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Gaia - Alan Simon

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Gaia (2003) - Alan Simon

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(King Naat Veliov &) Kocani Orkestar/Orkestra (Gypsy Brass Band/Macedonia), Sushila Amatya, Anggun (Cipta Sasmi), Anggun (Cipta Sasmi), Suresh Raj Bajracharya, Jane (Mallory) Birkin(g), Angelo Branduardi, (Brother) Manu Di Bango/DiBango (Emmanuel N'Djoké), Cesária Évora, Mick Fleetwood, Peter (Robert) Garrett, Navaraj Gurung, (David) Justin Hayward, John (Anthony) Helliwell, Bones (Dwayne) Hillman (Wayne Stevens), Rob(ert) (George) Hirst, Jane Birkin & Jean Reno, John Helliwell, Jesse Siebenberg & Bob Siebenberg, Didier Lockwood, Lulendo, Manu Dibango, Didier Lockwood, Steve Shehan & Lulendo, Mick Fleetwood & Jeremy Spencer, Midnight Oil, Jim (James Paul) Moginie, Bharat Nepali, Billy (William Everett) Preston (Vasilisa), Jean Reno (Juan Moreno y Herrera-Jiménez), Martin Rotsey, Ric(hard) Sanders, Steve (Patrick) Shehan, Siddhart(h)a Orchestra, Jesse (Grey) Siebenberg, Bob(by) (Robert Layne) Siebenberg/C. Benberg, Alan Simon, Heather Small, Jeremy Spencer, Vinko Stefanov, The Holy Voices Of Tibet, Umoja, Cillian Vallely, Brank(ic)a Vasic (Vasilisa), (King) Naat Veliov, Andreas Vollenweider, James (Robert Duncan) Wood, Okna Tsahan Zam, Zucchero & Anggun, Zucchero (Adelmo Fornaciari)

