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Blue Beard (1971) - Blue Beard

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Errol Dyer, Little Sammy (Samuel) Gaha, John Irvine, Hank Meerbeek, Luis Noll

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Side One:
Sly Willie
  Running Time: 3:25
  Comments: Billed as "Sly Willy" on at least 2 original 7 inch single picture sleeves and on some reissues of the album.
Baby I Need You
  Running Time: 4:03
Too Many People
  Running Time: 3:28
God Save The World
  Running Time: 5:51
Side Two:
Goofin' Is Good Fun
  Running Time: 3:29
Country Man
  Running Time: 3:50
Butter Queen
  Running Time: 3:08
  Running Time: 3:22
Losing You
  Running Time: 3:02
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Thurman (G.) Binkley, Bob Welch

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Import Vinyl/CD Album

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Thurman (G.) Binkley (Songwriter), Little Sammy (Samuel) Gaha (Songwriter), Little Sammy (Samuel) Gaha (Songwriter), John Irvine (Songwriter), John Irvine (Songwriter), Bob Welch (Songwriter), Thurman (G.) Binkley (Produced By), Bob Welch (Produced By)

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NR 5054 (Ember) SPTYLP003 (Speciality)

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Recorded at Durium Studio, Milan

Produced by Binkley and Welch for Doug Fowlkes Productions

LP Reissue Notes:

(P) 1971 The copyright in these sound recordings is owned by Future Noise Music Ltd. (C) 2010

All rights of the Manufacturer and Owner of the recorded work reserved. Unauthorised public performance, broadcasting and copying of this record prohibited.

33 1/# RPM

5 055311 07 2

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This album was just about to be released when it was shelved. However, some copies had already been sold in Italy and are now very rare.

The "Sly Willie" single was released in January 1971.

Vinyl LP reissued November 23, 2010

Is available on CD only inside a 4 disc box set called "Ember Rock" which contains 4 albums on the Ember label enclosed in LP minuture CD sleeves.

From the Ember Rock box set liner notes:

Blue Beard was essentially a studio project involving musicians of Australian, Irish, Indonesian, Dutch and Indian origin. Recorded at Durium Studio, Milan, the album was produced by two Americans. Thurman Binkley and Robert Welch, who co-wrote the majority of the material, and - judging by the sleeve photos - also chipped in on piano and acoustic guitar respectively. Signed to Ember in January 1971, just one single emerged (EMB S 302). Sly Willy is a fine slice of funky rock. Released in different picture sleeves in various European territories, the single is now worth about 20. An Ember catalogue number (NR 5054) was allocated to the album, but it never materialised, only appearing to have been issued in Italy. This is now worth about 300, in the rare event of a mint original surfacing.

Thurman went on to contribute to a 1975 film, while Bob Welch was soon a member of the US-based Fleetwood Mac, proving to be a mainstay of the band through their rocky patch until 1975. Thereafter, Welch enjoyed success both in rock trio Paris and as a solo artist (including the million-selling album French Kiss). This is the first time the Blue Beard album has been released on CD, and we were able to master from tapes.

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Discography entry submitted by John Fitzgerald.