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Get Off II (1975) - Various Artists

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Greg(ory Lenoir) Allman, Mike Allsup, America, Jon (John Roy) Anderson, Tony Banks, Gerry Beckley, Bev Bevan, Mel Blanc, Jackson Browne, Dewey Bunnell, George Carlin, Willie Chambers, George Chambers, Joe/Joseph Chambers, Lester Chambers, Billy Cobham, Phil(ip) (David Charles) Collins, Paul Cotton, Dash (Darrell) Crofts, Willie/Willy C. Daniels, Patric(k) Djivas, LaMont Dozier, Electric Light Orchestra (ELO), David Essex, Josť Feliciano, Amy Fleetwood, Mick Fleetwood, Fleetwood Mac, Genesis, Al Green, Jimmy Greenspoon, Steve Hackett, Herbie Hancock, Jimmy Hayes, Carolyn Hester, Danny Hutton, Brian Keenan, Roy Kenner, Gladys Knight, Jerry Lawson, Jon Lord, Dave Mason, Curtis Mayfield, John McVie, Christine McVie, Steve (Steven Haworth) Miller, Chuck Negron, Mickey Newbury, Mauro Pagani, Ian Paice, Dan Peek, Richard Perry, PFM (Premiata Forneria Marconi), Bonnie Pointer, Ruth Pointer, Anita Pointer, June Pointer-Whitmore, Herbert (Toubo) Rhoad, Linda Ronstadt, Joe/Joseph Russell, Mike Rutherford, Joe Schermie, Tim(othy B.) Schmit, Jim (James) Seals, Carly Simon, Floyd Sneed, James Taylor, The Beach Boys, The Chambers Brothers, The Persuasions, The Pointer Sisters, Three Dog Night, Mary (Allin) Travers, Robin Trower, Cory Wells, Paul Hamilton Williams, Jackie Wilson, Carl (Dean) Wilson, Johnny Winter, Bill Withers, Peter Yarrow, Yes, Jesse Colin Young, Rusty (Russell) Young

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Greg Allman
The Beach Boys
  Comments: by Carl Wilson. Billed as "Beach Boys".
Mel Blanc
Jackson Browne
George Carlin
The Chambers Brothers
  Comments: Billed as "Chamber Bros"
Billy Cobham
LaMont Dozier
Deep Purple
  Comments: by Ian Paice & Jon Lord
Electric Light Orchestra
  Comments: by Bev Bevan, Drummer
David Essex
Jose Feliciano
Fleetwood Mac
  Comments: 1. Amy Fleetwood - To learn to grow (age 3) 2. Christine McVie & Mick Fleetwood - A limerick 3. John McVie - Some prose.
Al Green
Herbie Hancock
Carolyn Hester
James Gang
  Comments: by Roy Kenner
Gladys Knight
Dave Mason
  Comments: At NAPRA studio music from original masters.
Curtis Mayfield
Steve Miller
Mickey Newbury
Richard Perry
The Persuasions
  Comments: by Joe (Russell), Jimmy (Hayes), Jerry (Lawson), Willy (Daniels) & (Herbert) Toubo (Rhoad). Billed as "Persuasions".
  Comments: by Patrick Djivas & Mauro Pagani
  Comments: by Paul Cotton, Rusty Young & Tim Schmidt
The Pointer Sisters
  Comments: by Anita (Pointer), Ruth (Pointer), June (Pointer) & Bonnie (Pointer). Billed as "Pointer Sisters".
Linda Ronstadt
Seals & Crofts
Carly Simon
James Taylor
Three Dog Night
Mary Travers
Robin Trower
Paul Williams
Jackie Wilson
Johnny Winter
Bill Withers
Peter Yarrow
  Comments: by Jon Anderson
Jesse Colin Young
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Promotional Vinyl/CD Album