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Regular Album Tracklisting:
No Man's LandLyrics available
  Date Performance: 2002-08-29, Running Time: 3:50
  Comments: by Midnight Oil. Alan Simon: Sydney: I was met and warmly welcomed to Australia by Bones, Midnight Oil's bassist. There then followed three very happy days, full of friendship and close collaboration, in the company of some very impressive musicians. There were no speeches and there was no pretence; the members of Midnight Oil are true friends of the Earth. I only hope that "No man's land" is not the last track they record together. In the meantime, they've certainly offered us a wonderful gift. Jim, Rob, Martin, Bones and Peter, I'm extremely happy to have shared this moment with you.
JangaderoLyrics available
  Date Performance: 2001-09-00, Running Time: 4:32
  Comments: by Cesaria Evora. Alan Simon: Paris: For many days, this bewitching melody had been running around inside my head, I heard a courageous woman calling, waiting for the return of her "Jangadero"...and then I thought of Cesaria Evora, the diva from Cap Vert. These humble fishermen sound as if they come from one of Cesaria's stories, the same pain, the same dreams, and Cesaria and her musicians understood immediateiy. Their performance of this hymn to life is so moving that I was completely overwhelmed and it was some time before I could listen to it calmly.
  Date Performance: 2001-02-00, Running Time: 0:40
  Comments: by The Holy Voices Of Tibet. Alan Simon: The Himalayas: On the paths of Everest, we arrived, out of breath, at Tyangboche monastery. By pure chance, it happened to be a special day on which a ceremony was to be held, a ceremony which the monks had been looking forward to for nearly twenty years! They invited us to join the reunion. It was an amazing experience. The devotion of these men is beyond belief. From the roof of the world they send us their messagesoif peace. What more noble introduction could their be to one of the leading tracks of this album.
WorldLyrics available
  Date Performance: 2001-11-00, Running Time: 5:12
  Comments: by Zucchero/Anggun. Alan Simon: Boulogne: When Zucchero sang this song, it took on a new dimension. His impressive performance seemed to exorcize the world. Then Anggun added grace to the track and Billy Preston, Jim Moginie (Midnight Oil) and Jeremy Spencer (Fleetwood Mac) brought their magical chords. There's no doubt, alchemy is at work! And we must not forget Lee Holdridge conducting the Prague Symphony Orchestra. When I wrote this track, I simply wanted to express my love for the Earth but these fantastic artists have taken it a step farther; "World" has become a plea for reconciliation.
The Lost Horizon
  Date Performance: 2002-03-00, Running Time: 3:50
  Comments: by Jane Birkin, Jean Reno & Olivier Rousseau with the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra. Alan Simon: Studio Arpege, Nantes, France: The tapes were rolling as Olivier Rousseau placed his magical fingers on the keyboard of the grand piano. We were recording an instrumental variation of 'Peace on Earth'. Some time later I listened to the track with Lee Holdridge in Los Angeles and we both loved it. He got to work straight away and wrote what I can only describe as a symphonic rainbow. With tremendous sensitivity, Jane 8irkin added the text at the beginning of the track and then I jotted down a few words for the talented Mr Jean Reno: Fly, my son, fly! In your race toward the sun, catch these stars which make the world greater. Yes, Jean, you say it so well...
Peace On EarthLyrics available
  Date Performance: 2002-10-28, Running Time: 4:57
  Comments: by Heather Small. Alan Simon: Studio "Mulinetti", Recco, Italy: "Peace on Earth" was to be the last song ever recorded at Mulinetti and so when the session began, our spirits were low. But we had to pull ourselves together because we knew Heather Small would be arriving soon. She was to be the last artist to record in this legendary studio and she knew it. Like an unexpected tornado, this great soul singer gave the studio a send-off to be remembered, a grand finale, an apotheosis. This hymn to peace, dedicated to George Harrison, will remain forever engraved in our memories and I think you'll know why when you hear it.
WemaLyrics available
  Date Performance: 2002-04-00, Running Time: 3:25
  Comments: by Manu Di Bango, Steve Shehan, Didier Lockwood & Lulendo. Alan Simon: Paris: Africa, of course, could not be left out of the voyage. Despite the hardships that this marvellous continent suffers, Africa came up trumps and delivered its astonishing message. On the sax and vocals, the legendary Manu Dibango, on percussion the formidable Steve Shehan, on vocals, Lulendo with the luminous voice and last but not least on violin, Didier Lockwood, such an attentive collaborater. These great musicians turned "Wema" into a stupendous cocktail of happy days. In the language of their forefathers, Manu and Lulendo sing: Wema, Africa, Wema...Wake up, Africa, Wake up...
On The RoadLyrics available
  Date Performance: 2002-06-00, Running Time: 3:48
  Comments: by Justin Hayward from the Moody Blues. Alan Simon: Italy: While taking a short break Justin Hayward, the famous singer from the Moody Blues, dropped by at the studio and lent his voice to "On the Road"; Right from the start he made the song his own with disconcerting ease and I knew at once why the group had had so much success. I also realized what an immense gift he was giving us! Listening to the voice of the Moody Blues I was transported back to my travelling days. Nothing had changed. The dreams were still intact, as wonderful as ever. The Earth is but one country, on the road...the answer is in front of our eyes. Thank you Justin...
Edjin DuunLyrics available
  Date Performance: 2002, Running Time: 2:19
  Comments: by Okna Tsahan Zam. Alan Simon: When I first met this giant from the Kalmouke lands, I must admit to being scared stiff. He is as imposing as the image we have of his illustrious ancestor, Gengis Khan. But when Okna Tsahan Zam performed "Edjin Duun", I heard, in his lament, the sorrow of the Earth, the tale of a mother and the song of distant stars. Listen carefully and you will realize that the great Okna is a man who fulfils his dreams.
