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Orders From Headquarters (1982) - Robbie Patton

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Robbie Patton

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Victim Of Your LoveLyrics available
  Running Time: 3:55
LouiseLyrics available
  Running Time: 4:10
It's Your HeartLyrics available
  Running Time: 3:50
Lonely NightsLyrics available
  Running Time: 4:58
Feel The FlowLyrics available
  Running Time: 3:27
Orders From HeadquartersLyrics available
  Running Time: 4:25
Tell Her GoodbyeLyrics available
  Running Time: 4:10
Smiling IslandsLyrics available
  Running Time: 4:27
  Comments: Chart: Billboard US Hot 100 Singles Peak Position: 52 Peak Dates: May 14, 1983 Weeks On Charts: 12
All Because Of YouLyrics available
  Running Time: 3:05
Look AwayLyrics available
  Running Time: 3:55
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Alex Acuna, David Adelstein, Kirk Arthur, Joey Brasler, Mike/Michael Hamilton, Kurt Howell, Christine McVie, Stevie Nicks, Tim(othy B.) Schmit, Robin Sylvester

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Domestic Vinyl/CD Album

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David Adelstein (Songwriter), Joey Brasler (Songwriter), Curry Grant (Songwriter), Robbie Patton (Songwriter), Chris(topher) Callis (Photography), Larry Vigon (Art Direction), Larry Vigon (Design), Peter Coleman (Produced By), Robbie Patton (Produced By), Steve/Stephen Hall (Mastered By), Shankman-De Blasio (Direction), David Hernandez (Inside Photography), Robbie Patton (Inside Photography), David Hernandez (Engineering Assistance)

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Recorded and mixed at M.C.A. Whitney, Glendale, California

Special thank you's go to:
Curry Grant and Randy Skirvin - Production Coordinators
Mickey Shapiro, Steven Steinberg, Steven Mengel, Kerren and Laurie, Doug Morris, Paul Cooper, Brian Adams, Arline Adams, John D. Garret, Pierce-Waring, Diane Duarte of Nike, Barry Unger and staff, Bill Zeltonoga, Stephanie Seibert, Susan Hendler
To all the wives and girlfriends of those concerned; David, Robin, Kirk and Joey, and Dave Rodriguez and especially Peter Coleman; to my family across the sea, much love.

Christine McVie appears courtesy of Warner Bros. Records
Stevie Nicks appears courtesy of Modern/Atco Records
Timothy Schmit appears courtesy of Asylum Records

Shankman-De Blasio
Santa Monica, Ca. 90405

This album is dedicated to Miss Mary B. Torrey

(P) (C) 1982 Mfg. by Atlantic Recording Corp. (for the United States and WEA International Inc. for the world outside of the United States), A Warner Communications Company
75 Rockefeller Plaza
New York, New York 10019

Printed in U.S.A.

Warning: Unauthorized reproduction of this recording is prohibited by Federal law and subject to criminal prosecution.


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A lost gem...
Review written by Jon the Moonspinner, February 16th, 2010

I remember hearing "Smiling Islands" on the radio and being drawn in by the intimate lyric and congenial, sing-song melody--but when Stevie Nicks suddenly appeared halfway through, echoing Robbie's initial part in her bewitching way, I knew I had to have it! Trouble was, though the single could be purchased at Tower and Licorice Pizza, nobody stocked the album. Years later, I found promo after promo in obscure record stores, and learned to love the rest of "Headquarters" (it does take a while). "Smiling islands" will always be the highlight, however.

Better as a whole than Distant shores
Review written by John Fitzgerald, August 28th, 2004

This time around, Patton opts for a more stadium rock approach with more power chords on guitars and more echo effect on keyboards. Naturally, the near hit single "Smiling islands" is the best moment, an emotional ballad which keeps one waiting for Stevie's spotlight section towards the close and it's worth the wait. The closer, "Look away" has Christine helping out on backing vocals too and this also ranks well above average but Robbie goes it alone the rest of the set which may have hurried his place in musical obscurity along as the worst parts are cardboard rock but there's some good moments too like the title track that kicks off side two of the album. On the whole, probably a little more colorful than "Distant shores" but the absence of Mac can be apparent throughout.

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