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All Visitor Reviews for Fritz Sampler for The Penguin
(4.66/5.04.66/5.04.66/5.04.66/5.04.66/5.0 from 29 Reviews)

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I Remember..... (5/5.05/5.05/5.05/5.05/5.0)
Review written by walkamps from California, USA, February 2nd, 2007

I was lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time!
I first saw Fritz open for Janis and Big Brother in SJ. Was at Winterland when they brought the crowd to their feet!(as the opening act, this was not the norm!)Was there at that Fremont HS show (Sunnyvale) And they played my Junior Prom! I'm a lucky guy.
Thanks for the memories....

The good old days (5/5.05/5.05/5.05/5.05/5.0)
Review written by Anonymous from Sacramento Calif., September 10th, 2006

I remember as a kid growing up, when Fritz would get together at my cousins house, It always made me want to be just like Bobby, I guess you can say I looked up to him, and the music, that fritz played.

ABSOLUTELY AWESOME!!!!! : ) (5/5.05/5.05/5.05/5.05/5.0)
Review written by Anonymous from Gilbert, AZ, August 12th, 2006

I know a bit about Stevie and Lindsey, particularly in Fleetwood Mac, and I've heard a lot of music and seen plenty of music videos and documentaries, but I had only read about Fritz. So when I heard them, it was incredible!!!! Oh my gosh!!! I really really enjoyed listening to the keyboard playing, particularly on Reconsider (that has like one of the most awesome keyboard parts I have ever heard) and I thought the voices really complimented the music. It is SOOO COOL!!! The sound quality could be better, of course, but the way it is still rocks!
This music makes me wish I were alive then to hear all of it! I would love to hear the full songs! And if there is one out there, I'd love to hear a studio recording of Georgia, and maybe the Power and Yellow. Oh, and by the way, I WOULD DEFINITELY BUY THIS MUSIC IF IT WERE UP FOR SALE!!!

Thank you (5/5.05/5.05/5.05/5.05/5.0)
Review written by Anonymous from Washington, USA, June 6th, 2005

Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to hear early recordings of Fritz. Words cannot express the true measure of my gratitude. I hope one day Fritz will release it's recordings to CD.

VERY COOL (4/5.04/5.04/5.04/5.04/5.0)
Review written by Greg from Dallas,TX, March 19th, 2005

one must realize that in 1970, recording was done onto analog reel to reel tape, no digital anything, so one has to appreciate the fact that these recordings are rock and roll history! The very fact that the tapes have survived all these years is amazing. I've always wondered what Fritz' sound was like and thanks to Javier, now I know! .. and I like it!!

Fritz (a gem) (5/5.05/5.05/5.05/5.05/5.0)
Review written by Sharon B. from Sterling, VA, USA, January 15th, 2005

Thank you Javier for sharing these samples with us. I am strongly hoping for a commercial CD release of this material even on a small scale production/purchase or limited editiona through the penguin.

Of all the mp3 sample thus far, "In The Dawn" is the true master gem! Had the band had a chance to continue, "In The Dawn" I believe would have put the band on the map.

Although the live track recordings aren't the best sound quality production wise, it was still a treat to hear Stevie & Lindsey's hey days. Please do release these on CD!

Thank you! (5/5.05/5.05/5.05/5.05/5.0)
Review written by Anonymous from Buffalo, NY, January 1st, 2005

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to hear more Fritz music. I love hearing the early gems that may have never otherwise seen the light of day if it weren't for Javier. I did not care for Yellow, quite frankly. A little too psychedelic 60's jam band for my taste. But The Power is just awesome, especially Stevie's vocal - superb! Thanks again!

Very Disappointing (1/5.01/5.01/5.01/5.01/5.0)
Review written by Anonymous from United States, December 31st, 2004

I was very hopeful that when I finally heard some Fritz music that it would be good music. I was wrong. While it is nice to hear Stevie and Lindsey in their early days (thank you, Javier) the clips and live tracks aren't really worth listening to more than once. The songwriting is poor, at best, and Fritz just doesn't measure up to a professional quality band, in my opinion. From hearing the clips and live performances I can truly see why Stevie and Lindsey thought it best they pursue their serious musical careers elsewhere. I believe any sort of commercial release of this music would only see interest from the truest of Buckingham Nicks fans. As an avid fan and collector of Buckingham and Nicks for 30+ years I can honestly say I'm not even sure if I'd want to own such a collection of music as it holds no real interest for me beyond being a novelty.

