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All Visitor Reviews for Christine Perfect
(4.86/5.04.86/5.04.86/5.04.86/5.04.86/5.0 from 7 Reviews)

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Simply Perfect (5/5.05/5.05/5.05/5.05/5.0)
Review written by Frank from Mississippi, USA, November 27th, 2005

Was mesmerized by her sultry bluesy voice. God, That women can sing. Great listening anytime. I aquired this album when it first came out and it is still perfect.

original for ever (5/5.05/5.05/5.05/5.05/5.0)
Review written by Patricia from New Zealand, February 11th, 2005

I bought this album when it first came out and it is still is in PERFECT condition. I play it regulary. she has the most amazing voice, and you can't beat the original Has a few little crackles still magic

Christine Perfect is just that! (5/5.05/5.05/5.05/5.05/5.0)
Review written by Anonymous from Florida, February 3rd, 2005

Better than any Fleetwood Mac album, this highlights Chris' much overlooked talent. Not only able to write great songs, she has a wonderful voice and plays a more than adequate blues piano. If you like Christine McVie, you definitely need to pick this up to see exactly what she wasn't allowed to do in the Buckingham-Nicks Fleetwood Mac: outshine them all!

The most tolerable blues album ever (5/5.05/5.05/5.05/5.05/5.0)
Review written by Adam Schmidt from Oklahoma, USA, August 1st, 2004

Most of the blues I have heard, have been this mangled, Muddy Waters, "Mannish Man" kind of blues. And when someone told me that mcvie "coolly covers some trans-Atlantic blues favorites", I had more than enough scepticism. But I was surprised when I heard the album because she doesn't try to blow you away with "beer's warm, dog urinated on my leg, wife left me, and my house burned down with my family in it" kind of blues. She managed to check with a kind of gutbucket energy that is absolutely refreshing. In some ways, this album is better than Christine McVie because it has spirit and performance with good production value. I also think its more impressive than "Buckingham Nicks" because BN relies on Lindsay's magic fingers and Stevie's penchant for golddiggers and unicorns, no disrespect intended. Ultimately, the album wins just because it's down- to-earth. Perfect for a Friday night in a smokey dive.

Christine showing more soul & depth than Stevie Nicks. (4/5.04/5.04/5.04/5.04/5.0)
Review written by Anonymous from Jacksonville, FL, USA, August 1st, 2004

I was never a Fleetwood Mac fan when I was young. As an adult I really enjoyed discovering the band 20 years after their fame in the 70's. I have all of the cds with Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks, and a few without them. Now we all know that the lineup with Stevie and Lindsey worked very well commercially and musically, and the band penned and played some energized rock and pop and blues. All of the albums from the 70's by this lineup are memorable with great songs and a few weak songs. Anyway, what always offended me, beyond the fact that I like a lot of Stevie Nicks' songs, as well as songs by all of the band, was how all of this overshadowed the more senior veteran female singer, Christine McVie. I resented the popular opinion that because Stevie is an extroverted- "look at me" kind of person, someone who gets off on being the center of attention, that somehow this was proof that she was more talented and more WONDERFUL that Christine McVie. On the contrary, I would say that talent was in equal distribution between Stevie Nicks and Christine McVie, and I think Christine is just reserved, and more introspective. I think this is why Christine was able to masterfully put her impression into all of the blues that she covered on her solo album here. I have the album, and it really transports me when I listen to it. This is a very mellow, bluesy album. Some of the songs are not great, but what Christine is able to do with the songs is great. These songs have the soul of a song like Oh Daddy, and all of the bluesy feeling Fleetwood Mac songs that Christine sang. Christine was also a talent in the band before Stevie joined, but Christine did not get very many vocals on the few albums when she had been on the albums. Listen to Christine's vocal tracks on Bare Trees and Mystery to Me, and tell me the woman was not a major talent. So, all I am trying to point out here, is that Christine was overshadowed by Stevie Nicks, and to me, she had just as much talent as the more outrageous and eccentric Nicks. This is an album that should easily be readily available on cd, but it is not. Anyway, I have always liked Christine McVie's low key, mellow, I've got the blues kind of role in Fleetwood Mac. She helped give the band symetry. Stevie helped write many of the biggest hits, and Christine grounded the band with some blues. Check out the album.

Great album, great singer!!!!!!! (5/5.05/5.05/5.05/5.05/5.0)
Review written by Anonymous from Ílhavo, Portugal, August 1st, 2004

Well I don't usually write reviews but I I had to make an exception for this wonderful album.
This great album may be the best blues album you will ever listen to. And songs like "I'm On My Way", "Wait and See", "I'd rather go Blind"(with the rest of Chicken Shack) and " To Far Gone" can really prove that to you. As I'm aperson of very few words "and that's saying a lot", I'll simply say - Buy It!!!!! It'll totally worth the money you may spend!!!

I have found blues to cover as a vocalist! (5/5.05/5.05/5.05/5.05/5.0)
Review written by Jessie Dixon from Seaside, CA USA, August 1st, 2004

Hi, this album is outstanding, and I definitely recommend it if you are looking for something a little different for your blues fix. Total soul in the vocal, rawness and realness in the playing. I am also looking for the LYRICS to " Can't help myself from loving you" with Chicken Shack. Anyone?

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