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Essentially John Mayall (2006) - John Mayall

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Colin Allen, Tom Canning, Eric (Patrick) Clapton, Rick Cortes, Mick Fleetwood, Hughie Flint, Freebo (Daniel Friedberg), Peter Green, Bobby Haynes, John Mayall And The Bluesbreakers, John Mayall, John Mayall, John McVie, Coco (Henry) Montoya, John Paulus, Mick Taylor, Stephen/Steve Thompson, Walter (C.) Trout, Hank Van Sickle, Buddy (Robert Warrick) Whittington, Joe (Joseph Anthony) Yuele

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Disc A: Exclusive Live Rarities (John Mayall/Bluesbreakers):
  Date Performance: 1966, Running Time: 3:25
Tears In My Eyes
  Date Performance: 1966, Running Time: 4:34
The StumbleInstrumental
  Date Performance: 1967, Running Time: 7:04
Double TroubleLyrics available
  Date Performance: 1967, Running Time: 6:52
Help MeLyrics available
  Date Performance: 1969, Running Time: 6:02
French Toast
  Date Performance: 1983, Running Time: 2:29
Broken Wings
  Date Performance: 1985, Running Time: 7:03
Racehorse Man
  Date Performance: 1986, Running Time: 6:53
Tears Came Rolling Down
  Date Performance: 1990, Running Time: 7:33
  Comments: Billed as "Tears Came Rollin' Down".
Undercover Agent For The Blues
  Date Performance: 1994, Running Time: 5:50
Mail Order Mystics
  Date Performance: 1994, Running Time: 8:27
Disc B: 70th Birthday Concert (Mayall/Bluesbreakers/Friends):
Dirty Water
  Date Performance: 2003-07-19, Running Time: 8:08
  Comments: Recorded live in Liverpool, England.
Walking On SunsetLyrics available
  Date Performance: 2003-07-19, Running Time: 6:34
  Comments: Recorded live in Liverpool, England.
Hey Mister Lofton
  Date Performance: 2003-07-19, Running Time: 7:02
  Comments: Billed as "Please Mr. Lofton". Recorded live in Liverpool, England.
  Date Performance: 2003-07-19, Running Time: 4:39
  Comments: Recorded live in Liverpool, England.
Have You Heard
  Date Performance: 2003-07-19, Running Time: 18:00
  Comments: Recorded live in Liverpool, England.
It Ain't Right
  Date Performance: 2003-07-19, Running Time: 6:19
  Comments: Recorded live in Liverpool, England.
  Date Performance: 2003-07-19, Running Time: 15:30
  Comments: Recorded live in Liverpool, England.
Mama, Talk To Your DaughterLyrics available
  Date Performance: 2003-07-19, Running Time: 8:59
  Comments: Billed as "Talk To Your Daughter". Recorded live in Liverpool, England.
Disc C: Stories (John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers):
Southside Story
  Date Performance: 2002, Running Time: 4:42
Dirty Water
  Date Performance: 2002, Running Time: 5:53
Feels Just Like HomeLyrics available
  Date Performance: 2002, Running Time: 4:55
Kids Got The Blues
  Date Performance: 2002, Running Time: 4:00
The Witching Hour
  Date Performance: 2002, Running Time: 4:23
Oh Leadbelly
  Date Performance: 2002, Running Time: 3:07
  Comments: Billed as "Oh, Leadbelly".
Demons In The Night
  Date Performance: 2002, Running Time: 5:51
Pride And Faith
  Date Performance: 2002, Running Time: 4:50
  Date Performance: 2002, Running Time: 4:42
Romance Classified
  Date Performance: 2002, Running Time: 3:23
I Wished I Had
  Date Performance: 2002, Running Time: 4:33
Pieces And Parts
  Date Performance: 2002, Running Time: 4:46
I Thought I Heard The Devil
  Date Performance: 2002, Running Time: 3:59
The Mists Of Time
  Date Performance: 2002, Running Time: 7:56
Disc D: Along For The Ride (John Mayall & Friends):
A World Of Hurt
  Date Performance: 2001, Running Time: 4:31
Along For The Ride
  Date Performance: 2001, Running Time: 4:50
Put It Right Back
  Date Performance: 2001, Running Time: 4:31
That's Why I Love You So
  Date Performance: 2001, Running Time: 4:15
Yo Yo Man
  Date Performance: 2001, Running Time: 2:59
If I Don't Get Home
  Date Performance: 2001, Running Time: 5:21
  Date Performance: 2001, Running Time: 4:27
Early In The Morning
  Date Performance: 2001, Running Time: 4:06
Something About My Baby
  Date Performance: 2001, Running Time: 4:18
So Many RoadsLyrics available
  Date Performance: 2001, Running Time: 6:11
World War Blues
  Date Performance: 2001, Running Time: 4:27
  Date Performance: 2001, Running Time: 5:56
She Don't Play By The Rules
  Date Performance: 2001, Running Time: 5:12
Disc E: Padlock On The Blues (John Mayall/Bluesbreakers):
Don't Turn Your Back
  Date Performance: 1999, Running Time: 5:16
Padlock On The Blues
  Date Performance: 1999, Running Time: 7:00
A Hard RoadLyrics available
  Date Performance: 1999, Running Time: 5:05
Somebody’s Watching
  Date Performance: 1999, Running Time: 4:10
Always A Brand New Road
  Date Performance: 1999, Running Time: 4:09
My Country Girl
  Date Performance: 1999, Running Time: 5:20
The Strip
  Date Performance: 1999, Running Time: 4:48
I’ve Got To Talk To You
  Date Performance: 1999, Running Time: 5:07
Dancing Shoes
  Date Performance: 1999, Running Time: 5:05
Bad Dream Catcher
  Date Performance: 1999, Running Time: 3:08
When The Blues Are Bad
  Date Performance: 1999, Running Time: 3:39
Ain’t No Surrender
  Date Performance: 1999, Running Time: 4:05
White Line Fever
  Date Performance: 1999, Running Time: 3:22
    Guest Appearances »