Love Calls LoveLyrics available
  Date Performance: 2002-06-00, Running Time: 4:27
  Comments: by John Helliwell, Bob & Jesse Siebenberg from Supertramp. Alan Simon: Los Angeles: The world is being suffocated by merciless cynicism and this song, though seemingly carefree, is about just that! You are so great, so beautiful today. The Supertramp clan: Jesse Siebenberg and Andrew Hodgson up front, John Helliwell on saxophone, and Bob Siebenberg on drums. No need for effort with this happy bunch, friendship and talent abound and believe you me, after many months of hard slog its just what I needed!
Maria De Santiago
  Date Performance: 2001-08-00, Running Time: 2:45
  Comments: by Mick Fleetwood & Jeremy Spencer from (the) Original Fleetwood Mac. Alan Simon: Nantes: Thirty years ago a famous albatross soared in to the was the original Fleetwood Mac enchanting us across the airwaves. Jeremy Spencer, archangel of the slide guitar and Mick Fleetwood, master of rhythm joined us in Nantes to record the charming "Maria De Santiago". Steve Shehan put down some Latin percussion and I completed the voyage with the South American flute, which opens Jeremy Spencer's little chef-d'oevre.
Spailpin A RuinLyrics available
  Date Performance: 2002, Running Time: 3:03
  Comments: by Cillian Vallely (& The Philharmonic Orchestra Of Prague). Alan Simon: "Spailpin A Ruin" is a very old traditional tune, which evokes the infinite and sweeps us along the paths of the world. Beyond the horizon, behind the sun, behind the moon, there, each of us shall find an answer but we must not linger on the way, stuck between dreams! Cillian Vallely knows this only too well and he is already en route.
Bird IslandLyrics available
  Date Performance: 2002-07-00, Running Time: 0:56
  Comments: (Intro) by Andreas Vollenweider
Bird IslandLyrics available
  Date Performance: 2002-07-00, Running Time: 5:21
  Comments: by Angelo Branduardi. Alan Simon: Switzerland/Italy: At first there were a few simple words which spoke of love. Then came the music. Andreas Vollenweider opens the story with his harp, bringing us sumptuous variations and harmonies from another world. The song sketches a lovely mosaic of freedom. Angela Branduardi elegantly carries us to the heights of our hopes while John Helliwell on soprano sax sings the song of the birds.
Nadie Oro
  Date Performance: 2002-06-00, Running Time: 1:49
  Comments: by Kocani Orkestar. Alan Simon: Nantes: The Kocani Orkestar is about life and death. It is a never-ending story. These proud gypsies arrived full of contagious craziness. Music for weddings and music for funerals, "Nadie Oro" is a celebration of the Earth, the Earth that they embrace and of which they know all the secrets. So, let the tears of life fall, that's what they play for.
Wonderful DreamLyrics available
  Date Performance: 2002-06-00, Running Time: 4:56
  Comments: by James Wood. Alan Simon: Nantes: If the Beatles had known him then, James Wood would have been the fifth member, that's for sure! He wrote this irresistible song so I can talk about it more easily. It's a journey into the imagination. All that we love, all that we dream does not disappear but is held by the stars. If only we could fly together and reach them...I really enjoyed producing this track. Along with Billy Preston, Claude Samard, Basile Leroux and Lee Holdridge...we certainly flew!
Nani Maya Baila
  Date Performance: 2002-05-00, Running Time: 2:23
  Comments: by Siddhart(h)a Orchestra. Alan Simon: Nepal: I was in Kathmandu, a fascinating city. In the street I had to zigzag to avoid the motorbikes and funny old buses. At last I got to the studio where Navraj, Sushila, Suresh, and Bharat were waiting patiently for me. The Siddharta orchestra was born and we burst into laughter, astonished by the reunion. Everybody Wished to give their best and "Nani Maya Baila" came from this friendship. The beaaty who sows the seeds of life illustrates the concept existence. The moment I shared with these wonderful Himalayan musicians sums up well this incredible adventure. At the end of the session, it was already very late and we said goodbye With the wave of a hand. Outside, Kathmandu was still singing.
WorldLyrics available
  Date Performance: 2002-10-00, Running Time: 3:12
  Comments: (Instrumental) by Brankica Vasic (& Olivier Rousseau) with the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra. Alan Simon: Yugoslavia: We met the Slavonic diva, Brankica Vasic, in the very centre of Belgrade. It seems to me that this country has so much to say, so much to offer. In the taverns of the old toen, the last "Tamburasi" were still singing. Almost everyone had gone home but as the musicians played on, tears ran down Danijela's cheeks.
Where Is The WayLyrics available
  Date Performance: 2002-03-00, Running Time: 3:20
  Comments: by Billy Preston (with (Guest(s)) Mick Fleetwood from the Fleetwood Mac, Paolo Frescu & The Soul Full Gospel Choir). Alan Simon: Los Angeles: Billy, you old devil! When I got to Los Angeles, I wasn't prepared for this! You sat down at your famous Hammond organ and played "Where is the Way" straight off, as if you'd known it all your life. When the recording was finished, you looked at me and then laughed out loud, so happy to see my surprise and admiration. What a happy day it was! And then to crown it all, Paolo Fresu came round and recorded his bewitching trumpet.
The WishLyrics available
  Date Performance: 2002-10-00, Running Time: 5:10
  Comments: by Anggun (Guests: Le Bagad De Kemperle, Les Tambours Du Bronx. Alan Simon: Nantes: Anggun joined us on the project right from the start. There is purity in this beautiful Indonesian. 'The Wish' is a song about the greatest dream but during the recording we were all united by a single dream, a single 'wish' and it seemed to me that this track would be a fitting way to conclude a 'tribute to the Earth'. The Belgrade Opera, the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, the Tambours du Bronx and the Kemperle Pipe band are all together as one, on this track, to celebrate life, to celebrate Gaia.

