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I Just Wasn't Made For These Times (1995) - Brian Wilson

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Brian Wilson

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Meant For You
Still I Dream Of It
Warmth Of The Sun
Till I Die
Good Vibrations
God Only Knows
Love And MercyLyrics available
  Comments: Incorrectly billed in DVD credits as "Love And Money".
Do It Again
Orange Crate Art
Caroline No
Finders Keepers
Surfer Girl
In My Room
This Whole World
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David Anderle(e), Tony Asher, Sweet Pea Atkinson, Hal Blaine, (Sir) Harry Bowen(s), (Turner) Stephen Bruton, Lindsey Buckingham, John Cale, David Crosby, Anthony/Tony Fagenson, Mark Goldenberg, Daniel Harrison, James (Hutch) Hutchinson, Danny Hutton, Jim Keltner, David Leaf, Melinda Ledbetter, David McMurray, Donald Ray Mitchell, Thurston Moore, Graham Nash, Randy (Randall Stuart) Newman, Andy Paley, Van Dyke Parks, Jeff Pescetto, Tom Petty, Luis Resto, Linda Ronstadt, Ben(mont) (M.) Tench(, III), Waddy (Robert) Wachtel, Lenny Waronker, Carnie Wilson, Audree Wilson, Wendy Wilson, Carl (Dean) Wilson, Marilyn Wilson

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Larry Shapiro (Producer), Tony Asher (Songwriter), Dr. Eugene E. Landy (Songwriter), Mike/Michael (Edward) Love (Songwriter), Mike/Michael (Edward) Love (Songwriter), Van Dyke Parks (Songwriter), Gary Usher (Songwriter), Brian Wilson (Songwriter), Brian Wilson (Songwriter), Jonathon/Jonathan Ker (Executive Producer), Anne-Marie M(a)cKay (Executive Producer), Gloria Adams (Production Assistant), Cathy Dill (Production Assistant), Anthony/Tony Fagenson (Production Assistant), Charles Mehling (Production Assistant), Damon Nonas (Production Assistant), Isabel Smith (Production Assistant), Jeff Tanner (Production Assistant), Darryl Wright (Production Assistant), Gary Yee (Production Assistant), Pioneer Entertainment (USA) LP (Package Design), Susan Nickerson (Research), Helen Lowe (Editor), Don Was (Fagenson) (Directed By), Wyatt Troll (Director Of Photography), Alan Caudillo (Production Coordinator), Ken Kushnick (Produced By), David Passick (Produced By), Larry Shapiro (Produced By), Don Was (Fagenson) (Produced By), Justin Bailey (Art Director), Pioneer Video Manufacturing, Inc. (Manufactured By), Jane Van Dyke (Production Manager), Helen Lowe (Edited By), Rosanne Fiedler (Wardrobe Stylist), David Leaf (Creative Consultant), Cro-Magnon (Films) (Program Content), Alan Stewart (Grip), Rachel Witenstein (Post Production Coordinator), Paul Heiman (Assistant Editor), Gavin Tatro (Assistant Editor), Bob Jenkis (Post Production Consultant), Rafael Orozco (2nd Assistant Director), Scott Henriksen (Gaffer), Gino Nix (Key Grip), Bill Tricarico (Best Boy Grip), Robin Taylor (Craft Service), Randy Beuth (Loader), James Whitaker (Loader), James Frohna (Electric), Bob Dreebin (Sound Recordist), Mike Fredriksz (Sound Recordist), Gary Gossett (Sound Recordist), Jane Oppenheimer (Production Associate), Skot Bright (Executive In Charge Of Production), Tony Shiff (Executive In Charge Of Production), Michelle Cox (Assistant Make-Up), Cro-Magnon (Films) (Package Artwork), Artisan Home Entertainment Inc. (Package Summary), Reel Occasion (Caterer), Kerry Malouf (Make-Up Artist), Pioneer Entertainment (USA) LP (DVD Distributed By), Capitol Records (Photographs Courtesy Of), Susan Carson (Photographs Courtesy Of), Lester Cohen (Photographs Courtesy Of), Kamron Hinatsu (Photographs Courtesy Of), Bob Jenkins (Photographs Courtesy Of), Earl Leaf (Photographs Courtesy Of), Annie Leibovitz/Leibowitz (Photographs Courtesy Of), Michael Ochs Archive(s) Ltd. (Photographs Courtesy Of), Ed Roach (Photographs Courtesy Of), Sire (Records) (Photographs Courtesy Of), Ed Vandegrift (Photographs Courtesy Of), Julien Wasser (Photographs Courtesy Of), Audree Wilson (Photographs Courtesy Of), 525 Post Production (Post Services Provided By), Alpha Cine (Processing By), Andrew G. Doe (London Research), Archive Films, Inc. (Archival Footage Supplied By), Producers Library Service (Archival Footage Supplied By), Mark Boccaccio (Sound Editor (New York Crew)), Bruce Greenspan (Sound Editor (New York Crew)), (Young) Dan Bosworth (Concert Recording Engineered By), Rik Pekkonen (Concert Recording Engineered By), (Young) Dan Bosworth (Concert Recording Mixed By), Rik Pekkonen (Concert Recording Mixed By), Liam Clark (Add'l 1st AC), Rob Ruiz (Add'l 1st AC), Dan Venti (Add'l 1st AC), David Devlin (Gaffer (New York Crew)), Roch Dutkowiak (Gaffer (New York Crew)), David Lanzenberg (2nd AC), David Leaf (Historian), Eric Behrend (New York Crew Mixed By), Mary Collangelo (Production Assistant (New York Crew)), Gary Ives (Production Assistant (New York Crew)), Randy Beuth (Add'l 2nd AC), Patrick Simpson (Add'l 2nd AC), James Whitaker (Add'l 2nd AC), Jeb Bailey (Art Assistant), Jeremy Briggs (Add'l Camera Operator), Scott Henriksen (Add'l Camera Operator), John Gurrin (Sound Mixer (New York Crew)), K&D Negative Cutters (Negative Cutter (New York Crew)), Ken Rudolph (Photo Animation (New York Crew)), Melody Maker (Articles Supplied By), New Musical Express (Articles Supplied By), Michael Safronski (1st AC (New York Crew)), Otto Nemenz Intl. (Arriflex Cameras By), Paskal Lighting (Lighting Equipment Supplied By), Paskal Lighting (Grip Equipment Supplied By), Radio Yesteryear (Archival Audio Supplied By), Roll(ing) Sound (Services) (Sound Equipment Supplied By), Sergio Arguello (1st AC), Sergio Arguello (Add'l Operator), Susan Nickerson (Clearance), The Peter Reum Archive Collection (Archival Photographs Supplied By), Typesetting, Ink. (Titles (New York Crew)), Ken Allan (Best Boy Electric)

