan (Produced By), Danny Kirwan (Produced By), John McVie (Produced By), John McVie (Produced By), Jeremy Spencer (Produced By), Jeremy Spencer (Produced By), Mike Vernon (Produced By), Mike Ross(-Trevor) (Engineered By), Terry Noonan (Horns Under The Direction Of), Mickey 'Guitar' Baker (String Arrangement), Martin Birch (Recording Engineer), Mickey 'Guitar' Baker (Strings Conductor)

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460704 2 (CD)

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1989 UK Import CD Reissue Notes:

(C) 1989 Original sound recording made by CBS United Kingdom Limited & the copyright is owned by Sony Music Entertainment (UK) Ltd.

"Columbia" is the exclusive trademark of CBS/Sony Music Entertainment Inc./Distribution CBS Records/CBS Disques S.A.

All rights of the producer and of the owner of the recorded work reserved.

Unauthorized copying, public performance, broadcasting, hiring or rental of this recording prohibited.

In the U.K. apply for public performance licenses to:
14/22 Ganton St
London W1V 1LB

Made in Austria/Holland.



5 0997 7



LC 0149

Compact Disc Digital Audio

The signal read out surface is the reverse side of the printed label side. While the compact disc is much more resistant to scratches and dirt than a conventional record, it is best to be careful not to scratch the signal surface and to keep it clean - free of dust, dirt and fingerprints.

If the signal surface becomes dirty, clean it in one of the following ways:

1. Fingerprints - Lightly rub the surface with a soft cloth.
2. Dust or Dirt - Blow lightly on the disc and wipe the dirty part with a soft cloth, or clean the dirty part with a damp, soft cloth and then wipe dry.
3. Grease or Oil - Clean with a soft cloth dampened with ethyl alcohol, then wipe dry.

Please note that conventional sprays and liquids used to clean records may damage the surface of the disc. Use of such cleaner is not recommended. Also please do not expose the disc to direct sunlight, heat or humidity for a prolonged period of time.

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Brilliant Peter Green
Review written by Woody, October 5th, 2010

As a teenager in England in the late 60's I used to play these tunes repeatedly on juke boxes in cafes and pubs around where I lived. When the compilation came out in 1971 I leapt at the opportunity to listen to all of them at home. That is why I now own two copies of this on vinyl. When I try to obtain copies in a more modern format my searches yield only collections of cocaine induced ditties written & performed by some rich people in California many years later. If I had been Peter Green I too might have hidden reclusively for years in an Israeli chicken shed and moved irrigation pipes at night to provide myself with food. Anything to escape the anguish of witnessing the misuse of his brainchild.
Yes Green Manalishi is the work of genius, with it's interplay between vocal and guitar refrains, but equally so 'Oh Well' pts 1 & 2, (which in it's time occupied both sides of a single) which has the stamp of a classical composition, the slick interworking of Acoustic & Electric guitars reinforced by McVie's strong bass playing. Black Magic in it's original form is simple but captivating: no wonder Carlos Santana covered it on Abraxas in 1970. The moody and melodic instrumental Albatross was tragically never a hit in USA, and is said to have inspired the Beatles 'Sun King'. Man of the World showcases Green's surprising vocal range and like many of the tracks features Fleetwood's imaginative and almost classical use of soft mallets. Add to that a couple of well performed blues standards, 3 Green Blues compositions and Kirwan's post-Green Dragonfly and you have it.

The green manalishi
Review written by Anonymous, January 24th, 2007

Thé number one track on this record is The green manalishi.
A great track and very good music. But !!
It is not digital available. All Greatest Hits CD's from Fleetwood Mac are without The Green Manalishi. How come??

The best place to start for collecting early Mac
Review written by John Fitzgerald, September 18th, 2004

The 1971 CBS Greatest hits package is rather difficult to get a hold of in the US but no matter where you are, if you can get it and you want to learn about the early days of Fleetwood Mac, this is the best place to start. Although I personally would have changed the order of the songs and I think a better song could've been chosen in favor of "Love that burns". Also, I was surprised both parts of "Oh well" were present, that's not a bad thing by any means, it certainly adds some color to the overall musical feel of the album. The only two non Peter Green numbers, Danny Kirwan's highly underrated "Dragonfly" from the rare 1971 single and Jeremy's best moment "Shake your moneymaker" stand up well with Peter's pure gold nuggets. I especially like how the early traditional stuff is mixed with the more rockin' 1969/70 stuff. This is such a varied collection of the early greats, I think everyone will like at least something on here. I've heard this record described as "the perfect crash course in early Mac" and they're absolutely right.

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Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac, that is, for this is a straightforward re-issue of a 1971 compilation rather than a recent or comprehensive survey. Pulling together fairly neatly the band's successes up to their troubled leader's departure, the 12 tracks centre on the Blue Horizon era: early covers of roots favourites by Elmore James (Shake Your Money Maker) and Little Willie John (Need Your Love So Bad), plus Peter Green's own compositions, which show him developing from the derivative Rattle Snake Shake through Black Magic Woman to the more imaginative Albatross. Tacked on are the subsequent, more progressive hits: the lonely Man Of The World (from their brief stay at Andrew Oldham's Immediate), the more adventurous and disturbing Oh Well Parts 1 and 2 and Green Manalishi, plus Danny Kirwan's gentle Dragonfly, all from the first recordings for Reprise. Even so, at just 43 minutes, this is another example of archive material that could have been much better reworked. 3 out of 5 stars. (Ian Cranna, Q Album Reviews)

  • Charts Peak : UK #36 (Feb 1972)

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