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Hidden Track:
Danza Del Crepusculo
  Date Performance: 2002, Running Time: 1:23
  Comments: by Ric Sanders from Fairport Convention. Alan Simon: I couldn't resist the idea of offering you this twilight dance played by the remarkable Laurent Tixier on the vielle a roue and dear Ric Sanders on violin. If you close your eyes, perhaps you'll see strange, mischievous creatures gyrating in the fading light. Don't be afraid, follow your dreams, the last dance depends on us...

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South African Issue Bonus Track:
I Have A Dream
  Date Performance: 2002
  Comments: by Umoja
    Guest Appearances »

Jose Pina Alves, Anggun (Cipta Sasmi), Neil Armstrong, Angie Cazaux-Berthias, Angie Cazaux-Berthias, Gerry Conway, Julian Corales, Gil Duarte, Mick Fleetwood, Paolo Fres(c)u, Yannick Hardouin, John (Anthony) Helliwell, Andrew Hodgson, Kemperle Pipe Band, Kolibri (Child Choir Of Belgrade/Deciji Hor RTS), Basile Leroux, Jan Mikusek, Jean Jacques Milteau, Jim (James Paul) Moginie, Simon Nicol, Ademiro Paris, Dave Pegg, Philharmonic Orchestra Of Prague/Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, Billy (William Everett) Preston (Vasilisa), Jean-Marc Reyno, Jean-Marc Reyno, Mayana Rosier, Mayana Rosier, Olivier (Jean Marie Pau) Rousseau, Jean Roussell, Claude Samard, Steve (Patrick) Shehan, Alan Simon, Manose Singh, Heather Small, Jeremy Spencer, Kent Steedman, The Drums Of The Bronx, The Opera Choir Of Belgrade Krsmanac, The Soul Full Gospel Choir, Laurent Tixer, Andreas Vollenweider, James (Robert Duncan) Wood

