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Total Drumming (2001) - Mick Fleetwood

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Mick Fleetwood

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Demo Songs:
Mysterious EchosInstrumental
  Date Performance: 2001, Running Time: 3:28
  Comments: .acd-zip file
Straight Up
  Date Performance: 2001, Running Time: 1:39
  Comments: .acd-zip file
Dry Grooves And FillsInstrumental
  Date Performance: 2001, Running Time: 1:18
  Comments: (Blues) Folder includes 34 .wav files
Dry Grooves And FillsInstrumental
  Date Performance: 2001, Running Time: 1:14
  Comments: (Funk) Folder includes 29 .wav files
Dry Grooves And FillsInstrumental
  Date Performance: 2001, Running Time: 2:45
  Comments: (Rock) Folder includes 50 .wav files
Grooves And FillsInstrumental
  Date Performance: 2001, Running Time: 5:05
  Comments: (Blues) Folder includes 120 .wav files
Grooves And FillsInstrumental
  Date Performance: 2001, Running Time: 1:24
  Comments: (Funk) Folder includes 33 .wav files
Grooves And FillsInstrumental
  Date Performance: 2001, Running Time: 17:21
  Comments: (Rock) Folder includes 433 .wav files
  Date Performance: 2001, Running Time: 0:06
  Comments: (Cowbell) Folder includes 3 .wav files
  Date Performance: 2001, Running Time: 7:27
  Comments: (Cymbals) Folder includes 57 .wav files
  Date Performance: 2001, Running Time: 0:12
  Comments: (Kick) Folder includes 4 .wav files
  Date Performance: 2001, Running Time: 0:34
  Comments: (Snare) Folder includes 23 .wav files
  Date Performance: 2001, Running Time: 2:16
  Comments: (Toms) Folder includes 33 .wav files
  Date Performance: 2001, Running Time: 10:03
  Comments: Folder includes 63 .wav files
Vocal Bites
  Date Performance: 2001, Running Time: 0:23
  Comments: Folder includes 8 .wav files
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CD-ROM Software

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Mick Fleetwood (Songwriter), Jonathan Todd (Executive Producer), Mike Scheibinger (Produced By), Jonathan Todd (Produced By), Joe Vannelli (Engineered By), Mike Scheibinger (Mixed By), Tim Mair (Art Direction By), Stephen Sigoloff (Cover Photo By), Mike Scheibinger (Assembled By)

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Fleetwood Mac's Mick Fleetwood is the living history of rock. Thundering through its evolution, his passionate style drove the British Invasion's bold incarnation of the blues, rocked through the golden age of FM, and made inroads to new world music hybrids. Then, it happened: the ultimate Fleetwood Mac, and some of the most innovative and popular music ever created. Now, Mick Fleetwood and Sony Creative Software invite you to explore the very core of this music with the Mick Fleetwood: Total Drumming collection. A meticulously researched and executed project and a labor of love, the Mick Fleetwood/Sony Creative Software synergy reveals the shining core of the Fleetwood style, and showcases all the beats and rhythms that literally changed the course of modern music. Mick Fleetwood, perhaps the single most influential drummer in rock history, paired with Sony Creative Software, the world's foremost producer of sample libraries, present the exclusive Mick Fleetwood: Total Drumming collection - let the power of rock history propel you into the future.

The Mlck Fleetwood: Total Drumming production team gratefully acknowledges the following individuals and firms for their exceptional talent and support: Dave Chaimson at Sony Creative Software; JulieAnn Pratt and Alice Smith at SabreMark; Joe Vannelli and Joe Primo at Blue Moon Studio; Carl Stubner at Deluxe Entertainment; Joe Byrne, Assistant to Mr. Fleetwood; Bruce Jacoby, Drum Tech for Mr. Fleetwood; Steve Morris, Esq.; Ilona Todd at Ilona Europa Studios; Debra Scheibinger at VertuArts Studios; John Goode at OW Drums; Zildjian Cymbals; Latin Percussion; Ahead Drumsticks; Ernie Ball Guitars. Special thanks to Lynn Fleetwood.

Recorded at Blue Moon Studio, Agoura Hills, CA

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Sony and Sony tradmark are registered trademarks of Sony Corporation. The contents of this disc are subject to a licensing agreement, which can be viewed at http://sonycreativesoftware.com/loopeula. Using this product constitues acceptance of the terms of the agreement. #70396 (03/08) SSOOSO

Printed in the USA

Super Jewel Box

?8 55309 75046 ?6

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The above tracklisting is listed as the folders on the disc are layed out. There are 2 main sections of the disc which we've listed as separate tracklistings. There are 2 demo songs in the "Demo Song" folder so they are listed in the "Demo Songs" tracklisting. The Loops section is broken down by folders which we've listed as "songs". The sub-folders inside the "song" folders are listed as different playing styles (i.e. Blues, Funk, Rock, etc.) so we've listed those as separate performances of the "songs" while noting how many sound files are in each of those folders, unless a "song" folder doesn't include "playing style" sub-folders (as is the case for "Percussion" and "Vocal Bites") in which case we've skipped to the following process, since the separate sound files are the only thing in those "song" folders: The running times listed are what the total duration of the sound files are in each sub-folder if listened to consecutively because you'll see in the performance notes that there are many files in some folders which last less than a second each. Therefore, they are not reasonably indexable separately.

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