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Blues Odyssey (2001) - Bill Wyman

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Bill Wyman

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Jump Jive & Wail
  Date Performance: 2000, Running Time: 4:05
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Chuck (Charles Edward) Berry (Anderson), Gary Brooker, Bob Brozman, Bo Diddley (Ellas O B McDaniel), Lonnie (Anthony James) Donegan, Dr. Feelgood/Piano Red (William/Willie Lee Perryman), Georgie Fame, Mick Fleetwood, Clarence Fountain, Buddy (George) Guy, Colin Hodgkinson, John Lee Hooker, (Sam) Lightnin' Hopkins, Son House, Howlin' Wolf (Chester Burnett), Papa Charlie Jackson, Mick Jagger, Elmore James, Blind Lemon (Henry) Jefferson, Bruce Johnston, Louis Jordan, B(lues) B(oy) (Riley) King, Leadbelly (Huddie Ledbetter), Albert Lee, Lazy Lester (Leslie Johnson), Mike/Michael (Edward) Love, Taj Mahal (Henry Saint Clair Fredericks), (Pastor) Willie Morganfield, Big Bill Morganfield, Rosetta Patton, Clarke Peters, Sam(uel) (Cornelius) Phillips, Wilson Pickett, Elvis Presley, Otis Rush, Bessie Smith, Gil Stovall, Howard Stovall, Terry (Earl) Taylor, Ike (Izear Luster) Turner(, Jr.), Mike Vernon, T-Bone (Aaron Thibeaux) Walker, Fats (Thomas Wright) Waller, Dick Waterman, Muddy Waters (McKinley Morganfield), Junior Wells (Amos Blackmore), Big Joe Williams, Sonny Boy (Aleck Ford Rice) Williamson (Willie) (Miller), Venessia Young

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Charles Derbyshire (Executive Producer), Laura Pierce (Executive Producer), Bill Wyman (Executive Producer), Emma George (Production Assistant), Rebecca Prewer (Production Assistant), Barry Eyre (Directed By), Chris Watson (Directed By), Richard Havers (Produced By), Simon Jollands (Produced By), Emily Hodges/Hedges (Photo Research), Jilly Morris (Graphics), Paul Hellard (Sound), Rich Whitley (Sound), Derek Gruszesky/Gruszecky (Camera), Chris Watson (Camera), Hulton Archive (Archives), Terry (Earl) Taylor (Creative Consultant), Richard Havers (Written By), Bill Wyman (Written By), Pearson Broadband Ltd. (DVD Package Design), Ripple Productions Ltd. (DVD Package Design), Colin Wesley/Wosley (Titles), Dave Channing (On-Line Editor), David/Dave Richman (On-Line Editor), Bill Wyman (Conceived By), Richard Havers (Researched By), Bill Wyman (Researched By), B(ritish) B(roadcasting) C(orporation) Television (Archive), British Pathe (Archive), Carlton International Media Ltd (Archive), Center For Southern Folklore (Archive), Chansley Entertainment Archives (Archive), Corbis (Archives) (Archive), Historic Films (Archive), Emma Knowlton Lytle (Archive), Sylvia Pitcher (Archive), Red Lick/Redlick Records (Archive), Redferns (Picture Library) (Archive), Retna (Ltd.) (Archive), Rex Features (Archive), Vestapol Productions (Archive), David Wedgbury/Wedgeberry (Archive), Fenno Werkman (Archive), Bill Wyman (Archive), Chris Watson (U.K. Location Director), Neil Hopkinson (Colourist), Andrew Brown (Film Archive Research), Nick McGurk (Sound Post Production), Nick (Nicholas C.J./Baby) Smith (Post Production Director), Nick (Nicholas C.J./Baby) Smith (Off-Line Editor), Nick (Nicholas C.J./Baby) Smith (Post Production), NBD Television/TV Ltd. (Distribution), Barry Eyre (U.S. Location Director), Montreux Sounds (Swiss Television) (Jazz Festival Archive), Sofa Entertainment (The Ed Sullivan Show Archive Courtesy Of), Paul Gavin (Lighting Cameraman), Image Entertainment, Inc. (Distributed Exclusively By), Pearson Broadband Ltd. (DVD Program Content), Ripple Productions Ltd. (DVD Program Content), Pearson Broadband Ltd. (DVD Artwork), Ripple Productions Ltd. (DVD Artwork)

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Image Entertainment

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Bill Wyman's personal tribute to the music and musicians that inspired him to pick up a bass guitar and become a founding member of the "Greatest Rock 'n' Roll Band In The World," The Rolling Stones.

Bill Wyman's Blues Odyssey is told with the passion and insight that only he can command through his having known many of the legends, played with them, talked with them and taken their music to the world. Bill talks with many of the blues greats, and the program includes contributions from a host of legendary performers.

