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Airborne (1983) - Don Felder

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Don Felder

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Bad Girls
  Running Time: 4:48
  Running Time: 4:39
  Running Time: 5:09
Who Tonight
  Running Time: 4:57
Never Surrender
  Date Performance: 1982, Running Time: 4:17
  Comments: Recorded at Radical Records, Malibu, California. Remixed at Rumbo Recorders, Los Angeles.
Asphalt Jungle
  Running Time: 4:11
Night Owl
  Running Time: 4:33
Still Alive
  Running Time: 4:48
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Paulinho Da Costa, Nathan East, Albhy Galuten, George (M.) Hawkins(, Jr.), Tris Imboden, Russ(ell) Kunkel, Joe Lala, Ken(ny) Loggins, Jeff Lorber, Lee Loughnane, Anthony Marinelli, Dave Mason, Michael/Mike Murphy, James (Jim(my)) Pankow, George (Wesly) (Chocolate) Perry, Tim(othy B.) Schmit, Carlos Vega, Joe(y) Vitale

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Domestic Vinyl/CD Album

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Joel Moss (Engineer), Don Felder (Songwriter), Ken(ny) Loggins (Songwriter), George (Wesly) (Chocolate) Perry (Songwriter), Joe(y) Vitale (Songwriter), Doug Breidenbach (Assistant Engineer), Don Felder (Produced By), Johnny Mandel (Strings Arrangements By), Johnny Mandel (Synthesizer Arrangements By)

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Asylum/WEA/Wounded Bird

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WOU 6295 (2002 Wounded Bird CD Issue)

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For Wounded Bird issue:

(P) 1983 & 2003 Elektra Entertainment Group
All selections produced under license from Elektra Entertainment Group
Manufactured by Rhino Entertainment Company (C) 2002

Wounded Bird Records
P.O. Box 48
Guilderland, NY 12084-0048

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Typical 80's big band member solo album waste
Review written by John Fitzgerald, September 8th, 2004

Unfortunately the fears that one may have of buying a solo album from an artist who came from a big band come true here. It's machine like 80's clichés run rampant over this platter leaving little room for a spark of creativity which is a shame as I was hoping this album would show what an underrated talent Felder may have been in the Eagles community. Dave Mason does background vocals (along with Kenny Loggins) on "Never surrender" which is one of the album's better tracks probably due to this track including the most Eagles sounding guitar riffs more than any other songs on the album, it's upbeat nature will grow on you with a few listens though I must admit that I wouldn't have known Mason was on there had it not been listed as such in the album notes so that should tell you something about how UN-clearly DM sounds on this track though I realize this was done during Dave's wilderness years so that point alone may explain a lot as to why he may be low in the mix of this track. The opening "Bad girls" would've been a good stomping opener but the 80's plinkyness ruins what could've been. "Winners" is a faster tune which is drowned by unnecessary keys, "Haywire" is a galloping rocker and the keys actually do help out here but not enough in the end. There's a nice smooth sound on the laid back lighter ballad "Who tonight" which shows what good things can happen when the keys do lay off for a minute but the problem here is a weak hook. "Asphalt jungle" is a speedy stroll and has a punch the other tracks don't have but it's still not great on the whole. The tube effect made famous by Peter Frampton is featured on "Night owl" and it does remind me somewhat of the Eagles "Those shoes" from their "The long run" album but it's not nearly as good as that track was and "Still alive" is simply a bland mid tempo closer. Naturally if you like the more regimented fare then you might want to consider looking in to this but for those that don't (like me), move on to the next runway.

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Reissued on CD in 1998 by WEA International

Reissued on CD in 2002 by Wounded Bird

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