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Destiny Rules - Fleetwood Mac

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Destiny Rules (2004) - Fleetwood Mac

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Lindsey Buckingham, Mick Fleetwood, John McVie, Stevie Nicks

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There are no songs entered for Destiny Rules.
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Jeffrey Kent Ayeroff, Leelee Buckingham, Will Buckingham, Kristen Buckingham, John Bunker, Rob Cavallo, Sharon Celani, Eilynn Chapman, Lester Comacho, Tony Dimitriades, Maddy Felsch, Neale Heywood, Taku(ya) Hirano, Marty Hom, Karen (Williams) Johnston, Ray(mond) Lindsey, Kaitlin Lindsey, Chris Lord-Alge, Sheryl Louis, Molly McVie, Kellianne Murphy, Mark Needham, Jessica James Nicks, Al Ortiz, Neal Preston, Diarmuid Quinn, Carlos Rios, Sara Bella Donna, Mindy Stein, Carl Stubner, Sulamith, Brett Tuggle, Tom Whalley

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Matt Baumann (Directed By), Kyle Einhorn (Directed By), Matt Baumann (Produced By), Kyle Einhorn (Produced By), Steve (Steven Jay) Ross (Rechnitz) (Produced By), Brad Hazen (Technical Advisor), Ken Holt (Technical Advisor), Alex Skorzov (Technical Advisor), BMG Distribution (Manufactured By), BMG Distribution (Distributed By), Charlie Sange (Edited By), Art Wright (Mixer), Matt (C.) Burnett (Assistant Editor), Mindy Hernandez (Assistant Editor), Seth Silberfein (Assistant Editor), Greg Cover (Camera Operator), Christi McLean (Camera Operator), Steve(n) (W.) Ross (Camera Operator), Charlie Sange (Camera Operator), Seth Silberfein (Camera Operator), Pete Wilson (Camera Operator), Jeff Skinner (Online Editor), Jeff Skinner (Colorist), Dara Lasky (Production Support (LA)), P.J. Connelly (Production Support (PHX)), Ken Kretzschmar (Sound Recorded By), Stevan Pope (Sound Recorded By), Chris Rush (Sound Recorded By), Tim Schmidt (Sound Recorded By), Matt Struski (Sound Recorded By), Sherman Toy (Sound Recorded By), Playground (Media Group) (Post Production Provided By), Lisa Ashe (Post Production Producer), Rebecca Jasmine (Post Production Producer), Richard Mann (Post Production Producer), Michael Raimondi (Post Production Producer), Harley Rinzler (Post Production Producer), Jamie Smith (Post Production Producer), Ryan Halferty (Apprentice Assistant Editor), Moon Hansen (Apprentice Assistant Editor), Kyle Roper (Apprentice Assistant Editor), Joe Ross (Apprentice Assistant Editor), Joe Morrison (Additional Online Editor), Patrick Poulatian (Additional Online Editor), Nigel Randall (Additional Online Editor), Sam Emerson (Still Photographs By), Herbert Wheeler Worthington, III (Still Photographs By), Michael Cassidy (First Assistant Camera), Ryan Zuttermeister (Assistant Editor (Harley's House))

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06076 88386-9

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" up-close-and-personal look...this documentary is one of the most honest ever on the business of rock 'n' roll. - NY Post

"...a remarkable special...the clash and synthesis between commercial and artistic impulses...a squirmily raw look at the inner life of a rock group." - Entertainment Weekly

Fleetwood Mac: Destiny Rules captures the ups and downs of this legendary band and proves that time doesn't always heal all wounds.

Starting in the fall of 2001, filmmakers Matt Baumann and Kyle Einhorn follow Fleetwood Mac's every move as they reunite to record their first new studio album in 15 years.

Culled from over 500 hours of footage, this documentary follows the band members as they record SAY YOU WILL and prepare for a world tour.

From Stevie Nicks' first day in the studio until the band walks onstage, you are a fly-on-the-wall to the 30-year saga that is Fleetwood Mac.

