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Blondes (1982) - John Stewart

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John Stewart

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Tall Blondes
  Running Time: 3:02
The Queen Of Hollywood HighLyrics available
  Running Time: 4:03
Girl Down The River
  Running Time: 4:35
The Eyes Of Sweet Virginia
  Running Time: 3:52
Judy In G Major
  Running Time: 3:57
You Won't Be Going Home
  Running Time: 3:52
Jenny Was A Dream GirlLyrics available
  Running Time: 3:45
Blonde Star
  Running Time: 4:02
Golden Gate
  Running Time: 3:46
Angeles (The City Of The Angels)
  Running Time: 5:23
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Lindsey Buckingham, Larry/Lawrence Greenstein, Dennis Kenmore, Chuck McDermott, Bill Murter/Mutter, Ray/Rei O'Hara/Ohara, Linda Ronstadt, Chris Whelan

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Domestic Vinyl/CD Album

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John Stewart (Songwriter), Chuck McDermott (Production Assistant), John Stewart (Produced By), Jeff Silver (Second Engineer), John X. Volaitis (Second Engineer), Larry/Lawrence Greenstein (Recorded By), Larry/Lawrence Greenstein (Mixed By), Chuck McDermott (Mixed By), Jeff Silver (Mixed By), John Stewart (Mixed By), Stephen/Steve Marcussen (Mastered By), Lindsey Buckingham (Arranged By), Chuck McDermott (Arranged By), John Stewart (Arranged By), Mark Shimmel (Director Of Interpersonal Morale), Kim Harwood (Cover Photographs (Front & Back)), Michael Gardner Company (Management Company)

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431/LICD 9.00019 O

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Recorded & Mixed at Larrabee Sound, Hollywood, California.

Additional recording at the Reggie Fisher Studio, North Hollywood, California and Shangri-La, Malibu, California.

Mastered at Precision Lacquer
Cartage by The Hansen Brothers
Acoustic Guitars supplied by Ovation
Electric Guitar supplied by Rick Turner

Management Company:
Michael Gardner Company
Los Angeles, California

Special thanks to Jackie and Delores, also to Reggie, Larry Samuels, LLM, B.F.S., M.S. J.M.S., Ed., Naola, Lindsy (sic), Linda, Pook, E.T., C.T., B3, Mick & Keith, Rod & Elton and Hart, Shafner & Marx.

This record is dedicated to John S. Stewart

For the 1990 CD Reissue:

Line Records, a division of Line Music GmbH.
Marketed and distributed by Line Music GmbH.,
P.O. Box 605220
D-2000 Hamburg 60
Western Germany

All rights of the manufacturer, producer and owner of the recorded reproduced work reserved. Unauthorized public performance, broadcasting, copying, lending and hiring of this record prohibited. Alle Urheber-und Leistungsschutzrechte vorbehalten. Kein Verleih!

Keine unerlaubte Vervielfaitigung. Vermietunf. Auffuhrung. Sendung! Manufactured and printed in Western Germany. (C) P.1990 Line Music GmbH.

LC 6155
Compact Disc Digital Audio

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Not one of his best
Review written by Ali, October 30th, 2004

There are three themes that run through this album: Blondes, California, and Blonde Girls from California. Of course, it's only fitting since the album is titled "Blondes." I don't think this album has quite the punch as some of John's others such as Chilly Winds or Wires From the Bunker. The lyrics don't seem to be as good and yes, I get a little tired of hearing about California. Lindsey Buckingham appears on "Jenny Was a Dream Girl" but the song is not one of my faves. "Blonde Star" is rumoured to be about Stevie Nicks. "Girl Down the River" definitely reminds me of John's songs I love best...a little more folk sounding than the others. If you get the Swedish import, you will also get the song "All the Desperate Men" one of John's best songs. Overall, not John's best, but a good effort nonetheless.

Songs aren't as catchy, but still sounds great
Review written by John Fitzgerald, September 9th, 2004

"Jenny was a dream girl" is the stand out track on this disc which Lindsey arranged and sang backing vocals on. He also arranged "The queen of Hollywood high" which funnily enough was my next favorite before I knew about the arrangement details! The former is a sensitive ballad and as with the rest of the record, it's amazing to hear how John's electric guitar style was influenced by Lindsey on this one. I hate to steal from the title but this song is absolutely dreamy and worth buying for this song alone. The rest of the songs have nice sounding production and are good but I don't generally think this is one of Stewart's better efforts. The songs just aren't as catchy or emotional as those on say "Bombs away dream babies" or "The last campaign" but not bad by any means as I still recommend it for "Jenny was a dream girl" alone if nothing else but I'm sure those of you who like John Stewart's music will find some hidden treasures herein.

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Chris Whelan is incorrectly spelled as Chris "Whalen"

Ray O'Hara (AKA: Rei Ohara) is incorrectly spelled as "Ohari"

After an absence of over two years, veteran folkie John Stewart returns with a winning LP about "the myths and reality of legendary California girls." The music is tasteful soft rock, featuring fellow vocalist and guitarist Chuck McDermott, and benefiting from appearances by Lindsey Buckingham and Linda Ronstadt. (Billboard Magazine)

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Discography entry submitted by Ali. Billboard Magazine review submitted by Luke Arnott.