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Import Vinyl/CD Album

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Fernando Andrade (Songwriter), Teofilo Chantre (Songwriter), Vladimir Karouev (Songwriter), Olivier (Jean Marie Pau) Rousseau (Songwriter), Steve (Patrick) Shehan (Songwriter), Steve (Patrick) Shehan (Songwriter), Alan Simon (Songwriter), Jeremy Spencer (Songwriter), Jeremy Spencer (Songwriter), James (Robert Duncan) Wood (Songwriter), Alan Simon (Liner Notes), Miroslav Arbanovski (Directed By), Snezana Despotovic (Directed By), Ismail Saliev (Directed By), Alan Simon (Produced By), Marco Canepa (Mixed By), Lee Holdridge (Conducted By), Lee Holdridge (Arranged By), Alan Simon (Arranged By), Alan Simon (Mixing Assisted By), Universal Music Australia (Distributed By), Rhythm Safari (Pty Ltd.) (Marketed By), Universal Music Australia (Marketed By), Michael Fairbairn (Additional Recording Assisted By), Paul Rodger (Additional Recording Assisted By), Raphael Jonin (Mastering By), Eric Chauviere (Recording), Matt Butler (Additional Recording), Brent Clark (Additional Recording), Juraj Durovic (Additional Recording), Marc Gueroulpt (Additional Recording), Srdjan Jacimovic (Additional Recording), Keith Lewis (Additional Recording), Didier Lockwood (Additional Recording), Zoran Maric (Additional Recording), Alberto Parodi (Additional Recording), Devon Rietveld (Additional Recording), Benedicte Schmitt (Additional Recording), Hemant Shrestha (Additional Recording), Jea Stephane (Additional Recording), Yves Teste (Additional Recording), Andreas Vollenweider (Additional Recording), Todd Wood (Additional Recording), Randy Wood (Additional Recording), Alan Simon (Written By), Alan Simon (Composed By), Olivier (Jean Marie Pau) Rousseau (Piano Arrangement By), Alberto Parodi (Pro-Tools Engineer), Roberto Serra (Zucchero & Alan Simon Photograph By), Andrzej Liguz (Midnight Oil Photograph By), Eric Mulet (Cesaria Evora Photograph By), Amanda Peacock (Mick Fleetwood Photograph By), Jadran Babic (Anggun Photograph By), Jadran Babic (Brankica Vasic & Didier Lockwood Phtgrph), Jadran Babic (James Wood Photograph By), Jadran Babic (Jeremy Spencer Photograph By), Jadran Babic (Jessie Siebenberg Photograph By), Jadran Babic (Justin Hayward Photograph By), Jadran Babic (Lee Holdridge Photograph By), Jadran Babic (Okna Tsahan Zam Photograph (Midem 2003)), Pierre-Rene Worms (Billy Preston & Alan Simon Photograph By), Pierre-Rene Worms (Heather Small Photograph By), Pierre-Rene Worms (John Helliwell Photograph By), Pierre-Rene Worms (Manu Dibango Photograph (Midem 2003) By), Stephan De Bourgies (Jean Reno & Alan Simon Photograph By), Murielle Lafont (Angelo Branduardi Photograph By), Murielle Lafont (Didier Lockwood Photograph By), Dude Durst (Andreas Vollenweider Photograph By)

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Rhythm Safari

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Original creation by Alan Simon

To benefit 'The Charter for Environmental Planetary Urgencies'

We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.

GAIA Introduction

In ancient times, Gaia symbolised Mother Earth and it was everyone's duty to protect and respect her.

Over two thousand years later, modern man has imposed himself with hardly a second thought for the terrible damage he has ceaselessly wrought upon his own planet. Oceans have been polluted, natural resources have been pillaged, species of wildlife have been extensively destroyed and primary forests have disappeared.

If we are to save our natural patrimony, we must act within the next twenty years but if we close our eyes then, before long, 72% of the remaining Wild areas of the planet will be lost foreVer.