There is concert and performance footage, some never seen before, as well as candid informed comment from men and women who share Bill's love for the blues.

In association with
The Films & Art Network

Bill Wyman's
Blues Odyssey
Presented by Clarke Peters

A journey to music's heart & soul

Featuring: Leadbelly, Chuck Berry, Bo Diddley, Mick Fleetwood, Buddy Guy, John Lee Hooker, Lightnin Hopkins, Son House, B.B. King, Albert Lee, Mike Love (The Beach Boys), Sam Phillips (founder Sun Records), Wilson Pickett, The Rolling Stones, T-Bone Walker, Muddy Waters, Junior Wells and more

With thanks to in America:
Regena Bearden
Robert Birdsong
The Blues Foundation
Jane Rule Burdine
The Clarksdale Chamber Of Commerce
Sherman Cooper
James Butler/Bill Talbot at the Hopson Preservation Company
Billy Johnson
Steve Martin
Memphis Convention & Visitors Bureau
State Of Mississippi Tourism Office
Craig Braasch at Northwest Airlines
Oxford Tourism Council, Oxford, Mississippi
Valerie Parker
Judy Peiser
Howard Siegal
Mrs. Nancy Stovall
Howard & Gil Stovall
Denise Dubois Taylor

In the United Kingdom:
Klaus Schmalenbach at BMG
Bruce Clarke
Russell Beecher at Catfish
Andy McKaie at Chess/Universal
Lisa Chaffey at Continental Airlines
Christopher Davis
Gary Atkinson and everyone at Document Records
Richard Evans
Fingals Hotel
Mike & Julie Haugh
Karen Kearne-Moxey
Sally Ann Kenneally
David Nicholson
Tony Panico
Ken Smith at Red Lick Records
Paul Swinton
Penny Thompson
Maggie Woodward
Stephen Wyman

With very special thanks to:
Russell Jarman Price
Terry Taylor

Every effort has been made to trace the copyright holders. We apologise for any unintentional omissions and would be pleased if in any case should arise to add an appropriate acknowlegeent in future versions.

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Distributed exclusively by:
Image Entertainment, Inc.
9333 Oso Avenue
Chatsworth, CA 91311



Music Entertainment Profiles

Program Content, Artwork and DVD Package Design (C) 2002 Pearson Broadband Ltd. & Ripple Productions Ltd.

Scene Selections:

Dawn Of The Blues:
1. The Early Days
2. The Birth Of The Blues
3. Country Blues
4. Urban Blues
5. Robert Johnosn & Elmore James
6. The Birth Of The Stones

Day Of The Blues:
1. Back To The Country
2. John Lee Hooker
3. Sun Records
4. Chicago
5. Chess Records
6. B.B. King
7. Spreading The Blues
8. Muddy Waters
9. Willie Dixon

All Rights Reserved.

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Bill Wyman's Blues Odyssey is presented in a 1.78:1 widescreen aspect ratio.
Enhanced for 16:9 TVs.

Store under cool, dry conditions

Dual Layer Format: layer transition may trigger a slight pause.

WARNING: The program contained in this DVD is authorized for private home use only. All other rights are retained by the copyright proprietor. The FBI investigates allegations of copyright infringement, and federal law provides severe criminal and civil penalties for those found to be in violation.

Made in U.S.A.

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Mick appears in this special in a few unique intervierw clips.

DVD release date: November 25, 2003

Much of the concert/performance footage spoken of in the liner notes mainly refers to Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings from London in 2000.

(Pastor) Willie Morganfield is the cousin of Muddy Waters

Gil Stovall is a fifth generation plantation farmer

Rosetta Patton is the daughter of Charley Patton

Big Bill Morganfield is Muddy Waters' son

Howard Stovall is the Executive Director of The Blues Foundation

Clarence Fountain is a member of The Blind Boys Of Alabama

Appearing only in archive footage:
Chuck Berry
Howlin' Wolf (Chester Burnett)
Bo Diddley
Lonnie Donegan
Georgie Fame
John Lee Hooker
Lightnin Hopkins
Son House
Mick Jagger
Bruce Johnston
Louis Jordan
Wilson Pickett
Bessie Smith
Ike Turner
Mike Vernon
T-Bone Walker
Fats Waller
Muddy Waters
Junior Wells
Big Joe Williams
Sonny Boy Williamson

Appearing only in archive sound:
Papa Charlie Jackson
Elmore James
Lemon Jefferson
Elvis Presley
Piano Red

There is a general list of many "big name" blues artists listed on one side of the screen at the program's conclusion (while the credits roll on the other) regardless whether they appeared in the program or not. To avoid confusion as to who does or doesn't appear in the documentary we decided not to list those names in the liner notes section of this page.

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Discography entry submitted by John Fitzgerald.