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The Christmas Album... A Gift Of Love (1990) - Various Artists

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Air Supply, America, Gerry Beckley, Jann Browne, Dewey Bunnell, Billy Burnette, Freddy (Frederick Anthony) Cannon (Picariello, Jr.), Belinda Carlisle, Merry Clayton, Billy Davis, Jr., Mick Fleetwood, Merle Haggard, Russell (Charles) Hitchcock, Brian Hyland, Al Jarreau, John Jorgenson & Jann Browne, Johnny Tillotson, Freddy Cannon & Brian Hyland, John Jorgenson, Sally Kellerman, Melissa Manchester, Barry (Alan) Manilow (Pincus), Marilyn McCoo, Mick Fleetwood & Billy Burnette, Anne Murray, (Carson) Wayne Newton, Kenny Rogers, Graham (Cyrill) Russell, Johnny Tillotson, Bobby (Stanley Robert) Vinton(, Jr.), Dionne Warwick, (Howard) Andy (Andrew) Williams, Roger Williams (Louis Jacob Weertz)

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Regular Tracklisting:
Everyday Should Be Christmas (A Gift Of Love)
  Running Time: 3:20
  Comments: by Marilyn McCoo
Winter WonderlandLyrics available
  Running Time: 2:30
  Comments: by Dionne Warwick. Music & lyrics credit is given to Leroy Anderson on this release.
O Come All Ye Faithful
  Date Performance: 1987, Running Time: 3:12
  Comments: by Air Supply. Billed as "Oh Come, All Ye Faithful".
The First Noel
  Running Time: 2:42
  Comments: by Kenny Rogers
It Came Upon The Midnight Clear
  Running Time: 3:11
  Comments: by Mick Fleetwood & Billy Burnette. Narration at the beginning of the track is by Cindy Williams.
Hark! The Herald Angels Sing
  Running Time: 2:27
  Comments: by America
Jingle Bells (One Horse Open Sleigh)
  Running Time: 2:18
  Comments: by Merle Haggard
Silver Bells
  Comments: by Roger Williams. Narration at the beginning of the track is by Scott Baio. Part 1 of the "The Christmas Medley" track. Total running time of track is 4:19.
  Comments: by Roger Williams. Part 2 of the "The Christmas Medley" track. Total running time of track is 4:19.
Deck The Halls
  Comments: by Roger Williams. Part 3 of the "The Christmas Medley" track. Total running time of track is 4:19.
Joy To The World
  Running Time: 2:07
  Comments: by Anne Murray
O Little Town Of Bethlehem
  Running Time: 3:04
  Comments: by Sally Kellerman
Away In A Manger
  Running Time: 3:51
  Comments: by Billy Davis, Jr. with Marilyn McCoo, Freda Payne, Daryl Coley and The Waters
Christmas Needs Love To Be Christmas
  Running Time: 3:04
  Comments: by Andy Williams
Silent Night
  Running Time: 3:17
  Comments: by Melissa Manchester
  Running Time: 0:19
  Comments: by Sally Struthers. Unlike the 1st 2 narrations on this CD, this one has it's own track number (#14) and "What Child Is This?" is actually track 15 though it says 14 on the disc.
What Child Is This?
  Running Time: 3:52
  Comments: by John Jorgenson (of The Desert Rose Band) and Jann Browne. This is actually track 15 though it says 14 on the disc. Running time listed as 3:52 on the disc because it's including the running time for track 14 on this disc as well (even though the math difference doesn't equate between listed time & CD reader displays).
A Cowboy's Christmas
  Running Time: 4:08
  Comments: by Wayne Newton. This is actually track 16 though it says 15 on the disc.
Silver Bells
  Running Time: 2:36
  Comments: by Bobby Vinton. This is actually track 17 though it says 16 on the disc.
God Rest You Merry, Gentlemen
  Running Time: 2;20
  Comments: by Belinda Carlisle. Billed as "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen". This is actually track 18 though it says 17 on the disc.
Jingle Bell Rock
  Running Time: 2:24
  Comments: by Johnny Tillotson, Freddy Cannon and Brian Hyland. This is actually track 19 though it says 18 on the disc.
Angels We Have Heard On High
  Running Time: 4:15
  Comments: by Merry Clayton. This is actually track 20 though it says 19 on the disc. Narration at the beginning of the track is by Dick Clark (though his appearance is only credited inside the CD booklet, not on the outer disc packaging).
Ave Maria
  Running Time: 3:58
  Comments: by Barry Manilow. This is actually track 21 though it says 20 on the disc.
  Running Time: 0:49
  Comments: by Mr. James Stewart. This one has it's own track number (#22) on the disc. "Narration by Mr. James Stewart" is printed after "Ave Maria" but not as a track, which led some to believe the narration may have been at the end of that track.
Unlisted Bonus Track:
O Holy Night
  Running Time: 4:32
  Comments: by Al Jarreau
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Scott (Vincent James) Baio, Dick Clark(, Jr.) (Richard Augustus Wagstaff), Daryl Coley, Marilyn McCoo, Freda (Charcilia) Payne, James/Jimmy (Maitland) Stewart, Sally (Ann) Struthers, Julia Tillman Waters/Waters Tilman/Waters/Tillman, Oren Waters, Maxine Waters Willard/Willard Waters/Waters/Willard, Cindy (Cynthia Jane) Williams

