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Charlie Rose: September 3, 2003 - Feature Film/TV Episode

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Charlie Rose: September 3, 2003 (2006) - Feature Film/TV Episode

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Charlie (Charles Peete) Rose(, Jr.)

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Lindsey Buckingham, Richard Holbrooke

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Courtney Litz (Producer), Charlotte Morgan (Producer), Iva Zoric (Producer), Charlie (Charles Peete) Rose(, Jr.) (Executive Producer), Yvette Vega (Executive Producer), Taj M. Greenlee (Research), David G. Huppert (Research), Jamie McEwen (Video), Mike Jay (Directed By), Shaun Townley (Production Coordinator), Joanne Napolitano (Line Producer), Rob Galligan (Audio), Mark Tekushan (Graphics Designer), Gina Riggi (Key Make-Up), Charlie (Charles Peete) Rose(, Jr.) (Executive Editor), Eddie Vidales (Associate Line Producer), Eleonore Marchand (Assistant To Charlie Rose), Jonathan Bosley (Broadcast Editor), Chris Da Cunha (Robotic Cameras), Michael Vinciguerra (Robotic Cameras), Juanita Dillard (Washington Make-Up), Lea Chu (Production Intern), Maia Jasper (Production Intern), Steven Kalogeras (Production Intern), Eden Kasle (Production Intern), Lucy Long (Production Intern), David Raskin (Production Intern), Risa Sang-Urai (Production Intern), Michael Shelichach (Production Intern), Marisa Swope (Production Intern), Ralph Lauren (Charlie Rose Wardrobe)

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8 83629 04726 3

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September 3, 2003

Charlie Rose with Richard Holbrooke; Lindsey Buckingham

Former ambassador to the United Nations, Richard Holbrooke, evaluates the events in Iraq and their consequences for America and the region. Then, musician Lindsey Buckingham of Fleetwood Mac talks about reuniting with his band and their new recording, Say You Will.

Running Time: 57 min

This program was produced by Charlie Rose, Inc. which is solely responsible for it's content.

(C) 2003 Charlie Rose, Inc.

Thirteen WNET New York

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Rebroadcast November 27, 2003.

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