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Artisan Home Entertainment

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"There's more than 'fun, fun, fun' in this stinging, sensationally good documentary about the Beach Boys' Brian Wilson." - Rolling Stone

3 1/2 stars - USA Today

"One of rock's great visionaries." - Interview Magazine

"A tender portrayal of Wilson's life and music." - Newsweek

As the undeniable force behind the Beach Boys, Brian Wilson led the group into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Through a richly woven tapestry of candid interviews with family, friends, peers and Wilson himself, "I Just Wasn't Made For These Times" chronicles his remarkable, tumultuous life.

Rock luminaries, ranging from the Velvet Underground's John Cale, David Crosby and Graham Nash to Tom Petty and Sonic Youth's Thurston Moore, all comment on and pay tribute to Wilson's work. Memories from his daughters, Carnie and Wendy (of Wilson-Phillips fame), round out an insightful documentary that captures the playfulness, genius and unconquerable spirit of an American pop visionary.

A Palomar Pictures Production In Association with Cro-Magnon Films

Special Thanks To:
David Anderle
Tony Asher
Kim Basinger
Hal Blaine
Chuck Britz
Lindsey Buckingham
John Cale
Gemma Corfield
David Crosby
Jonathan Dana
Laura Gross
Daniel Harrison
Jamkae Highwater - Author of Myth and Sexuality and The Language of Vision
Daniel Hutton
Jack Leitenberg
Allen Lenard
Martha Luttrell
Paul McCartney
Thurston Moore
Graham Nash
Randy Newman
Andy Paley
Van Dyke Parks
Tom Petty
Linda Ronstadt
Richard Sloan
Gary Trudeau
Lenny Waronker
Audree Wilson
Carl Wilson
Carnie Wilson
Marilyn Wilson
Wendy Wilson
Mondrian Hotel, West Hollywood, California
Mayflower Hotel, New York

Read the book "The Beach Boys and the California Dream" by David Leaf.

Soundtrack album available on MCA Records in record stores everywhere

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Mixed in stereo at Ground Control Studios

(C) Copyright Cro-Magnon Films/Palomar Pictures

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Approx. Feature Running Time: 69 Min.

Not Rated

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Widescreen Edition


Program Content and Package Artwork: 1995 Cro-Magnon.

Package Summary: 1999 Artisan Home Entertainment Inc.
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Lindsey appears in a few original interview clips throughout this documentary.

Released on VHS January 24, 1996
Released on DVD August 31, 1999.

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Discography entry submitted by John Fitzgerald.