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Domestic Vinyl/CD Album

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Adolphe (Charles) Adam (Songwriter), Timothy James Auringer (Songwriter), Johann Sebastian Bach (Songwriter), Joe (Joseph Carleton) Beal (Songwriter), Felix Bernard (Songwriter), Jim (James Ross) Boothe (Songwriter), Bishop Phillip Brooks (Songwriter), James Chadwick (Songwriter), Carol Connors (Songwriter), Mike Curb (Songwriter), John Parry Ddall (Songwriter), William Chatterton Dix (Songwriter), Jerry (Raymond) Dunphy (Songwriter), Ray(mond) (Bernard) Evans (Songwriter), Charles-François Gounod (Songwriter), Franz Xaver Gruber (Songwriter), George Frideric Handel (Songwriter), Richard Jones (Songwriter), Jay Livingston (Songwriter), Lowell Mason (Songwriter), Steven (Michael) McClintock (Songwriter), John Thomas McFarland (Songwriter), James Ramsey Murray (Songwriter), Frederick Oakeley (Songwriter), James Lord Pierpont (Songwriter), Lewis Henry Redner (Songwriter), William B. Sandys (Songwriter), Edmund Hamilton Sears (Songwriter), Dick Smith (Songwriter), (Sir) Arthur Seymour Sullivan (Songwriter), John Francis Wade (Reading) (Songwriter), Isaac Watts (Songwriter), Charles Wesley (Songwriter), Paul Weston-Wogon (Songwriter), Richard Storrs Willis (Songwriter), Wilson Design Group (Art Direction), Wilson Design Group (Design), M(ichael) (Jeffrey) Lloyd (Executive Producer), M(ichael) (Jeffrey) Lloyd (Liner Notes), Mark Morelli (Publicity), Sara Boehmer (Project Coordination), John Ricciardiello (Project Coordination), Stuart C. Turgel (Executive Director), Children's Miracle Network (Endorsed By)

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Children's Records

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Dionne Warwick, Barry Manilow and Air Supply appear courtesy of Arista Records.
Kenny Rogers, Mick Fleetwood and Billy Burnette appear courtesy of Warner Records.
John Jorgenson of The Desert Rose Band, Jann Browne, Bobby Vinton, Wayne Newton, Merle Haggard and Andy Williams appear courtesy of Curb Records.
Anne Murray appears courtesy of Capitol Records under license from CEMA special markets.
Belinda Carlisle appears courtesy of MCA Records.
Johnny Tillotson appears courtesy of Atlantic Records.

The producers wish to thank the following individuals and organizations for their generous support and encouragement of this extraordinary philanthropic project: The trustees and staff of San Diego Children's Hospital Foundation; Mike Curb, Dick Whitehouse and Curb Records; David Altschul, Jim Ed Norman, Martha Sharp and Warner Records; Clive Davis,Roy Lott and Arista Records; Jimmy Lenner, Jay Morgenstern and Warner/Chappell Music; Joe Lake and Mick Shannon; Eli Oken, Pete Welding, Tom Cartwright and Capitol Records/CEMA; Mark, Bill and Dave at A & M Recording Studios; Sidney Herman, Dick Milfred and Famous Music; Ken Kragen; Richard Palmese, Denny Diante, Neil Nagana and MCA Records; Danny Goldberg; Morgan Mason; Eddie Arkin; Gary Keif and Stiletto; Don Ienner, Bobby Columby, Jay Landers, Dan Wynn and CBS Records; Don Ovens; Dennis Dunstan and Wel-Dun Management; Carol Connors; Bill Hudson; Jim Morey, Anna and Gallin & Morey; Michael Lippman; Leonard Rambeau, Tinti Moffat and Balmur Limited; Nick Strimple; Reverend Jim Morrison and The Beverly Hills Presbyterian Church; Barbara Hancock, Cheryl Roach, Toni Staser, Jeffrey Araluce, Steven Argila, and Joel Pressman - from the Chancel Choir of Beverly Hills Presbyterian Church; John Hobbs; Robert Martin; Steve Dudas; Ron Krasinski; Reg Powell; Dennis Belfield; Dave Soran and Design F/X; Jim Wagner; Debby Lytton-Lloyd; Courtney Strimple; Chris Lytton; Mikey Lloyd; John D'Andrea; Dan Nebenzal; Gail Levant; Johnny Valentino; Ronald V. Congemi and Rita Champ of Star System, Inc,; Laurence Juber; Don Griffin/West LA Music; Patty Lloyd, the beach girl; Blair L. Sadler; participating special hospitals for children throughout the world; all the talented performers, musicians, songwriters, producers, engineers, technicians, recording companies, publishing companies and countless others whose gifts of love helped make the dream of this album a reality; and the Lord who guides us and helps us help the children.

Michael Lloyd

Printed in Canada

A Gift of Love Benefiting Hospitals for Children

On behalf of the children you're helping with the purchase of this album-thank you for your gift of love. Proceeds from this special album help sustain and enhance pediatric medical programs in hospitals for children throughout the country.

Each year in the United States and Canada more than five million kids, who are seriously ill or injured, receive medical care in special hospitals for children. The common mission of these hospitals is to make quality healthcare available to every child in need.

Our children are our hope for the future and you are theirs. Best wishes for health and happiness during the holiday season and throughout the new year.

(P) 1990 Children's Records (TM)

Compact Disc Digital Audio

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