Julian Argüelles, (Donald) Chris(topher) Barber, Tom Canning, Lenny Castro, Eric (Patrick) Clapton, Steve(n) (Lee) (The Colonel) Cropper, Shannon Curfman, Bob Delgado, Joe Delgado, Tommy Eyre, Andy Fairweather-Low(e), Mick Fleetwood, Billy F. Gibbons, Dav(e)y (David Michael Gordon) Graham, Peter Green, Jeff Healey, Dick Heckstall-Smith, Red Holloway, John Lee Hooker, Jonny Lang, Darrel(l) Leonard, Dave Lewis, Henry Lowther, John McVie, Steve (Steven Haworth) Miller, (Robert William) Gary Moore, Wendy Moten, Maggie Parker (Mayall), Billy (William Everett) Preston (Vasilisa), Chris Rea, Otis Rush, Greg Rzab, David (M.) Smith, Joe Sublett, Crystal Taliefero, Mick Taylor, Ernie Watts, Buddy (Robert Warrick) Whittington, Reese Wynans, Joe (Joseph Anthony) Yuele, David Z (Rivkin)

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Domestic Vinyl/CD Album

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Joe McGrath (Engineer), David Z (Rivkin) (Engineer), John Mayall (Producer), John Mayall (Producer), Maggie Parker (Mayall) (Producer), David Z (Rivkin) (Producer), Dallas Bartley (Songwriter), Eric Bibb (Songwriter), Kevin Joseph Bowe (Songwriter), Fontaine (Doug) Brown (Songwriter), Tom Canning (Songwriter), Tom Canning (Songwriter), Earl Cate (Songwriter), Ernie Cate (Songwriter), Glen Clark (Songwriter), Collins Gene Cook (Songwriter), Bob Delgado (Songwriter), Joe Delgado (Songwriter), David Egan (Songwriter), Buddy Flett (Songwriter), Craig Lee Fuller (Songwriter), Leo Hickman (Songwriter), Louis Jordan (Songwriter), Freddie/Freddy King (Songwriter), J.B. Lenoir (Songwriter), Little Walter (Walter Jacobs) (Songwriter), John Mayall (Songwriter), John Mayall (Songwriter), Buddy (Steven P.) Miller (Songwriter), Julie (Anne) Miller (Songwriter), Maggie Parker (Mayall) (Songwriter), Marshall Paul (Songwriter), Otis Rush (Songwriter), Jeff Silbar (Songwriter), (William) Chris(topher) Smither(s) (Songwriter), Michael Smotherman (Songwriter), Joe Stark (Songwriter), Stephen/Steve Thompson (Songwriter), Sonny (Alfonso) Thompson (Songwriter), Henry (Mule) Townsend (Songwriter), Walter (C.) Trout (Songwriter), Rick Vito (Songwriter), Tony Joe White (Songwriter), Hazel Leann White (Songwriter), Buddy (Robert Warrick) Whittington (Songwriter), Buddy (Robert Warrick) Whittington (Songwriter), Jerry (Lynn) Williams (Songwriter), Sonny Boy (Aleck Ford Rice) Williamson (Willie) (Miller) (Songwriter), Joe (Joseph Anthony) Yuele (Songwriter), Joe (Joseph Anthony) Yuele (Songwriter), David Z (Rivkin) (Mixing), John Mayall (Programming), John Mayall (Programming), Stephen/Steve Marcussen (Mastering), Bill Cooper (Assistant Engineer), Henry Lowther (Arranger), John Mayall (Produced By), John Mayall (Produced By), David Z (Rivkin) (Produced By), John Mayall (Mixed By), John Mayall (Mixed By), David Z (Rivkin) (Mixed By), Benny Quinn (Mastered By), Bill Cooper (Pro-Tools), Stuart Green (Packaging Design By)

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ER 20096-2

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Special Edition 5 CD Set

(P) (C) 2006 Eagle Records (is a division of Eagle Rock Entertainment Limited)


All rights of the

producer and of the owner of the recorded work reserved. Unauthorized copying, lending, hiring, public performance, diffusion and broascasting of this work prohibited.

Made in the USA.

Compact Disc Digital Audio

8 2699 9

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The tracklistings above are listed A-E based on the letter printed after this package's catalog number on each disc's sleeve back and spine though the discs are listed in the opposite order on the back of the box set.

"A World Of Hurt" is blled as "World Of Hurt".
"Yo Yo Man' is billed as "Yo-Yo Man".
"Something About My Baby" is billed as "Something 'Bout My Baby".

Disc E: Padlock On The Blues (John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers with Special Guest John Lee Hooker)

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Discography entry submitted by John Fitzgerald.