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A Touch Of Sunburn (1986) - The Enemy Within

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Ed Deane, Lawrence/Laurence Garman, Gypie Mayo, Gary Peters, The Raven (Lawrie Gaines)

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Side A:
All Quiet
  Running Time: 4:40
Chinese White Boy
  Running Time: 3:46
  Comments: (Ed Deane) says he overdubbed his part later.
Rock And Roll Feeling
  Running Time: 3:49
  Running Time: 4:52
Four Minute Melody
  Running Time: 2:45
Post Modern Blues
  Running Time: 3:21
Side B:
Eprom Song
  Running Time: 3:11
Intensity Of Vision
  Running Time: 3:06
Camel's Eye Blues
  Running Time: 3:34
Way You Dance
  Running Time: 2:36
End Zone
  Running Time: 5:46
Nietzsche's Ass
  Running Time: 2:56
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Mick Green, Peter Green

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Import Vinyl/CD Album

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The Raven (Lawrie Gaines) (Songwriter), The Raven (Lawrie Gaines) (Songwriter), The Raven (Lawrie Gaines) (Programming), The Raven (Lawrie Gaines) (Programming), The Raven (Lawrie Gaines) (Produced By), The Raven (Lawrie Gaines) (Produced By)

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Red Lightnin'

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RL 0067

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Taking Blues into a new dimension. The Enemy Within represents NOW, in the same vein that Jimi Hendrix explored new galaxies that Blues could reach during the 60s. This is Modern Music, mixing traditional formats, musicians and machines, but still retaining all the rawness and feel of the Blues idiom.

The material is best described as an unique hybrid of Captain Beefheart (who, incidentally, instigated this recording!), Howlin' Wolf and Ry Cooder, yet at the same time sounding tangential to them all - a living example of true blue new waves. One listen, and you will agree!

Here are a few short lines on the participants:-

The Raven

From 'Metropolis Blues' - later The Yardbirds' to The Cobras' and the present day - this man, who shall remain anonymous but is better known as Laurie G. still needs to play music, in between stints as a senior lecturer at the Royal College Of Art. A meeting with Don Van Vliet (Captain Beefheart)Don Van Vliet (Captain Beefheart) awoke him from his musical slumbers, resulting in this disc. The Raven knows how to read and write, but is saving Hegel for his (unlikely) retirement.

Mick Green

His classic Rock & Roll guitar sounds as fresh today as it ever did with Johnny Kidd & The Pirates. The Rockashakes and many other 60s bands. Pure blood pumping innocence. Radiation sickness can be cured. Mick would like to add that 100% mortgages (non-status) can be arranged.

Ed Deane

The Blues and slide playing of Ed Deane has covered the spectrum from Arthur Crudup and Fred McDowell to Alexis Korner, Graham Parker and Juice On The Loose. As a left-handed Blues player and a right-handed classical player, he really encompasses the field.

Gypie Mayo

Best known for his work with Joe Brown and later Dr Feelgood (their only hit single, 'Milk And Alcohol'). Gypie Mayo's aggressively clear-cut Rock guitar is heard on 'Camel's Eye Blues', 'Nietzche's Ass' and 'Rock & Roll Feeling',

Peter Green

When B.B. King was asked whom he most admired among British guitar players, he replied "Peter Green!" Peter is a long way from John Mayall, Fleetwood Mac, etc. today; his appearances are rare, but the style and inspiration are still there.

Gary Peters

A truly post-modern player. From The Blues to Schoenberg and Lol Coxhill, Gary is a musical ironist and master of many styles. Hear him on 'Four Minute Melody' and 'Post Modern Blues'.

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This album was originally released in 1986 as "A Touch Of Sunburn". In 1991 it was reissued with bonus tracks on CD as "Two Greens Make A Blues". This expanded edition was later re-released under the title "Greens' Blues" in 1998, and then again with 2 bonus tracks in 2003 as "Post Modern Blues".

Peter Green has neither lyrics or vocals on the album and is only one of six guitarists credited. He is listed for bass as well. Unfortunately, the album's liner notes do not indicate which songs he's on (though The Raven did reportedly say in a Record Collector interview that Peter did play on "Chinese White Boy" though he couldn't remember which other tracks he was on, possibly "Post Modern Blues" and/or "Eprom Song").

Ed Deane can also only say for sure that Peter only played on 'Chinese White Boy'. On that track (Peter) played bass and acoustic slide and (Ed) played guitar synth overdubbing his part later.

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Discography entry submitted by Marty Adelson.