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Live At The Royal Albert Hall (1998) - The Corrs

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Sharon (Helga) Corr, Andrea (Jane) Corr, Caroline (Georgina) Corr, Jim/James Corr

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When He's Not Around
  Date Performance: 1998-03-17, Running Time: 4:33
No Good For Me
  Date Performance: 1998-03-17, Running Time: 4:39
Love To Love You
  Date Performance: 1998-03-17, Running Time: 4:08
Forgiven Not Forgotten
  Date Performance: 1998-03-17, Running Time: 5:17
Joy Of Life
  Date Performance: 1998-03-17, Running Time: 4:45
  Date Performance: 1998-03-17, Running Time: 4:25
What Can I Do
  Date Performance: 1998-03-17, Running Time: 4:29
The Right Time
  Date Performance: 1998-03-17, Running Time: 3:52
Queen Of Hollywood
  Date Performance: 1998-03-17, Running Time: 4:56
DreamsLyrics availableFan interpretation available Tabs available Midi available
  Date Performance: 1998-03-17, Running Time: 5:21
Haste To The Wedding
  Date Performance: 1998-03-17, Running Time: 5:41
  Comments: (Part 1)
Haste To The Wedding
  Date Performance: 1998-03-17, Running Time: 3:38
  Comments: (Part 2)
  Date Performance: 1998-03-17, Running Time: 4:26
Only When I Sleep
  Date Performance: 1998-03-17, Running Time: 4:19
Hopelessly Addicted
  Date Performance: 1998-03-17, Running Time: 4:09
I Never Loved You Anyway
  Date Performance: 1998-03-17, Running Time: 6:44
So Young
  Date Performance: 1998-03-17, Running Time: 4:25
Toss The Feathers
  Date Performance: 1998-03-17, Running Time: 3:53
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Conor Brady, Keith Duffy, Mick Fleetwood

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Glen Ballard (Songwriter), Andrea (Jane) Corr (Songwriter), Sharon (Helga) Corr (Songwriter), Caroline (Georgina) Corr (Songwriter), Sharon (Helga) Corr (Songwriter), Caroline (Georgina) Corr (Songwriter), Jim/James Corr (Songwriter), Andrea (Jane) Corr (Songwriter), Jim/James Corr (Songwriter), Dane (Anthony) De Viller (Songwriter), Neil (Thomas) Giraldo/Geraldo (Songwriter), Sean (Syed) Hosein (Songwriter), Oliver (J.) Leiber (Songwriter), Stevie Nicks (Songwriter), Stevie Nicks (Songwriter), Rick/Richard Nowels (Songwriter), Carole Bayer Sager (Songwriter), John (M.) Shanks (Songwriter), Billy/William E Steinberg (Songwriter), Mark Cooper (Executive Producer), Ray Still (Executive Producer), Janet Fraser(-)Crook (Directed By), Janet Fraser(-)Crook (Produced By), Brian Avnet (Management), Val Azzoli (Management), John Giddings (Management), Mo Green (Management), John Hughes (Management), Fran Lightman (Management), Mary Ellen Mason (Management), Alan McGee (Management), Solomon Nwabueze (Management), Graham Pullen (Management), Sharon Robertson (Management), Ron Shapiro (Management), Keith Wood (Management), Tom Howard (Photography By), Emma Hill (Management Assisted By), Aiden Lee (Lee Aiden) (Production Manager (Corrs Live Prdctn)), Alan Fitzjohn (Unit Manager (Television Presentation)), Andy Payne (Sound Supervisor (TV Presentation)), Barry Moore (Vision Supervisor (TV Presentation)), Bernie Davis (Lighting Director (TV Presentation)), Liam McCarthy (Lighting Director (TV Presentation)), Brian Rasic (Inside DVD Cover Photo), Caroline Boocock (Stage Manager (Television Presentation)), Richard Griffin (Lighting Technician (Corrs Live Prdctn)), Darren Hodge (Lighting Technician (Corrs Live Prdctn)), Martin McLachlan (Lighting Technician (Corrs Live Prdctn)), Declan Hogan (Drum Technician (Corrs Live Production)), Jimmy Colston (Truck Driver (The Corrs Live Production)), Geoff Eade (Truck Driver (The Corrs Live Production)), Geoff Kay (Engineering Manager (TV Presentation)), Simon Livingstone (Camera Supervisor (TV Presentation)), Gerry Tivers (Camera Supervisor (TV Presentation)), Helena Lowe (Production Assistant (TV Presentation)), Henry McGroggan (Tour Manager (The Corrs Live Production)), Hilary Briegel (Vision Mixer (Television Presentation)), John Parsons (Guitar Technician (Corrs Live Productn)), John Parsons (Backline Technician (Corrs Live Prodctn)), Liam McCarthy (Lighting Designer (Corrs Live Productn)), Max Bisgrove (Front Of House Engineer (Corrs Live Prd)), Mike McCartney (Crew Bus Driver (Corrs Live Production)), Mo Crowe (Events Manager), Oisin Murray (Keyboard Technician (Corrs Live Prodctn)), Paul McCauley (Sound Technician (Corrs Live Production)), Paul Moore (Monitor Engineer (Corrs Live Production)), Perry Bellisario (VT Editor (Television Presentation)), Sally Hodge (Caterer (The Corrs' Live Production)), Steve Kembery (Caterer (The Corrs' Live Production)), Tim King (Band Bus Driver (Corrs Live Production)), Tim Martin (Remixed For Broadcast By), Tim Martin (Remixed For Video Release By), Tina Bolton (Production Secretary (TV Presentation)), Tiziana Corvisieri (Wardrobe (The Corrs' Live Production))

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53101-2 (DVD) 7567 80871-3 (VHS)

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DVD Issue Notes:

The Corrs have emerged as an international success around the world, from Sweden to New Zealand, and all points in between. Enjoy The Corrs phenomenon on DVD for the first time, including the complete 85-minute show that rocked London's Royal Albert Hall. All the hits from their two multi-platinum albums 'Forgiven, Not Forgotten' and 'Talk On Corners,' are included plus a featured appearance of special guest Mick Fleetwood of Fleetwood Mac on three songs.

Special thanks to Steve Price & Angel Studios.

(Management) For Solo Concerts:
John Giddings
Graham Pullen
Mo Green
Keith Wood

For The Royal Albert Hall:
Mo Crowe

For East West Records:
Alan McGee

For Atlantic Records:
Fran Lightman
Ron Shapiro
Val Azzoli
Sharon Robertson
Mary Ellen Mason

For 143 Records:
Brian Avnet

For Warner Vision International:
Solomon Nwabueze

Special guest Mick Fleetwood appears courtesy of Fleetwood Mac and Warner Bros. Records, Inc.

Approx. Running Time: 85 minutes

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US VHS Release Date: March 16, 1999
US DVD Release Date: November 14, 2000

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