Fritz is Stellar, please release a CD for sale! (5/5.05/5.05/5.05/5.05/5.0)
Review written by Laurie Thomas from Temecula, CA USA, December 29th, 2004

Love the great vintage Buckingham Nicks tunes. Please release a Fritz CD for Sale!

A joy and a long awaited treat! (5/5.05/5.05/5.05/5.05/5.0)
Review written by Anonymous, December 29th, 2004

I was always so curious to hear a sample of Fritz's music. This certainly did not disappoint. It was so much fun to get to here Lindsey and Stevie jamming with their first band. Thanks so much for posting the songs and lyrics! Keep 'em coming...better yet, release a CD for sale.

Leaves much to be desired (3/5.03/5.03/5.03/5.03/5.0)
Review written by Anonymous, December 29th, 2004

As a long time fan of Fleetwood Mac and Buckingham Nicks I had been expecting much much more. The songs are not what I was hoping for. I'll stick to BuckinghamNicks as a 2 piece. As vocal performances Stevie and Lindsey sound good, but personally Fritz isn't for me...You be the judge.

I love Stevie. (5/5.05/5.05/5.05/5.05/5.0)
Review written by Anonymous, December 29th, 2004

i love stevie an who ever she sings with shes the best her music an sound is the best no one can top her she sounds good with who ever she sings with.

Awesome! (5/5.05/5.05/5.05/5.05/5.0)
Review written by Stevie Reese Desmond from Cleveland, OH USA, December 29th, 2004

Have been a Mac'er since I was seven....then had to go back to Buckingham Nicks. And now hearing Fritz is just way cool! The voices and the harmoney...You can tell Lindsey and Stevie's voices were made for each other. It's unique and special catching glimpses like these.

FRITZ ROCKS (5/5.05/5.05/5.05/5.05/5.0)
Review written by Anonymous from Tinley Park, IL USA, December 29th, 2004

I thought I'd post this now. But when they put the clips up, I think I listened to "Louisa Joy" ten bagillion times. There was just something about it. You could see the beginnings of Buckingham Nicks. But I just want to say thanks to Javier (and Fritz) for lettings us hear these little gems!

wow - In the Dawn (4/5.04/5.04/5.04/5.04/5.0)
Review written by Anonymous from Los Angeles, CA USA, December 27th, 2004

wow - this one took me back - like it was the early 70's and I was sitting on my shag rug surrounded by 8 track tapes. I hope this gets a legit release someday. So interesting to hear what these guys were up to pre-Buckingham Nicks.

Stevie & Lindsey- Great Tunes Then/Great Tunes Now (5/5.05/5.05/5.05/5.05/5.0)
Review written by Douglas Hott Jr. from Dundalk, MD USA, December 27th, 2004

Lindsey & Stevie should put out a CD Box Set all together of their solo hits along with their past hits from the Fritz/ Buckingham Nicks/ Fleetwood Mac Era.

To the powers that be... (5/5.05/5.05/5.05/5.05/5.0)
Review written by Anna from San Jose, CA USA, December 27th, 2004

To the powers that be: PLEASE let this be. Please release this heavenly music. Stevie and Lindsey's voices singing this beautiful music is...I'm afraid of loving them too much. Keith Olsen said that these two voices were meant to sing together, and that since them, we haven't heard anything as powerful. I am in absolute agreement. Now it is time to let all these songs shine. Please, I beg. Please do a box set of all of Stevie and Lindsey's lesser known songs. I want all the rarities, all the demos, all the live cuts. Their voices are like heaven coming down to earth.

Why has this been hidden for so many years (5/5.05/5.05/5.05/5.05/5.0)
Review written by Anonymous from Arkansas, USA, December 27th, 2004

I really loved the sound of Fritz. It would be great to have access to all the old stuff, but all we can do is ask.