Candlewood Films Presents

Fleetwood Mac
Destiny Rules

Mick Fleetwood
John McVie
Lindsey Buckingham
Stevie Nicks

1. Prologue
2. Titles
3. Stevie Arrives
4. The Past
5. To Work
6. Labels
Creating The Album
7. Double Album?
8. Thrown Down
9. Mixers
10. The Fight
11. Back To Work
12. Photo Shoot
Road To The Tour
13. Culver
14. Double Resolution
15. Rehearsals
16. Vocal Rehearsals
17. Columbus
18. End Credts

Original music by Fleetwood Mac

Sound mixed at Thunder

Post production provided by
Santa Monica

Special thanks to:
Ray Lindsey
Karen Johnston
Tony Dimitriades
Howard Kaufman
Sheryl Louis
Robert Richards
Carl Stubner
Omar Abderrahman
Chris Adamson
Jeff Ayeroff
Allana Ayoub
Kristin Baumann
Susan Baumann
Priscilla Baumann
David Baumann
JoAnn Baumann
Ilga Berzins
John Beug
Kristen Buckingham
Will Buckingham
Leelee Buckingham
John Bunker
Matt "Barry" Burnett
Gene Castellino
Lenny Castro
Rob Cavallo
Sharon Celani
Eilynn Chapman
Blain Clausen
Lester Comacho
Cameron Crowe
Russell Curtis
Gina Deaton
Jared Diether
Laura Dillon
Traci Einhorn
Charli Einhorn
David M. Fabrizio
Lynn Fleetwood
Tiffany Goble
Magda Greene
Ryan Hafferty
Moon Hansen
Walter Harris
Brad Hazen
Mindy Hernandez
Neale Heywood
Taku Hirano
Doria Holmboe
Marty Hom
Bruce Jacoby
Andrea Kramer
Jeremy Lappen
Kaitlin Lindsey
Chris Lord-Alge
Christi McLean
George McLean
Dave Natale
Mark Needham
Al Ortiz
Scott Plunkett
Neal Preston
Irwin Rennert
Steve Rinkov
Carlos Rios
Kyle Roper
Joe Ross
LeeAnn Ross
Natalia Schkliar
Mark Schulman
Dave Scott
Brent Silverberg
Kyle Simmons
Alex Skorzov
Mindy Stein
Einar Thorstonson
Brett Tuggle
Waddy Wachtel
Tom Whalley
Rick Wolf

Thanks To:
America West Arena/Phoenix, AZ
Audio Specialties Group/Burbank, CA
The Culver Studios/Culver City, CA
Dalt's Bar & Grill/Burbank, CA
Direct Lighting, Inc.
Edgewise Media/Hollywood, CA
Enchanted band & management
Hollywood Sound
JGF/Hollywood, CA
Miani's Bar/Columbus, OH
Personal Results/Los Angeles/CA
Samy's Camera/Hollywood & Pasadena, CA
Schottenstein Arena/Columbus, OH
Warner Bros. Records
Wexler Video/Burbank, CA
Woody's Sports Bar/Columbus, OH

Very Special Thanks To:

Courtesy of Warner Reprise Video 1997 Reprise Records

Fleetwood Mac appears courtesy of Warner Brothers Records/Reprise Records

Audio: 2.0 Dolby Digital Stereo

NTSC Region Code 0 - English only

Aspect Ratio: 16x9

Sanctuary Visual Entertainment

(P) 2004 Fleetwood Mac 2001 Sublicensed to Sanctuary Records Group Inc. under exclusive license to Sanctuary Records Group Ltd.

(C) 2004 Sanctuary Records Group Inc. under exclusive license to Sanctuary Records Group Ltd.

Manufactured and Distributed in the United States by
BMG Distribution, a unit of BMG Entertainment
1540 Broadway
New York, NY 10036

BMG is a trademark of BMG Music

Unauthorized copying is against federal law.

Sanctuary Records is a label of Sanctuary Records Group Ltd.

Made in the USA.

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