Gaia is a plea for reconciliation, a plea from those who refuse to inherit a world with no future.

With one voice, 350 artists from all around the world have come together to pay tribute to their planet, the Earth.

Of course, the Earth will not be saved by a handful of songs but as I travelled from continent to continent writing the words and music, I met many determined men and women who are prepared to stand up and meet the challenge. I know that there are billions of people who, like you and me, refuse to see their planet destroyed by the folly of mankind.

Several events will follow the release of this album: a trek in the Himalayas, a book, a film, concerts and the creation of the 'Charter for Environmental Planetary Urgencies'.

All profits from these events will be put towards the making of a school textbook dedicated to the teaching of environmental issues.

Music is a universal language whether it be pop, jazz, rock, blues, classical, folk or world. Each track on the album has its own identity and its own story pasionately upheld by some great singers. I am happy and proud to have shared with them such a wonderful adventure over the last three years, but it is just the beginning.

My wish today is that more and more of you join us on this adventure, that we may walk together down the road to a new springtime.

Alan Simon
Nantes, 25 January 2003

Drums: Gerry Conway
Bass: Yannick Hardouin, Dave Pegg, Gil Duarte.
Keyboards: Jean Roussell
Violin: Julian Corales
Acoustic Guitar: Jose Pina Alves, Simon Nicol
Electric Guitar: Kent Steedman
World Flutes: Manose Singh
Cymbalum: Jan Mikusek
Cavaquinho: Jose Pina Alves
Kolibri (Child Choir Of Belgrade/Deciji Hor RTS) Directed by Snezana Despotovic


Recording studio:
Eric Chauviere "Studio Arpege", France
Additional studios/recordings:
Brent Clark (assisted by Michael Fairbairn & Paul Rodger) "Milkbar Studios", Australia
Randy & Todd Wood "The Groves" Studio, USA
Keith Lewis "Billy Preston's Studio", USA
Jason "Monolith Recording", USA
Hemant Shrestha "Opus Studio" Nepal
Alberto Parodi "Mulinetti Studio", Italie
Devon Rietveld "Fonoprint Recording Studio", Italie
Matt Butler "Chapel Lane", UK
Juraj Durovic "Barrandov Studio", Republique Tcheque
Srdjan Jacimovic, Zoran Maric "Studio RTB/RTS", Yougoslavie
Andreas Vollenweider "Studio A. Vollenweider", Suisse
Didier Lockwood "Lockwood", France
Marc Gueroulpt "Studio Davout", France
Yves Teste, "Studio Tween", France
Benedicte Schmitt, "Studio Labomatic", France
Jea Stephane "L'Hacienda" Studio, France

"Mulinetti" Studio, Italy

"Dyam" Studio, France
Mastering by Raphael Jonin, himself!

Photographers credits
Angina, Bhuba & Alan Simon by Siddharta.


GAIA is both a musical and a human epic. There are a great number people to thank. If I forget anyone then please forgive me, so many people accompanied me on this immense adventure.

First of all we must give an ovation to Danijela Bogdanovic who made all this possible for us.

I am proud and honoured to have had the privilege to work with the talented Lee Holdrige, a true gentleman.

I would like to thank Claude Samard, Olivier Rousseau, James Wood and Eric Chauviere very fondly for their excellent work and warm support.

Thank you and bravo to all the great artists who lent us their talent and thank you to the 350 musicians from all over the world who generously contributed to the existence of this project for the planet.

Warm thanks to Jean Reno, a friend indeed, for his generous support and Roger Hodgson for his superb Guild 12 string guitar!

Many thanks to my Italian friends Marco Canepa and Alberto Parodi for their marvellous work.

Thanks to the great technical team, Mr. Moustache, alias Thierry Pelissier, master Olivier Kerviel and all the people who helped us: Nathalie et Alain Le Sueur (creation of the logo), Magali Gomart, Bernard Pheline, Maurice Marechal, Natalija Bogdanovic, Marija Bogdanovic, Milos Frajtovic, Murielle Lafont, Danilo Madonia, Marine Simon, Laurence Traventhal, Michel Kyriazopoulos, Irene Candel, Boris Perigaud, Madge Malki, Zlatko Gall...