Thank you for Sharing! (5/5.05/5.05/5.05/5.05/5.0)
Review written by (steviegirl1971@earthlink.net) from Collingswood, NJ USA, December 27th, 2004

All I can say is WOW!!!! I never thought I'd have a chance to hear the music of Fritz. Thank you SO MUCH for sharing this with us! I don't know what your plan is with these great recordings, but I hope they show up on a CD or Box Set in the future.

wonderful (5/5.05/5.05/5.05/5.05/5.0)
Review written by Jeannie Kartis (jeannie.kartis@navy.mil) from Virginia Beach, VA USA, December 27th, 2004

It is so great to hear these songs after so many years...Stevie & Lindsey's harmonies capture Javier's lyrics perfectly...thanks so much for sharing..

I love it! (4/5.04/5.04/5.04/5.04/5.0)
Review written by Jess from Palmer, MA USA, December 27th, 2004

I didn't get to hear the whole song,just the chorus,but I liked what I heard. Stevie & Lindsey just harmonize so good together.I could listen to them all day! I wish they would release this, along with B/N. I would most definitely buy them!!

I KNEW IT WAS GOING TO BE THIS GOOD !!!!! (5/5.05/5.05/5.05/5.05/5.0)
Review written by Crystal from Putnam County, NY, August 27th, 2004

I have been a fan of Fleetwood Mac forever , I adore Stevie especially and Linsdey of course and to hear this music is a dream come true for me , I have always wondered what they sounded like back then ,Just as I thought Amazing and thank you to Fritz for sharing these with us and I am so happy you got to reunite with Stevie and Linsdey again , Hey got any more ...???THANK YOU AND PEACE AND BLESSED BE.

Lindsey is a Guitar Wizard and an Awesome Vocalist! (5/5.05/5.05/5.05/5.05/5.0)
Review written by Lindsey Lover Girl!!! from USA, August 27th, 2004

Thanks so much Javier! We Lindsey fanatics appreciate this wonderful track Louisa Joy! What a fine vocal! Way to GO! Lindsey inspires us to work harder at our own music!!! We admire Lindsey's fine intense artistic nuances and his Genius with the Guitar! Really gorgeous tenor voice!

Great song writing and composition! (5/5.05/5.05/5.05/5.05/5.0)
Review written by Francisco Rosa from San Francisco Bay Area, USA, August 27th, 2004

Complex story line. Great chord structures. Hard to tell the sound quality from an Mp3 clip. Great Vocals and musicianship. Thanks for sharing the clip Javier. Perhaps we can see it sung live? How about a CD release? How about both?

TIMELESS! (5/5.05/5.05/5.05/5.05/5.0)
Review written by Scott from Syracuse, NY USA, August 27th, 2004

It's hard to believe these recordings were made more than 30 years ago! Heartflet blues interpretation of a classic song and an upbeat Buckingham/Nicks collaboration - who could ask for anything more...but MORE! I've heard and read about Fritz for some time now and the reality lives up to the expectations. I'm grateful to you for posting these - FM, Lindsey and Stevie fans thank you. Wouldn't it be great to create some more music together? My fingers are crossed.

Whoa! (4/5.04/5.04/5.04/5.04/5.0)
Review written by Linda Aust (linda_aust860@yahoo.com) from Scottdale, AZ USA, August 26th, 2004

This song showed a strong vocal range with both singers..surprised Stevie's style could be so different. Sure would be nice to have this on a CD so I can add it to my collection! Want it...air play it!

Stevie and Lindsey can do the blues! (5/5.05/5.05/5.05/5.05/5.0)
Review written by Anonymous from Presently in Virginia, August 26th, 2004

When Mick asked S & L to join FMac, Stevie says she listened to all the Mac albums front to back and back to front to see if S & L could contribute to the band. Hearing their rendition of this song, Georgia, it now becomes VERY clear how she came to the conclusion that they could indeed add a substantial something to Fleetwood Mac! How generous is Javier to share this part of Fritz with us! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

WOW! (5/5.05/5.05/5.05/5.05/5.0)
Review written by Jenny, August 26th, 2004

I'm a long time FM fan and LOVE the blues, these are incredible! I also wish they were available on CD and will be checking here for more great sounds of this talented group!

Fabulous! Stevie's voice is magnificent! (5/5.05/5.05/5.05/5.05/5.0)
Review written by Carol from Albany, NY USA, August 25th, 2004

I feel so privileged to hear this early clip of S&L. Beautiful and sweet, a different side of them. I recommend this to any fan.

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