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Greg(ory Lenoir) Allman (Songwriter), Mike Allsup (Songwriter), Mike Allsup (Songwriter), Jon (John Roy) Anderson (Songwriter), Jon (John Roy) Anderson (Songwriter), Tony Banks (Songwriter), Tony Banks (Songwriter), Gerry Beckley (Songwriter), Gerry Beckley (Songwriter), Bev Bevan (Songwriter), Bev Bevan (Songwriter), Mel Blanc (Songwriter), Jackson Browne (Songwriter), Dewey Bunnell (Songwriter), Dewey Bunnell (Songwriter), George Carlin (Songwriter), Joe/Joseph Chambers (Songwriter), Willie Chambers (Songwriter), Joe/Joseph Chambers (Songwriter), Willie Chambers (Songwriter), George Chambers (Songwriter), Lester Chambers (Songwriter), George Chambers (Songwriter), Lester Chambers (Songwriter), Billy Cobham (Songwriter), Phil(ip) (David Charles) Collins (Songwriter), Phil(ip) (David Charles) Collins (Songwriter), Paul Cotton (Songwriter), Paul Cotton (Songwriter), Dash (Darrell) Crofts (Songwriter), Dash (Darrell) Crofts (Songwriter), Willie/Willy C. Daniels (Songwriter), Willie/Willy C. Daniels (Songwriter), Patric(k) Djivas (Songwriter), Patric(k) Djivas (Songwriter), LaMont Dozier (Songwriter), David Essex (Songwriter), Josť Feliciano (Songwriter), Mick Fleetwood (Songwriter), Amy Fleetwood (Songwriter), Mick Fleetwood (Songwriter), Al Green (Songwriter), Jimmy Greenspoon (Songwriter), Jimmy Greenspoon (Songwriter), Steve Hackett (Songwriter), Steve Hackett (Songwriter), Herbie Hancock (Songwriter), Jimmy Hayes (Songwriter), Jimmy Hayes (Songwriter), Carolyn Hester (Songwriter), Danny Hutton (Songwriter), Danny Hutton (Songwriter), Brian Keenan (Songwriter), Brian Keenan (Songwriter), Roy Kenner (Songwriter), Roy Kenner (Songwriter), Gladys Knight (Songwriter), Jerry Lawson (Songwriter), Jerry Lawson (Songwriter), Jon Lord (Songwriter), Jon Lord (Songwriter), Dave Mason (Songwriter), Curtis Mayfield (Songwriter), Christine McVie (Songwriter), John McVie (Songwriter), Christine McVie (Songwriter), John McVie (Songwriter), Steve (Steven Haworth) Miller (Songwriter), Chuck Negron (Songwriter), Chuck Negron (Songwriter), Mickey Newbury (Songwriter), Mauro Pagani (Songwriter), Mauro Pagani (Songwriter), Ian Paice (Songwriter), Ian Paice (Songwriter), Dan Peek (Songwriter), Dan Peek (Songwriter), Richard Perry (Songwriter), Bonnie Pointer (Songwriter), Ruth Pointer (Songwriter), Bonnie Pointer (Songwriter), Ruth Pointer (Songwriter), Anita Pointer (Songwriter), Anita Pointer (Songwriter), June Pointer-Whitmore (Songwriter), June Pointer-Whitmore (Songwriter), Linda Ronstadt (Songwriter), Joe/Joseph Russell (Songwriter), Joe/Joseph Russell (Songwriter), Mike Rutherford (Songwriter), Mike Rutherford (Songwriter), Joe Schermie (Songwriter), Joe Schermie (Songwriter), Tim(othy B.) Schmit (Songwriter), Tim(othy B.) Schmit (Songwriter), Jim (James) Seals (Songwriter), Jim (James) Seals (Songwriter), Carly Simon (Songwriter), Floyd Sneed (Songwriter), Floyd Sneed (Songwriter), James Taylor (Songwriter), Mary (Allin) Travers (Songwriter), Robin Trower (Songwriter), Cory Wells (Songwriter), Cory Wells (Songwriter), Paul Hamilton Williams (Songwriter), Carl (Dean) Wilson (Songwriter), Carl (Dean) Wilson (Songwriter), Jackie Wilson (Songwriter), Johnny Winter (Songwriter), Bill Withers (Songwriter), Peter Yarrow (Songwriter), Jesse Colin Young (Songwriter), Rusty (Russell) Young (Songwriter), Rusty (Russell) Young (Songwriter)

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Progressive Broadcasting Foundation

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From the back cover: "There is also a world of life, health, love, beauty, truth, and music. Celebrate. Here are the voices of a generation, a chorus of sense."

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Unique Collection Of Anti-drug Testimonials
Review written by Dennis Anthony Conci, March 29th, 2006

Not Meaning To Make Light Of A Very Serious Issue , Perhaps More Serious Than Anybody Knew In 1975. This Collection Of Public Service Announcements is very interesting indeed . From the ( Questionable ) opening anti-drug rant by Greg Allman through several Mel Blank testamonials , on through ( ? ) Johnny Winter speaking out against hard drug use! At the very least , the industry was trying , At best , perhaps succeeding in swaying some impressionable young minds . Having lived through the sixties ( San Francisco ) and the seventies ( The Lost Generation ) I have seen first hand what a blind belief in the drug culture has wrought. Unfortunatly it is the casualties that prove the point. And by that time it is to late . Anyway , about the album . I've enjoyed it for years , I'll put a track or two on a mix CD. I Recently burned my vinyl to CD and in looking for the cover art ( which I found here ) came upon this web site. Thanks for giving me the space to express my views , and thanks to an anti-drug lifestyle , I still retain the ability the good lord gave me to do the same. Drugs aren't funny . Dead Young People are not funny . Love the record.

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This was an anti-drug promo album which was likely distributed to radio stations for public service messages.

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Discography entry submitted by Mary Anne.