A special thought for our Himalayan friends, Ms Sangita and the hotel Dwarika (Kathmandu, Nepal) and the French ambassador in Nepal, Mr Claude Ambrosini.

Thanks to the many journalists who believed in this event right from the start.

A very special thanks to: Angoine Gouiffes-Yan, Amelie Gouiffes-Yan & Olivia Guzzo, Louis-Olivier Maury for their precious support....

Marc Chaubaron & Henriette Gorbitz, Marc & Annick Gallard, Francoise Pichard and the Cariou family for their encouragement.

A friendly thought and an ABBRACCIO to the BMG Italy team: Giovanni Arcovito, Daniele Menci, Paolo Maiorino, Alessia De Vescovi, Renato Meli, Stefano Contestabile, Francesca Gentile, Alessia Capelletti, Simona Crosio, Alfredo Clarizia...

Warm thanks to: EMI Publishing (Germany) and Peter Ende, our partners Armor Lux: Jean Guy Le Floch, society Sennheiser: Guillaume Ehret, Midem: Dominique Leguern, Ana Vogric and everyone on the promotional team, society Barko...

Hats off to Raphael Jonin, Martine Et Yves Delaunay (Studio Dyam, Paris).

Bravo to all the managers who gave their support: Philippe Lerichomme for Jane Birkin (courtesy of Universal Music France), Victorio Costa & Luisa Zappa-Branduardi for Angelo Branduardi (courtesy of EMI Music Italy), Laura Vergani, Tony Wigens & Steward Young for Zucchero (courtesy of Universai Music Italy), Louis Olivier Maury & Antoine Gouiffes-Yan for Anggun (courtesy of Sony Music France), Todd Smalwood for Mick Fleetwood, Jose Da Silva for Cesaria Evora (courtesy of BMG Music France), Rodena Preston for Billy Preston, Gary Morris for Midnight Oil (courtesy of Sony Music Australia), Michel Dibango for Manu Dibango, Igor Charghinoff for Okna Tsahan Zam, Dorothea Rudolph for Jeremy Spencer, Sylvie Rossi for Andreas Vollenweider (courtesy of Sony Music Switzerland), Natasa Hadzimanov for Brankica Vasic, Misa Blam for the child choir of Belgrade, Darinka Matic-Marovic for the opera choir of Belgrade Krsmanac, Michel Winter for the Kocani Orkestar.

Thank you to NASA for permitting us to use Neil Armstrong's voice as well as those of the NASA technicians (Apollo 11, 21st July, 1969). For the very first time, man contemplated the earth from space and came to the realization that it is a living entity!

Finally, I would like to say to Angina, the littie Nepalese girl, that she is our lovliest hope. She concludes the album with these words: "When I grow up, I would like the world to be beautiful". You are so right, Angina, we must do all that is possible and more for it is the only true combat!!!

YS Production

GAIA World Event Association:

A book - Alan Simon: "Gaia, the secret journals of the blue planet" ("Gaia, carnets secrets de la planete bleue") published by Seuil (19 March 2003)

GAia World Tour baptised "Concert for the planet"
September 2003

For more information see:

Design and painting Momo&C° - Logo Gaia by Itineraires Creatifs

(P) 2003 Rhythm Safari Pty Ltd.
(C) 2003 Isis Music/Rhythm Safari

Made in Australia.

All rights of the owner of copyright in this sound recording reserved. Any copying, renting, lending, diffusion, public performance or broadcast of this record without the authority of the copyright owner is prohibited.

Compact Disc Digital Audio

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The version of Maria De Santiago that appears on this collection is an instrumental take (i.e. different from the version which was released on Precious Little).

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